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This Means War: The Top Ten Multiplayer Cards from Mirrodin Besieged

Welcome back readers and today I am going to be running down what I feel the top multiplayer cards from Mirrodin  Besieged,  you may disagree with my list but keep  in mind this is coming from a multiplayer and non-constructed perspective. If you have any suggestions of great multiplayer cards don’t be afraid to shoot me an Email at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com, I love receiving feedback or criticism.


#10 Victory’s Herald


Victory's Herald


The first card on our countdown is an angel giving it massive casual appeal. A 4/4 flyer for six mana and a heavy commitment to white restricts what decks it can be placed  in. The ability to give all your creatures flying is fantastic as it means you can alpha strike. The best part is the life you gain from lifelink from the massive strike making it harder for players to remove you from the game. This makes it appropriate to swing away knowing you can seal the deal soon.


#9 Praetor’s council


Praetor's Counsel


The next card on our countdown is a green semi Yawgmoths Will type card. The mana cost is expensive but being able to regrow all the cards in your graveyard and have no maximum handsize for the rest of the game is amazing. Not only does it give you the ability to reuse powerful spells it can quickly force an opponent into a bad place as you start dropping creatures. This card has combo potential but the heavy green commitment may prove problematic. I feel it bears mentioning that this card is great in commander ( hereby referred to as Elder Dragon Highlander).


#8 Phyrexian Rebirth


Phyrexian Rebirth


The next card on our list is a Wrath of God variant, and my what a powerful one it is. For six mana you get to destroy all creatures then you get an X/X artifact token where X is the number of creatures destroyed. This is perfect for casual; the obscene number of creatures from decks such as elves combined with the ability to create a huge beater that can take players out of the game quickly is a godsend for casual players. Most casual games start slow and by the time a lot of creatures are out you can decimate your opponents with this card.


#7 Cryptoplasm




What a powerful blue shapeshifter you are grandma. For three mana you get a reasonable 2/2 body but it’s the ability to copy any other creature during your upkeep and keep the ability to keep shifting definitely comes in handy. Having a copy of the most powerful creature on the board is never bad and the combinations are limitless. This card can also take out legendary creatures in Elder Dragon Highlander and elsewhere and if you find a way to recur it no ones general is safe.


# 6 Knowledge Pool


Knowledge Pool


The next card on our list is a Johhnytastic card that can cause crazy situations in multiplayer. The more players the more cards exiled the more spells cast the better chance of trading and doing crazy things. Im sure there is a way to break this but I include it solely to entice other combo players and show that its once of the craziest multiplayer cards in a while.


#5  Sangromancer




For players keeping up with the card of the day we reviewd this card not long ago and my points still stand. In multiplayer a lot of creatures die and you can gain a sizeable amount of life just having this card sit on the board not to mention it’s a flying creature so it can stop scary dragons by chump blocking. The other aspect is  whenever a player discards a card you can gain three life putting this in a genuine discard deck with cards like Memory Jar, Megrim, and Bottomless can be just cruel.


#4 Psychosis Crawler


Psychosis Crawler


Not only does it bring each  opponent one step closer to death when you draw a card it’s a sizable creature the more cards you keep in your hand. This card is a win condition when combined with  a lot of card draw and possibly counterspells, combine with Underworld Dreams and Howling Mine for extra insanity an interesting and powerful card  for kitchen tables although removal spells will be pointed towards it always.


# 3  Massacre Wurm


Massacre Wurm


Not only is it a massacre or infest for you newer players, it only hits opponents creatures and punishes them for having that creature. Its not impossible to imagine a scenario where players have enough tokens or creatures to make this a lethal play. The great thing is it works whenever an opponent loses a creature combine with Grave Pact for a lot of dirty looks pointed your way. Also having a relevant 6/5 body is great for smashing players. Mass removal is great at kitchen tables and this does mass removal and then some.


#2 Consecrated Sphinx


Consecrated Sphinx


Holy card advantage batman! If this lives for just one turn in an average multiplayer game you can draw six cards or more. Combine this with a 4/6 flyer who can block most dragons with ease and block Baneslayer Angel all day.  This is purely insane make sure  you have a way to give it shroud or counterspells to protect because when players see you drawing six cards a turn they will not it.  One of the most powerful cards in the set and a great choice for Elder Dragon Highlander as well.


#1 Blightsteel Colossus


Blightsteel Colossus


Here he is the poster boy of the set the card that single handedly obsoletes Darksteel Colossus, the instances are very rare when you would not want to run this guy instead the one mana difference is practically nonexistent and the ability to take players out in one hit or devastate an army is  magical. There has been considerable debate around this card whether it is lazy design or bad because it makes the game noninteractive as all you have to do is tinker this out and win the game. Regarldess of where you stand on the debate facing this guy is serious business and this will make an impact in casual wherever someone needs a big powerful creature, that my friends is at almost every kitchen table.


Thanks for sticking around through my list once again if you have any suggestions or criticism please send it to PlatinumFUU5@hotmail.com until next time choose a side and fight to the death.



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