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My Kingdom For A Dragon

Paul's Perspective

June 25th, 2010


A crimson streak flashes across the sky as ashen bodies are covered by bubbling magma. This is your domain here you are king. You command these forces, you only harness their power for your own diabolical reasons. You have waited long to unleash your Draconian horde, the time for victory is now. Continuing my Archenemy promise today I am going to be looking in greater detail about how to edit and make Archenemy decks even more suited for multiplayer games, starting with Scorch The World With Dragon Fire, a green red deck focusing on red's greatest non goblin tribe. Upon examining the deck there seems to be two central themes, morph surprises and mana acceleration into big nasty dragons. Looking at the deck list located at


http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/469 we can see the deck packs a lot of singles. Well lets get cracking on what cards to remove and why.


Cards to remove:


Battering Craghorn: Mana intensive and weak stats, this card doesn't even fit the flavor of the
deck, utilizing massive dragons to demolish opponents, cut.

Dragon Whelp
: Mana intensive, an early drop but unneeded and doesn't pack enough power.

Furnace Whelp
: Exact same problem as Dragon Whelp.

Gathan Raiders:
Not a dragon, the deck doesn't utilize a discard theme making this an easy cut.

Skirk Commando & Skirk Marauder:
Once again morph on these guys is not enough to justify their inclusion and the effects are negligible for multiplayer.

Dragon Fodder: Besides having Dragon in the title this card is only good for Devour decks or possibly goblin decks. Definitely cut.

Colossal might & Chandra's Outrage: Single creature pump and one time only burn spells are not impressive in Multiplayer, Seal of Fire would be more appropriate.


Seething Song: Mana ramping into your dragons is good, but the fact this is a one shot deal makes it more suited for combo style decks.


Cards to Keep:

Volcanic Fallout: Being able to wipe the board of weenies and tokens is great, being able to do it at instant speed, take your opponents all down on life, and get around blue mages is even better.


Thran Dynamo: Being able to play your dragons faster is always something to consider if you intend to run these I would spring for a full play set.


Gruul Signet: Signet's are great for casual games, I would run a full play set it assists you in ramping into your threats and fixes your colors. Whats not to like? Also they are inexpensive.


Savage Twister: Once again the power to clear the board cannot be underestimated, this one is more mana intensive and requires two colors, but one word baby, scaleability.


Breathe of Darigaaz: More mass removal for red it takes care of all nasty saprolings and elves and becomes better late game. Also hits players whittling down opponents for you.


Hellkite Charger: Expensive ability but entirely doable in casual play. This can allow you take out two or more players in one fell swoop I would recommend this for casual multiplayer play as it can break stalemates and put you ahead in a damage race in a hurry.


Ryusei The Falling Star: Each of the Kamigawa Dragons are excellent in multiplayer, Ryusei's global effect is no different I would definitely put a few more copies of this Dragon In the deck as its big it flies and is suited for multiple players.


Taurean  Mauler: The fact is this guy is ludicrous in multiplayer, often times its prime candidate for removal spells allowing you to save up juicer threats in your hand.


Overall the power of Dragon's is up to you to exploit with your tyrannical temper. Grabbing a couple Dragonfire Archenemy decks may be a good idea to get your start on this particular breed of multiplayer deck. Utilizing cards found within the deck and working as though I purchased two copies and possibly additional singles I constructed this deck. Feel free to test it out and tweak as you see fit. I did not mention every card option for the deck its up to you as a player to assess my choices and your own. Until next time keep scheming.


    4 [ZEN] Kazandu Refuge

    2 [GP] Gruul Turf

    12 [R] Mountain (3)

    5 [IN] Forest (1)


// Creatures

    2 [MOR] Chameleon Colossus

    4 [SC] Dragonspeaker Shaman

    3 [SC] Fierce Empath

    2 [ZEN] Hellkite Charger

    2 [LE] Imperial Hellkite

    2 [LE] Kilnmouth Dragon

    2 [CHK] Ryusei, the Falling Star

    2 [MM] Two-Headed Dragon

    4 [HOP] Taurean Mauler


// Spells

    4 [GP] Gruul Signet

    4 [CFX] Volcanic Fallout

    4 [IN] Breath of Darigaaz

    2 [UD] Thran Dynamo



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