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Paul’s Perspective
Nerd Valhalla
September 14th, 2010  

Welcome back reader's today I will be spending a brief amount of time letting you know, Magic is more than ordering card's online and shopping for the best deals. I myself have been guilty of the seduction of the vast variety of card's online at bargain bin prices, but to ignore card shop's is to ignore a fundamental part of Magic The Gathering. The element of communication, the comradeship evident when buddies gather around to sling cardboard and see what is for sale at the local shop, to dish about the latest Magic rumors and to complain about how Mirrodin is the focus once again.

But more than that it allows an environment for Magic to foster supporting your local stores is important and having an area where you can play Magic be it Friday Night Magic or tournament's is a luxury not all players have. Your humble  writer include to make the most of these fine institutions such as gaming, comic or card shops we as players need to show our support to shops and the Magical culture they create. Often times common boxes allow players to pick up card's on the cheap and also purchase the latest tech. Personally my experience with card shops is pitifully limited so I feel I am not truly doing them justice but for those of you who have experienced a properly run comic or card shop it's like a geek heaven or Valhalla if you will. As the game we know and love changes year be year be thankful for the constant's in your life, your family, friend's and the non-judgmental embrace of your collection of cardboard. Treasure what you have for as long as you may have it.

Comments, Questions, Concern's and heartfelt adoration can be sent to me via email


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