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11.09.01 - Bye!

When I was a kid I learned to read because I was interested in the pictures in my dadís first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books. From then on I was hooked on the industry (and the only first grader who could spell psionics). About seven years ago I picked up my first Magic card, and thatís when I fell in love all over again. Since that time I have played as everything from a hardcore competitor to a casual player. I have been in and out of the game; had my cards thrown out, sold my cards, had my cards stolen, even used a bunch of cards as x-mas wrapping paper one year. Most recently, I got very involved in Peasant Magic and then started writing for Pojo.

While writing, I came to realize that teaching was more important to me than playing the game. I liked to share and to help people. I liked to answer e-mails (even if I didnít always have the time). In fact, I liked everything I got to do at Pojo but I wasnít really enjoying the game any more. I liked the strategy but not playing hand after hand.

In the past, I had picked up a number of games. Some I bought because I thought they would be good (Tomb Raider), some I bought just so I could jump on the bandwagon (7th Sea), some I bought because they were cheaper out of print (Jyhad, Netrunner, Blood Wars). I played all of them and I enjoyed all of them but none of these games was the equal of Magic. I didnít fall in love with any of these other games.

Just this past Tuesday I fell in love again. Lord of the Rings is the game that did it to me. It felt like a fresh game with new tactics that were different from anything I had experienced before. The multiplayer feel was also amazing and it wasnít as slow as other great multiplayer games like Jyhad (and, unlike Jyhad, it was actually just as much fun in a 2 player game). I find that I canít even think of Magic these days (let alone build a whole deck). Every time I think of the Flame Tongue Kavu I find my mind drifting and he soon warps into a scaly version of Frodo. 

I donít want to leave Pojo but for now I just canít seem to focus on Magic enough to write anything decent. Pojo is a great site and under Fletcherís lead it has picked up some great writers and is always improving. I will stop back every once in a while but for now I will be cruising for another site to write LoR articles for. I had a great time here and I believe that Pojo is fast becoming the site to be at.

Before I leave I would like to thank Fletcher for all his time and effort (I know he put in way too much on my stuff). Bill, thanks for suggesting that I write for your site and for all your support. Last but not least, Wes, I know I havenít e-mailed you but Iím glad that you started writing and I hope I had something to do with that (I enjoy your thoughtful articles). I hope, if you guys come to GenCon/Milwaukee, that you will drop me a line.

I will catch you all latter and if Pojo can find the time/money/manpower and if LoR grows the way I think it will maybe I will see you back here again!

Jason Chapman




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