Day of the Dead

Well last week I said “Reigionals Follow Up, Part 1.”  Guess I should have planned on a part II huh?  I do have a tale to tell from Regionals that you may want to keep in mind next time you head to a fairly large event, though.

     It’s Friday night, Jonathan Pechon, esteemed Helpdesk writier, is coming over to my place to practice with some super spiffy T2 tech for Regionals that he and some other friends cooked up.  We are both practicing intently when a friend of mine calls to tell me he is coming over to pick up some cards to use on Saturday. 

     Well, the deck is top secret super tech, so just before my friend comes over, I make a point to tuck the super deck in a space where no one will happen to stumble across it.  Namely, my dresser drawer.

     The next morning rolls around, and I get up, grab some food, and head to Regionals, ready to kick butt.  I hang around for a bit, talking to some old friends, and just generally wasting time before then end of registration at 9:30.  At about 9:20 I walk up to the table ready to register my deck.  I open up my trusty Ultra-Pro carrying case, whip out my deck box, open it, and pass out.

     I left my deck at home.  Ten minutes before the end of registration, my deck is about 25 miles away from me.  Poop.

     I grab the head judge and tell him what is up.  I want him to give me a round one match loss if I don’t get back in time, but DON’T drop me.  He says that’s cool, and I bolt.

     I’m flying down the freeway, thinking maybe finishing up registration will take awhile and I might make it back in time.  I bust into the house and my roommate sees a flash as I tear into my room, grab the deck, and fly back out of the house.  The next day my roommate asks me “Hey did you come home yesterday?  I saw something, and I thought it was you, but it was moving too fast to tell.”  Ha.  Yutz.

     I fly back down the freeway and call Pechon at about 10:00 on my cell phone.  “Have they started yet?”  Pechon tells me no.  “Do whatever it takes to slow them down!  Have a heart attack, whack the head judge with a metal chair, pull the plug on the computer, ANYTHING!”

     “No, Tim, I’m not going to get ejected before the first round because you are a moron.”

     With friends like these who needs enemies?

     I pull into the parking lot at about 10:20, and they haven’t started yet!  WOO!  I can make top 8 now!  Well, ok, maybe not.  I ended up 3-3 and drop.  Ah well.

     So now we’re into the new T2 with 7th Edition coming in, and giving the old heave ho to 6th Edition.  I haven’t really had a chance to pour over the cardlist and pick apart what I like and don’t like just yet.  I will say I like 7th Edition overall because it has a much better “feel” to it than 6th.  It feels like its own set, as opposed to a conglomeration of old stuff.  I like the fact that they took out game-breaking hoser spells like Chill and Perish, and I actually enjoy the fact that Armageddon is gone.  I’ll look into this set in more detail in the near future.  In the meantime, though, here’s a deck to play around with:

Day of the Dead

4 Duress

3 Lord of the Undead

6 Mountain

4 Dark Ritual

4 Phyrexian Scuta

6 Swamp

4 Terminate

4 Shivan Zombie

4 Rishadan Port

3 Tsabo’s Decree

3 Pyre Zombie

3 Darigazz’s Caldera


4 Gravedigger

1 Karplusian Forest

     Yes, it is a zombie deck.  You get card advantage through the Gravedigger and Lord of the Undead, and has multiple small bits of utility that will help.  Shivan Zombie gets better against Rebels, as does Tsabo’s Decree.  Terminate is just plain good.  Duress falls into the “good” category as well, and the Lord makes all your Zombies a little bigger.  A fun deck I’m gonna give a fling tonight at Friday Night Magic and see what happens.  Have a good weekend everyone!

Tim Stoltzfus