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I'm Going To Sing The Doom Song Now

Assembling the pieces together has proved most difficult, a wizard as powerful as myself has no trouble repelling the attempts of lesser mages to thwart my grand design. The pieces are falling into place no one can stop me now!


Welcome back readers today's article is a continuation of my series on modifying the Archenemy decks making them more suited to take on your friends in casual play as well as just improving them overall. This time the deck being modified is Assemble The Doomsday Machine, first thing is first the cards to remove from the deck. Once again you can see the contents of the deck here and follow along at home. http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/462



Cards to remove forgive me if this reads long this deck has a lot of singles.


-1 Skullcage

It doesn't really fit the them of the deck and should be combined with discard.


-1 Sorcerer's Strongbox

Coin flips and a chance to draw cards not powerful or reliable enough to make the cut in the deck.


-1 Unbender Tine

Underwhelming effect.


-1 Unmake

Single creature removal is not as good as being able to deal with a mass of creatures, espicially in Archenemy where everyone is out to get you.



Underwehelming and great for aggressive artifact decks not what im aiming for with this deck.


-1 Synod Sanctum

A contingency plan against mass removal or abuse come into play effects regardless its getting cut.


-1 Spin Into Myth

Blue creature removal it hits only one creature and does not interact with artifacts or provide a great detterant to players.


-1 Lighting Greaves

A powerful equipment utilizing this single copy for EDH would be a good idea my deck wont run a lot of creatures so this is cut.


-1 Everflowing Chalice

A nice ramp card but most likely not worth the slot cut.


-1 Dreamstone Hedron

A nice ramp card and provides card advantage not what im looking for.


-1 Agony Warp

Single or double creature removal I feel there are better cards for this deck, although this is a powerful card.


-1 Synod Centurian

a beefy vanilla type creature but not the greatest choice cut.


-1 Sundering Titan

A beefy creature that may also make you a target perhaps another deck but not this one.


-2 Sanctum Gargoyle

Returning an artifact is all right having a flyer is better


-1 Metallurgeon

Regenerating artifacts is nice and repeatable regeneration is better a possibility perhaps?


-1 Lodestone Golem

Great in one on one Stax and prison style decks but paints a target on its head as well as yours.


-1 Juggernaut

Attacking each turn may make enemies for you in multiplayer where you dont have to, although in Archenemy everyone is your enemy so im unsure.



A powerful card but not what my strategy is going for.


-1 Architects of Will

library manipulation and cycling on a small card we can do better cut.


-1 Ethersworn Shieldmage

A semi fog artifact interesting and good for reusability but cut.



What we are left with:


After the extensive cutting I will not highlight what cards I decided to keep as we form our new deck.



Memnarch: A powerful and reusable way to steal players permanents and a decent sized body a little bit of a griefer card and may make you a target but being able to steal chump blockers is nice.




Leonin Abundas: Once again a decent sized body and a way to prevent opponents from messing with your artifacts.


Master Transmuter: Not only does it allow you to cheat in your artifacts it also can save them from removal and makes a juicy target for opponents removal before you drop the big guns.


Magistar Sphinx: Possibly halving an opponents live and having a 5/5 flying creature is great using it with Master Transmuter is even better.


Aether Spellbomb: Being able to bounce creatures may be enough to turn opponents to other players a nice deterrent and it can be sacrificed to draw a card in a pinch.


Azorius & Dimir Signet: As I previously espoused signets are great in every format ramping up your mana and fixing your colors especially in a three color deck is important and with our next card these turn into legitimate threats.


March of The Machines: A powerful card in the deck turning your signets and other artifacts into creatures capable of rushing opponents.


Batwing Brume: A powerful fog effect that can punish players a great card for multiplayer.


Sun Droplet: A powerful way to gain life in multiplayer and insures that too many players ganging up on you doesn't result in  immediate death.


Obelisk of Esper: More mana fixing and a threat with March of The Machines.


Adding some land and voila there we have it.


// Lands

    4 [HOP] Terramorphic Expanse

    10 [IN] Island (2)

    5 [6E] Plains (3)

    4 [TSP] Swamp (1)

    1 [DDC] Swamp (2)


// Creatures

    2 [MR] Leonin Abunas

    2 [DS] Memnarch

    2 [CFX] Master Transmuter

    2 [CFX] Magister Sphinx


// Spells

    4 [MR] AEther Spellbomb

    4 [DIS] Azorius Signet

    4 [RAV] Dimir Signet

    4 [EVE] Batwing Brume

    4 [MR] March of the Machines

    4 [MR] Sun Droplet

    4 [ALA] Obelisk of Esper


Once again thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com






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