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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
The Top Ten Multiplayer Cards of Innistrad
 Paul's Perspective

Welcome back readers, it’s that special time of year when zombies rise from their grave and vampires and werewolves stalk the night, for this is the long overdue top ten multiplayer cards of Innistrad on this extra spooky Halloween so Trick or Treat smell my feet give me some good cards to play, that doesn’t necessarily rhyme does it? Without further ado lets dive into the cards.


#10 Rooftop Storm



Zombies are one of the most powerful tribes and stretch all the way back to the beginning of Magic making this a powerful enchantment that lends itself to building your deck around it, the fact it allows you to cast your zombie commanders and Phage The Untouchable makes it an interesting card to tinker with. The sheer amount of zombies available is what allows this card to make the list.


#9 Back From the Brink



Being able to reuse creatures in your graveyard is potent as the more resources you have the better being able to recast all those powerful creatures over again is quite a boon, unfortunately in order to make the token you need to remove the original from your graveyard preventing some sort of shenanigans, but just being able to practically reuse creatures is important in multiplayer.


#8 Parallel Lives



A cheaper Doubling Season for a discounted mana cost and half of the effect, still for token decks you can’t go wrong with this powerful enchantment. Doubling Season is an expensive and powerful casual card so this card is a no brainer as being a powerful card in regular multiplayer and in commander.


#7 Curse of Stalked Prey



One of my favorite cards in the set not only does it provide an offensive boost to all your creatures that combos quite nicely with proliferate, the most important aspect of this card is you can play politics by enchanting a player and encourage others to attack that player. I am a big fan of political cards and this card is sure to get the beats sent elsewhere while also providing a boon for your creatures.


#6 Heartless Summoning



Combo’s ahoy, Heartless Summoning allows you to bust out your fatties even earlier and combines with storm cards to go infinite in a plethora of ways. This card is ripe for abuse in casual and multiplayer evoke cards especially combo well with this and transforming your three or less creature into one mana creatures able to flood the field.


#5 Kessig Wolf Run



All the new Innistrad lands could have made the cut but this provides the most immediate benefit allowing commanders to hit lethal damage faster and combined with infinite mana engines provides an easy way to win. This card can be used offensively to trample into the red zone, or even on defense to lure overcautious players away from attacking you. Not only is this card the nuts in standard it also has the chops in casual.


#4 Balefire Dragon



Dragons are always popular in casual and this creature is no exception. If it connects with a player it is basically a Wrath of God at 6 and if you can throw some equipments on this bad boy no creature is safe. Wrath effects are a solid if boring shoe in for this list. But on a reasonably costed and sized dragon that is just icing on the cake.


#3 Divine Reckoning



Once again Wrath effects are powerful and the ones that leave your Rafiq of The Many around to cause havoc are even better. This is situational if you are starting down an army of Saproling’s this is powerful, if your opponent has just one big creature such as Blightsteel Collosus or an Eldrazi. The fact it has flashback makes it amazing in multiplayer as the more mileage you get out of your spells the better.


#2 Sever the Bloodline



Once again this card having flashback really seals the deal as recurable removal is fantastic and this can exile those pesky indestructible creatures and can do it again. It also has the benefit of ruining token strategies as well, this is by far one of the most powerful cards in Innistrad.


#1 Blasphemous Act



A one mana Wrath of God for all intents and purposes is the bee’s knees not only can you drop this rather early in the game it leaves you enough mana to play some of your other game breaking spells. 13 damage is enough to destroy most creatures that aren’t super Eldrazi or colossuses.


Well there you have it my top ten multiplayer cards from Innistrad any emails about how wrong my list is or tell me cards I missed, or even give me your own top ten lists send emails to PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com and as always I am EnderWiggan1337 on Magic Online if you want to kick my butt. Also Happy Halloween!





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