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The True Impact of From The Vault Realms
Paul’s Perspective
October 5, 2012

From the vault products always provide an interesting look at historical magic cards from Sun Quan, Lord of Wu to cards such as Mirrari, from the vault gives players and collectors a large amount of playable and powerful cards, but what happens when one card is much more valuable than anything else in the collection? What happens when one card is more powerful and more sought after? Then my friends you have Desert, with the most sought after reprinting of desert I decided to dig in and tell you why this card is the nuts and why you should be hoarding Desert Nomads before the price increases.




Desert taps for a colorless mana ensuring you have enough mana to cast your spells and also has the sub type Desert, it even has an ability that can kill some of the most powerful creatures in Magic. Dark Confidant? Dead. Snapcaster Mage? Dead. Storm Crow and Chimney Imp unfortunately they emerge unscathed, but that’s not a big knock against this card as any X/1 meets its unfortunate demise in this barren land. Desert is good against weenie decks that utilize small creatures that attack one at a time into your Desert. Deserts last sighting was in Time Spiral and before that Arabian Nights! In Arabian Nights Desert faced steep competition and was easily countered by Desert Nomads who could walk all over it and by Camel allowing creatures that banded with it to become immune to the overpowered nature of Deserts. Tournaments in this era were decided by who drew there first Camel or Desert Nomads first thus invalidating Desert and acting as a more powerful Wasteland or Strip Mine in this instance. Desert is currently not selling for more than $2 for the sweet foil version and I would jump on purchasing these for your decks before they are sold out, I just spend $290 buying 145 copies, 10 of those will go into commander decks and a playset into every deck I know the remainder I intend to sell for a huge profit.

            From the Vault Realms presents an interesting opportunity for those looking to make a quick buck on the collector set, simply the inclusion of Desert makes the product a must have even with its limited print run other cards such as Maze of Ith are simply bonuses. So in conclusion I have demonstrated why Desert should be in every single Magic deck and by far will change every format it is legal in now that it has been rereleased in a small quantity.


“I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain”


Good to be out of the rain indeed.



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