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Kird Kitty and R.I.P Modern Format
 Paul's Perspective

This is going to be a rant, it won’t be long winded but it is a departure from my multiplayer oriented articles in that I will once again be talking about the modern format. The recent banning’s have just been announced and Punishing Fire is no surprise with a minimal amount of fuss you can slap Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows into your deck and have a powerful machine capable of machine gunning creatures, that is a sensible banning to stop the format from stagnating, Wild Nacatl however this move is sheer lunacy.


Wizards banned the most powerful control cards of the format in order to have a diverse metagame and most notably to allow players to turn creatures sideways, a way of playing  the game they seem to want to promote to the detriment of other archetypes combo and control. This flip flop not only weakens players faith in the modern format but in Wizards ability to police their own formats. I don’t want to be that guy who complains and offers no solutions so I offer one ridiculous one that wont come true. No banned list for modern! How amazing would a format be where Affinity, Splinter Twin, Fairies and Zoo among other decks fought for dominance in the format, there would be so many viable archetypes and powerful cards from Magic’s history it would be a heaven. Yes there would be “unfun” combo’s and deck types but the sheer variety and power of decks would lead to a diverse metagame as well as allowing players to play their favorite decks of the past with new additions and tweaks.

            So feel free to chime in this was just a brief rant on why modern is a doomed format and how Wizards has shot themselves in the foot again and again in regards to the modern format and outside of events where players must play the format, modern is dead as a doornail. Once again hit me up with any advice comments or criticism feel free to send mail to PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com.


Here Lies the modern format

Wizards treated their players like a door mat

I hope they get the format into shape

No creature banned for power toughness since Kird Ape




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