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Lips of an Angel:
The Top Ten Multiplayer Cards of Avacyn Restored
July 23, 2012

Welcome back faithful readers a new set(aside from the newest set) is upon us and you know what that means? Yes overhyped Rare’s and a highly delayed top ten, but it also means I will be analyzing my top ten multiplayer cards from Avacyn Restored this article includes some of the conjecture of previous articles but also includes some cards I have personally used with great success and their impact on multiplayer Magic, so without further ado lets start with number ten.


#10 Alchemist’s Refuge

Alchemist's Refuge


Like its brothers before it Winding Canyons and Vedkaln Orrery this land allows you to cast all your cards at instant speed making it quite a powerful tool for those decks that include a blue and green mana base. Granting your powerful game ending creatures flash as well as being able to flash in planeswalkers and other cards can allow you to one up your opponent in combat or turn the game around, the downside of tapping a total of three lands on top of your other spells make this more of a powerful late game card.

#9 Terminus



The obligatory white board sweeper effect this has the benefit of putting all creatures on the bottom of their owner’s libraries making it a commander all-star tucking away troublesome generals. The fact this can be cast earlier with the miracle cost makes it a valuable tool against highly aggressive decks when you get lucky enough to miracle it and in a control deck with instant speed card draw and cards like Senseis Diving Top or Crystal Ball you can stack your deck and take advantage of miracles.


#8 Exquisite Blood

Exquisite Blood


This card would appear somewhat counterintuitive as it people would just attack you but I have seen this card go unchallenged at multiplayer games and the advantage it provides is astronomical if you can keep your opponents from hitting you this is definitely best combined in a combo with Sanguine Bond or combined with other rattlesnake cards to make sure you get the effect and benefit of this creature.


#7 Devout Chaplain

Devout Chaplain


Repeatable ways to deal with artifacts and enchantments are really awesome, exiling is even better as it allows for a way to go around the indestructible nature of some cards and providing a repeatable effect for a little cost.  The fact this card benefits humans is an added boost as a large percentage of powerful creatures are human and this provides a benefit for going tribal. A 2/2 body for three doesn’t hurt much either it can turn sideways sometimes.


#6 Gisela. Blade of Goldnight

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight


Well it is angel and has a 5/5 flying first strike body tons of plusses already, the ability for double the damage to opponents is highly relevant and in multiplayer this card is godly as it acts as a political tool making opponents want to attack other players. The second ability halving the damage dealt to you also plays into this political nature of the card the fact this is a fantastic commander also allows it to be put on the list.


#5 Devastation Tide

Devastation Tide


A more fair Upheaval, this card is amazing for obviously resetting the board or wiping away troublesome artifacts or enchantments for even just a little bit. The miracle cost makes it a possible great early way to reset the board similar to Terminus although Terminus is better for creatures but this hits other things including planeswalkers.


#4 Lighting Mauler

Lightning Mauler


Haste is amazing and being able to drop a fatty and then immediately haste it up makes this a powerful creature the relevant creature type of human is also noteworthy. A quick aside why these two creatures rather than Slayers Stronghold the land from the same set? Well I will further elaborate Slayers Stronghold requires basically a kicker of three mana on any creature you play the +2/+0 is not irrelevant but the haste and vigilance is more important. Creatures such as the mauler and the guards provide a creature to defend and attack with that can make all the difference when you have multiple players gunning for you making this haste enabler invaluable.



#3 Spectral Gateguards

Spectral Gateguards


Yes a common card many people are not excited to play with makes my top ten list easily. First the type solider brings with it a ton of bonuses and spirit has recently received support in Innistrad and has support from the often maligned Kamigawa block. The mana cost is mediocre but the ability is what counters here. Vigilance is bar none the most important ability in multiplayer as it allows you to be aggressive without worrying about having to hold back attackers due to the other 3 or more players in the game. This card bonds with other big and powerful creatures you control and itself can get in there for two damage once or twice and has a large toughness for blocking. While not exciting this is one of the most solid cards in the set and definitely worthy of inclusion if you have some large creatures or a spirit or solider tribal theme.


#2 Terrifying Presence

Terrifying Presence


Fog? Fog made my top ten? Not so fast with those torches angry mob this is a Fog with a substantial upside being able to turn around combat you entered and still have your most powerful creature do lots of damage is amazing. The political components of this card as astounding as well, Jim swings at Bob and you can completely mess up blocks destroying most likely a creature. This is a one for one removal spell that can also act as a semi fog making it a valuable pick for decks looking for fog effects and cards that can be used on multiple opponents.


#1 Zealous Conscripts

Zealous Conscripts


This card has been overwhelmingly powerful in my personal experiences I have snatched creatures ranging from a Serra Angel to a Darksteel Colossus both which were pretty swingy effects combined with a 3/3 haste creature. The ability to steal any permanent means you can steal and activate charged planeswalkers for even bigger swings or even interesting artifacts or enchantments that can cause spectacular plays. The fact it is a human and a warrior opens up a large amount of tribal applications for this card on top of being a terrific and powerful game changer.


Well there you have it my top ten multiplayer of Avalcyn Restored, and as the old saying goes better late than never, any feedback positive or negative should be addressed to PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com






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