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Infect Tech

Welcome back readers today I am taking a step back from the world of casual and multiplayer Magic to throw my hat into the ring of competitive standard. The release of infect as a mechanic has set the internet aflame at the possibility of a competitive standard deck. Recently on the Magic The Gathering website a column penned by Tom Lapille entitled  “ Big Set's and Standard” he discusses the possibility of a powerful and yet undiscovered card that could propel infect to the top. His comment while cryptic does explain some of his rationale and a hint to what the mystery card could be.  Earlier in this article, I mentioned infect as a strategy that hasn't popped in Constructed yet. There's a green card from Zendikar block that we've found is the key to our infect decks, and I haven't seen anyone out in the real world play a single copy of this particular card in an infect deck yet. (It's not a creature pumping effect.) Don't fret, though — it took us a long time to find it too. In fact, it took us until "Action" was the most recent set in our playtest Standard environment. Our mono-green infect deck that includes the card in question has traveled to several events now with an impressive winning record.“  So with those as our hints I shall countdown the most likely cards to bolster the power of infect as a deck type.

5.    Beastmaster Ascension

Infect decks are more than likely to be aggressive decks so attacking is a must. Often times if seven if your infect creatures connect it would spell came over, but opponents will more then likely make a few blocks meaning you can power up this card. Giving all your infect critters +5/+5 can make a single swing lethal from even the weakest infect creatures. The probability of this being in my opinion the mystery card? Unlikely by the time this comes online serious aggressive decks should have an opponent dead or on the ropes, this card combines with proliferate which combines with infect so it could be a distinct possibility.

4.    Predatory Urge
Predatory Urge is an undervalued card from Zendikar it allows infect creatures to tap remove creatures from the game or accumulate -1/-1 counters as well as paving the way for your hordes of infect creatures. Likilihood of it being the mysterious card? Medium although it is an enchantment vulnerable to removal while its on the stack and while the creature is infected as long as you enchant a creature without summoning sickness you can get one good clean shot in. Its likely that this could be the card as it provides a repeatable way to clear out blockers for your creatures.

3.    Gigantiform

Gigantiform is not technically a creature pump spell as it edits the power and toughness of a creature making it an 8/8 trampling monstrosity. Putting this card on an infect creatures can end the game quickly and at only five mana it comes out early enough to end the game in quick order. Likelihood of this being the mystery card? Medium to low while resolving this card with or without kicker can mean game over for your opponents the fact its highly vulnerable to early enchant destruction or removal spells means its rare for you to swing with your creature.

2.    Canopy Cover
While Canopy Cover is vulnerable to creature removal in response to a player casting it it provides what equates to being unblockable as well as super shroud. The chances that this is the mysterious card? High, Canopy Cover is cheap enough to let an infect creature like Ichorclaw Myr to go all the way against a player and provide a reoccurring poisonous threat.

1.    Turntimber Basilisk

Turntimber Basilisk is a 2/1 deathtouch creature for a small mana investment but thats not what makes it my number 1 pick. The fact its landfall ability forces players to block it means your infect creatures are more then likely to make it through to your opponents. Combine with cards like Terramorphic Expanse as well as Evolving Wild's means you can force more of an opponents creatures to block the basilisk and force infect damage through. Probability this is the mystery card? Extremely high not only is this card not on anyone's radar it's a legitimate threat in its own right and combined with landfall and infect creatures this creature is over the top.
I stand by my picks and I may end up looking like a fool later, for any criticism or rants about how I left out the one true killer infect tech card email me at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com Spread the poison!


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