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Paul’s Perspective
All Tangled Up: A Scars of Mirrodin Preview Deck
September 9th, 2010 

The ground shakes as the very soil beneath your feet rises to turn against you. The mountains rumble to life seeking vengeance, swamps congeal into agents of destruction, islands shift and roar to life, plains roll and tumble and the very forest comes to life groaning in protest. Welcome back readers today I will be working on a special deck highlighting our Pojo exclusive preview, if you have not read our review here is the card in its entirety.

                          Liege of the Tangle

That is indeed a huge creature building a deck around this card could work in a plethora of ways. The way I am building this is like a traditional green deck ramping up for mana to crush opponents with this big bad elemental. First the mana base.

Land: 25

X9 Forest

x4 Khalni Garden

x4 Urza's Power Plant

x4 Urza's Tower

x4 Urza's Mine


The mana base utilizes Khalni Garden to put an early token for defense out, forests to obviously cast spells and the Urzatron to power out a Liege of the Tangle to beat a lot of face.


Creatures: 12

x4 Wall of Roots

x4 Liege of the Tangle

x4 Pilgrim's Eye


Besides our main big green machine Wall of Roots provides an early game blocker holding off aggressive opponents. Pilgrim's eye serves double purpose it can fetch a forest if you have a hand full of tron lands and it can chump block nasty fliers late game and thin your deck. Onto the bulk of the deck spells.


Other: 23

x4 Sylvan Scrying

x4 Journey of Discovery

x4 Reap and Sow

x4 Explore

x4 Beacon of Creation

x3 Eternity Vessel


Sylvan Scrying is there to fetch your tron lands or more green sources if needed, same for Journey of Discovery and Reap and Sow it allows you to accelerate your land development, Explore draws a card and plop and extra land down. Beacon of Creation is a secondary win contidition with all these lands making tokens can be a viable strategy. Eternity Vessel is nuts the ability to trigger a reset makes it hard for aggressive decks to race you and if you need time to develop your mana it can insure you take some hits. Not to mention the place this card can play in Elder Dragon Highlander as an elemental beater. The thing about this card is its not a card that requires a lot of thought you play it with lands and kill players left and right, while not a Johnny card in a sense its still an impressive beast. Overall I'm proud of the deck list and when Scars hits this October I shall hopefully get my hands a play set of these bad boys.

Comments, Criticism, Concerns and Defense for big dumb fatties can be sent via email to



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