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WiCkEd's Magic Journal

Entry 1- Opening a New Book

            Hello Magic readers. Now, I’m sure some of you might know me from the Yu-Gi-Oh main site as WiCkEd. Well, I’m WiCkEd here as well, but now I’ve moved my current TCG to MTG. 

            First off, let me tell you about my MTG career. Being completely honest, I’m new to the game. I’ve been playing about three weeks now and I’ve gotten a grasp for most of the core rules and such.            

This journal is my journey through the world of MTG and into becoming a Pro-Circuit player. Yes, it is my goal for Magic; whether or not I can achieve this goal effectively I’m not sure. Only time will tell. In here you will often read about my MTG dilemmas with rules, cards, people, or whatever seems to happen in the world of MTG with me.  

So, let us begin with my first few dilemmas, remember everyone, I’m new to the game, so what may seem pathetic to you or n00bish is a real dilemma for new players. So take that into consideration. 

-Meaning of the words “Mana Pool”. Yes! This was a real issue with me, I wasn’t sure if it meant your mana count in general or simply to use as a cost. It sounds completely stupid now that I look back on it. For the record, to other new players, the adding mana to your mana pool simply means it counts as mana if you tap it, thus meaning if a card says “Tap: Add Forest to your mana pool”, it means it counts as one Forest if you tap it.

  -Does summoning sickness affect blocking? Now, I’m not sure about you guys, but I figured since a summoned creature cannot attack it couldn’t block as well. Well lo and behold I was wrong. Summoned creatures CAN block. 

   -Just what is and isn’t banned? You know, I knew a game with this many cards had a banned list, but I must say, I did not expect it to have only about 20-30 cards. But, this proves something: the game isn’t meant to have broken cards. Except Skullclamp, which, after using myself and having used against me as fun isn’t fun at all.  

         Ah, alas, those were my three main issues with beginning the game. Also, if any of those are wrong in some way, PLEASE let me know so I can correct it. It would be greatly appreciated.


-If anyone has any tips, deck idea, or criticism, you can email me at plasmamullet696@yahoo.com

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