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WiCkEd's Magic Journal Entry 2

Hello again everyone. Yep, my second entry is here for you to read, which can hopefully be an enjoyable experience to you players. So, what dilemmas did I face this week? Here they are:

-Defending, Pros and Cons. Well, I always knew about defending since I started a month ago, however, what I did not know is that you could block one creature with two. It’s an interesting concept, and I found it very easy to pick up on.

-Figuring out Tokens, and how they function. This one still has a few plot holes in it. I realize that tokens do count as creatures and such, and they do not factor into a stack on the occasion they leave play, and this can somehow interfere with resolution of cards. What I wonder is:

Do tokens have summoning sickness? If anyone can clear that up for me, it’d help. (Editor's note: Judge Bill answered this question in a column -- "Creature tokens follow the same rules for creatures. This means they will be affected by summoning sickness until you start your next turn." -Squirrel)

-Figuring out the right time to play a certain card. This has easily been one of the most troubling things for me when converting to MTG. In YGO I was used to immediately being able to play cards and hurt my opponent, however, through experience I have learned that waiting and responding to your opponent’s moves become the best way to attack them. And usually, one wrong move can swing the tide of the game completely. That takes some serious getting used to.  

And lastly… 

-Finding 3 Circu, Dimir Lobotomist. Seriously, I need 3 of these guys, if anyone can help me out, PM me on my Forum name BlackChaosDemon or e-mail me. I need 3…no one here seems to have them. 

Well, that concludes this entry, I hope you all enjoy this weekend for the Guildpact set is released officially. Also, I intend on playing at The Griffon in South Bend, Friday Night Magic is always a plus to heighten my knowledge.  


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