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In The City: The Top Ten
Multiplayer Cards of Return To Ravnica
January 24, 2013

Welcome to the long delayed top ten multiplayer cards of Return to Ravnica after extensive playstesting and theory crafting and completely arbitrary ways of assessing value in multiplayer, I have come to present you with my top ten multiplayer cards enjoy!

#10 Sluiceway Scorpion

Sluiceway Scorpion


The little common that could, this creature has everything valuable for a multiplayer creature. As a deathtouch creature it provides a powerful early deterrent to attackers coming your way but has enough power to swing in for a couple points of damage here and there, deathtouch also provides incentive to not block it or be blocked by it. Upping this factor you have a cheap scavenge cost to reuse it once it finally hits the graveyard. With such cheap costs overall green and black decks looking to utilize a cost efficient and valuable creature could do worse than this scorpion.


#9 Lobber Crew

Lobber Crew


A rather unexciting defender that can hold the fort during the early game and can if given enough time, kill players single handedly. Providing two relevant creature types and a defender with an alternative ability makes for a quite solid multiplayer card that also has some powerful combo potential when combined with multicolored spells.


#8 Supreme Verdict

Supreme Verdict


A solid if unexciting addition to the list, Day of Judgment effect are always playable in multiplayer and the ability to not be countered means you can deal with creatures 100% of the time guaranteed. The unexciting addition of this card to the list is counter balanced by the sheer powerful of being able to lay the smackdown on troublesome creatures.


#7 Street Spasm

Street Spasm


Street Spasm is a versatile kill spell that can become a powerful board sweeper if the circumstances are right and you have literally tons of mana. The ability to take care of all non-flying creatures you may want to stop as well as scaling incredibly well into the late game provides this card tons of potential for decks looking for a decent early game kill spell as well as a potent late game card to sink mana into.


#6 Vandalblast



Artifacts are common permanent type in multiplayer games and especially commander, the fact this card scales well is key to its placement on the list, for a single mana you can straight up shatter an artifact at sorcery speed, later into the game you can simultaneously hit all artifacts you don’t control making it deceptively powerful card for multiplayer and commander.


#5 Necropolis Regent

Necropolis Regent


Necropolis Regent is a solid flying creature that provides a game ending effect as soon as it hits the board and you swing at your opponents. The ability to pump your entire army to double digit power and toughness is no joke and with the counter manipulation available these counters could do other things besides decimate opponents. The vampire aspect gains it some tribal relevance as well making it a powerful choice for mono black decks relying on a hyperagressive strategy.


#4 Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

 Trostani, Selesnya's Voice


Trostani provides what a multiplayer decks need most, some lifegain and a decently sized early body to hold off aggressive decks and allow your deck to stabilize. The added bonus of being able to populate opens up some amazing combo potential, and while to properly take advantage of this fact you need to mold your deck around it, the payoff is worth it. Trostani also has some powerful applications in commander at the helm of your deck

#3 Cyclonic Rift

Cyclonic Rift


Once Again versatility is key, being able Boomerang a target early in the game is good but being able to wait until late game and reset your opponent’s entire board minus lands is better. Reminiscent of the old classic Upheaval, this is a lesser option but still capable of resetting the board for an advantageous position for yourself.


#2 Angel of Serenity

Angel of Serenity


This angel is an amazing creature capable of triple Oblivion Rininging your opponents creatures or even recurcuring your own, both valuable options in a multiplayer. The fact it is an angel also lends it massive appeal as well as some support, imagine using Defy Death to bring this card back for another go around and having a 7/8 flying body. Overall not much to say about this card besides its amazing potential to recur your resources or threaten an opponent’s board.


#1 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord


Jarad has the single most powerful multiplayer ability printed in recent years. The ability to make each opponent drop to zero life without even attacking is an amazing ability that can quickly end games. The first ability of getting +1/+1 for each creature card in your graveyard synergizes well with the sacrifice ability, and your graveyard will naturally grow the longer the game goes on which in multiplayer could be a while. Finally the last ability to recur it also is quite effective late game when this becomes a terrifying beater, ways to alleviate the problem of sacrificing lands includes Crucible of Worlds or Life From the Loam. Finally having two relevant creature types, zombie and elf makes this card easily tutorable, recurable, and easy to protect with tribal tools. Overall the sheer power and resiliency of this card is why it made it to number one on this list.


For any questions or disagreements with the cards I placed on this list feel free to shoot me an email at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com and the time between this and my next article will not be nearly as long.




Paul's Perspective
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