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Paul’s Perspective
The Archenemy Of My Archenemy Is My Friend
June 14, 2010

Wringing my hands together and laughing manically has never been more suited for multiplayer Magic.  The multiverse has always been filled with hero's and villains, battles between planeswalkers have conspicuously been lacking a definite sense of flavor in multiplayer. Why are all these planeswalkers battling each other? Why would some be teaming up on others? Archenemy the newest product released from Wizards answers these questions and brings up many more such as, what happens when you have access to a free Time Walk? What about a card that allows you to destroy all non-land permanents target player controls? The answer is the new card type schemes and All in Good Time and Behold the Power of Destruction. Never has been being evil felt so good.

The Archenemy is your unfamiliar plays with a deck of twenty oversized scheme cards against any number of other players at the table. Schemes come in two varieties regular and ongoing. Each turn you may flip over a Scheme card and put it into motion. The Archenemy starts with 40 life and each other player at the traditional 20. Additionally the Archenemy plays first and draws a card. Other players then than Archenemy all take a turn together Two Headed Giant style. Additionally a free for all version is available to play with each player sporting a Scheme deck. What exactly does this all mean for multiplayer. Why more memorable plays and multiplayer politics. Not only do amalgamates have to worry about putting pressure on their enemy but internal politics within the group. Cards like May Civilization Collapse and Feed The Machine force a player to choose self or other making for some uncomfortable situations. The schemes themselves represent a campier side of Magic, where I as a player can laugh and set a scheme in motion, proving once and for all I can beat every single person in my playgroup. Archenemy overall is a flavorific and positive step foreword for expanding Magic as we know it and a casual players dream come true. Join me this week as I explore Archenemy and expanding the decks to your playgroup needs as well as giving my own twists on the Archenemy decks revealed. Until next time keep scheming.

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