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Top 5 Multiplayer Mechanics Part 1
 Paul's Perspective
April 9, 2012

Hello Faithful readers welcome back to my chronically under updated column, this week I am going to be tackling an assessment of the best multiplayer mechanics as well as personally chiming in with why these should be revisited without further ado let’s begin the countdown.


#5 Transmute

Transmute a mechanic that appeared in Ravnica and on a single card in Future Sight allows you to pay three mana in various combinations of blue and black to search your deck for a card with the identical mana cost and reveal it and put it into your hand. Why is this better than cards such as Demonic and Diabolic tutor? While true these limit you to cards that share a mana cost by building your deck properly you can benefit from these cards. Drift of Phantasms is also a powerful early game blocker and cards like Muddle the Mixture provide a counterspell and tutoring potential as opposed to only the ability to find a card from your deck, their sheer versatility prompts their inclusion on this list.


#4 Horsemanship

Some players may be scratching their heads in confusion as horsemanship appeared only in the set Portal Three Kingdoms and the majority of casual players are not aware of this amazing ability. Creatures with Horsemanship can only be blocked by creatures with Horsemanship that’s it, the percentage of players actually playing with these creatures is quite low effectively making your creatures unblockable and in the case of Sun Quan, Lord of Wu provides horsemanship to all your creatures. Last time I heard having creatures that are unblockable and often times have relevant abilities is pretty good while cheesy this is one of the better multiplayer mechanics for aggressive creature decks.


#3 Split Second

Do you like playing spells? Do you hate it when your opponents can counter or respond to you playing spells? Do you hate rhetorical questions? Split Second solves all your problems excluding morph, from being able to kill an important artifact with Krosan Grip or clearing the board with Molten Disaster, being able to absolutely make sure your game plan goes through is quite an important feat when you have other players gunning for you making Split Second outside for a small set of circumstances the default way to force through your spells and make sure stuff gets done.


#2 Indestructible

Somewhat of a cliché choice but things that are indestructible obviously have a benefit over things without it, cards like Darksteel Myr make good and somewhat durable early game blocker while powerful late game threats such as Blightsteel and Darksteel Colossus can help seal the deal. While somewhat of An uninspired choice indestructible has gotten a big boon with a new legendary angel in the upcoming set Avacyn, Angel of Hope, as well as Aegis Angel among other while cards making it a perfect way to improve your decks and a mechanic we will undoubtedly be seeing more of in the future.

#1 Vigilance

The importance of Vigilance has been written about by writers more talented than myself, being able to apply pressure to opponents while simultaneously providing yourself with defense can’t be overstated. The majority of these cards fall into white with a dab in the other colors, with famous cards such as Akroma Angel of Wrath and Serra Angel white is set to capitalize on a strong offense and a strong defense allowing you to win through combat and not worry about overcommitting resources to attack. While a vanilla mechanic now people I still feel don’t give this ability enough respect in their decks.


There you have it folks a brief glimpse at some multiplayer mechanics I feel are the best tune in next time when we explore the worst multiplayer mechanics. As always feel free to shoot me an email if you agree or disagree with my choices at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com or challenge me on Magic Online EnderWiggan1337 thanks!




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