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All Will Be One: Magic The Gathering Top Ten Multiplayer Cards of New Phyrexia

Hello faithful readers, all hail New Phyrexia! Now that the newest set is spoiled and just on the horizon perfection is almost compleat. I thought I would take this time to highlight some of the cards I feel will be most effective for multiplayer. New Phyrexia was has a plethora of cards that are powerful in multiplayer, making it extremely hard to narrow down the list A quick note rather than have a boring list including all five of the phyrexian praetors I decided to just give them their own section to highlight their power and inform you of their obviously apparent power, they are head and shoulders above anything on this list and are some of the most exciting cards in the set, it goes without saying they all killer in Elder Dragon Highlander (Commander) they are also powerful in multiplayer hurting each and every opponent and benefiting you what could be more phyrexian then that?


With that said lets begin the countdown 

#10 Soul Conduit

Combine this with Dark Confidant and other life loss aspects and it can become quite a beating for your opponents. The true power I feel of this card lies in its political applications, your friend is sitting at 10 life and Mr. Sliver player over there is sitting on a cool 30 life if someone decides to attack you making it quite the power incentive for opponents to attack elsewhere. 

#9 Omen Machine


Playing spells for free is fantastic letting all your opponents do the same is less so, still this card could be a blast to play in multiplayer allowing you to accelerate out your powerful cards fast combine this with Sensei’s Divining Top and other library manipulation and you are sure to come out on top. Now would be a good time to note not all my choices are based on pure power level but a combination of fun, flavor, and of course power. 

#8 Birthing Pod

This is one of the cards on the list I expect to be a powerhouse not only around the kitchen table but also in tournaments. This is just a fantastic creature tutor card that can be reused and is almost non-threatening enough to fly under your opponents radar. Fetching an Eternal Witness and grabbing the sacrificed creature back sounds like a fun and profitable venture.


#7 Phyrexian Obliterator

Personally I would love this to be my number one but it suffers from too many hang ups, it’s a huge target and players will try to get rid of it or steal it before you can make much use of it. With that said the ability to pseudo annilate players permanents is fantastic and allow it to wreck things. The heavy black payment requires a commitment to black but im sure this will terrorize some players and find a home in a multitude of decks. 

#6 Life’s Finale 

Creature kill is king in multiplayer and this is the closet we will get to a Damnation reprint in a long time. The ability to destroy all creatures in black is great and the ability to yank three creatures from an opponents deck could give you the edge or just end up griefing. It may come to bite you if they pack reanimation of some sort but you will always be prepared to kill more creatures after all your platying black. 

#5 Chancellor of The Dross

The opening hand ability is fantastic being able to lower each and every opponent and bolster your life at the same time is worth a second look. Regarding the actual creature itself a 6/6 flyer is often big enough to go toe to toe with some dragons and angels making it great in multiplayer, the added ability of lifelink gives you inevitability in creature battles. 

#4 Phyrexian Metamorph

The hybrid baby of Clone and Sculpting Steel each respectable cards, stapling both together just pushes this card of the top. Being able to copy a Blightsteel Collosus among other problematic creatures and artifacts can be a godsend and in Commander killing generals can be an interesting application of this powerful card. 

#3 Chancellor of The Annex

The second chancellor to make the list angels are powerful and popular in multiplayer a respectable body and a spelltithe effect pushes this over the edge. Receiving this beauty in your opening hand is fantastic as it can slow down the pace of the game and hold back fliers later in the game with six toughness making it great early and late. 

#2 Suture Priest

Combining the life gain or Soul Warden and the draining power of Bloodseeker Suture Priest is fantastic I don’t expect many decks to adopt it but that doesn’t make its power any less evident. Tokens abound in multiplayer and this card punishes them heavily it also rewards you if your playing tokens. The fact it drains all opponents makes it a target but few people want to waste a removal spell on such a small creature making sure it will stick around to gain you life and hurt your opponents. 

#1 Norn’s Annex

A rather unexciting first pick I love it because not a lot of players think to pack artifact and enchantment removal making this a good play, a new Propaganda effect is always welcome and if an opponent is not playing white it encourages them to send their attacks elsewhere and if they are playing tokens they are in a bad spot. Tokens are quite popular in multiplayer elves especially, the fact you can play it without white mana may hurt but the life it may save your or the fact it slows opponents down may greatly benefit you in the long run. 

That’s my list if you disagree, want to praise our new Phyrexian overlords or feel I left anything off the list be sure to email me at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com P.S

I left Karn off the list as he is powerful but paints a huge target on your head, although he can fit in every deck and provide a game changing(game restarting?) effect. Just thought I would give props to the metallic man.




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