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Short Commentary

     Scattershooting while wondering exactly WHAT is Squee’s Revenge.  I know it’s a R/U Sorcery, but in the story context, what does Squee do to get revenge on anyone?  Talk a lot? 

     Somehow, I always run dry when we get to the week before a new set rotates into the Standard environment.  The playtesting I’ve been doing has been stalled out due to a relative lack of ideas outside of what I’ve seen since the set has come out, and I’m just geared up to see what happens the following week.

     That said, this is a perfect opportunity to ask the fans of this column (both of them) what they would like to see more of in the future here.  Want me to focus more on Standard tech?  What about the upcoming IBC PTQ season?  Drafting?  Interviews?  Road trip stories?  Movie reviews?  Drop me an e-mail and let me know.  I’ve been doing this for a few months now and covered several different areas, tell me what you’ve liked so far and what you thought was garbage.

     I played B/W/g again this past weekend, making a change of playing Gerrard’s Verdict over three Pernicious Deed and one Death Grasp.  The deck’s biggest weakness is definitely blue and I am looking for ways to strengthen that matchup in the B/W favor.  I figured the discard of Verdict could help push the mana disruption idea, and maybe snag some countermagic.  I went 3-1 in swiss, losing to a Blue Opp-Orb deck, then lost again in the first round of the top eight, this time to a fish deck against whom I got mana screwed two games.

     The card that draws the most fire in the deck is Necravolver.  I repeatedly hear “Why not just play Spiritmonger?”  The simple fact is Necravolver works better in this deck.  He works well with the Arena, and doesn’t HAVE to have green in order to be playable in a pinch.  In a deck with so few green sources, relying on them to be able to drop the Spiritmonger can be fatal.  Speaking of Spiritmonger, the more I see, the more it becomes obvious that, at least in current Standard play, the simple fact is that this guy, without any form of evasion, is just not that great.  He is very good, yes, but without trample or flying he cans imply be blocked for eternity or at least until he is Wrathed away. 

     I’m making a big Magic trek this coming weekend, so I’ll hopefully have plenty more to fill you guys in on next week.  IN the meantime, let me know what you want to see here!

Tim Stoltzfus




Name: Tim Stoltzfus

I'm a genetic mutant, spawned from government experiments on monkeys and blowfish that resulted in a new form of human being that can climb trees and breathe underwater. Sadly, I also have a paralyzing phobia of being wet and I can't stand heights, so I was sent out into society to attempt to live a normal life. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Unfortunately, the attempt at a normal life was thwarted when I was introduced to the game of Magic:The Gathering in the spring of 1994. From the first day I got my head bashed in by a Force of Nature that trampled over my Ironroot Treefolk who I played third turn by tapping the Dark Ritual I had played on the first turn, I was hooked on this goofy game. (Don't ask, we had no idea what the rules were, and I suspect neither did WotC at the time.)

I've played almost continuously since then, taking a six month hiatus from the game to move from Pennsylvania down here to Dallas, Texas in January of 1996.

I've played in way too many PTQs to count, been lucky enough to attend Origins for a few years when Nationals was held there, and I've even qualified for two Pro Tours, finishing 136th at PT Dallas with the first (and only) NecroHaups deck, and finishing 46th at PT Secaucus (Aka PTNY 99).

Over the past year or so I've regressed a little as a competitive player, not being quite as eager to travel to PTQ's, but still being very active in my local tournament scene.

I enjoy the card interactions in Magic, and love to build odd decks that try to captialize on those unique interactions. I'm not always successful, but I always have fun, and enjoy meeting people involved with the game.

I've been writing about Magic for a few years now, getting my start doing a column about rules for The Dojo back when Fank Kusumoto was the Sensei there. Later on I started Techsas under the watchful eye of Chris Senhouse, with the name of the column coined by the brilliant Al Tran. After The Dojo went the way of the dodo, Scott Gerhardt contacted me in a panic, desperately pleading with me to write for the new Pojo Magic site. I think his exact words were something like, "If you don't suck, I'll let you do it once a week."

Apparently I don't suck, although that could change at any moment.

Techsas. Enjoy it while it doesn't suck.




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