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IBC Combo

Well, in looking at the ibc pt's decks, I saw plenty of beatdown decks, it's fair share of control decks, and no representation of the third part of the trinity: Combo! So I brainstormed and this is a combo deck (or at least the engine) for ibc.

4 harrow
4 gaea's balance
4 overabundance

then you need

card drawing/searching
kill condition

and of course you use a domain-ish mana base, heavier on the forests.

Card drawing suggestions:
Worldly council (5 point impulse is a good dig)
Allied strategies (5 cards sounds good to me)
Fact or fiction
Reviving vapors (the life gain can be important against some decks or with slow starts)
Skyship weatherlight (well… with 8 mana it can be a tutor, or it can ensure your card
drawers will only draw you business cards-harrows and balances and win
conditions and card drawers and such)
Sawtooth loon (good for digging up the combo, if not as effective in it)

Win condition suggestions:
Ghitu fire (obvious one)
Urza's rage (takes 2, but is unstoppable)
Cromat + coalition victory (less mana than the others, but 2 specific cards; guided
passage Can tutor for the cromat)
Prophetic bolt (can serve as search and partial win condition, combine with the
Blaze/braingeyser card to finish it off)

The idea (for those who don't get it) is to lay overabundance, then harrow and gaea's balance several times to generate mana, use the mana to draw more cards, rinse, repeat, and hopefully you'll have enough mana in the end to cast your winners. In theory, you can go off 4th turn (3rd turn overabundance, 4th turn harrow to get 5 land, gaea's balance, card draw, etc.). you can toss in some disruption of several forms; since it is domain-ish you can have the collective restraint for critters, but more importantly you can have orim's chant or the black card that removes their hand for a turn so you can safely go off. And sterling grove not only fetches the overabundance for you, it can also protect it.

However you would like to put it together, you can at least have some fun playing combo in ibc. J J J oh… I should name the combo… so I dub thee… um… "Root Beer"!! (get it? IBC? Hehe)

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