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Paul’s Perspective
The Most Awsomess Cards in ROTE
May 6, 2010

I am not one for top ten lists they are often times incredibly arbitrary and subject to debate, normally they are a result of some player’s overinflated ego and how they feel they are a magic guru, destined to tell what other players what cards are worth playing. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective I am exactly that type of player. Multiplayer has been a big part of my college experience, where most students are busy trying not to get expelled for improper behavior my playgroup and I are shuffling up our decks and playing to the early hours of the morning. It comes as no surprise that one of my favorite formats is multiplayer. Whether it is Free for all, Two Headed Giant, Elder Dragon Highlander or any number of our own game types. Casual is one of the few formats where you are free to try silly deck ideas and a format where you can be punished for playing with the wrong play style or type of deck. “What do you mean you’re e all attacking me, I only played stasis with two howling mines in play and an Iron Maiden.”


The politics of multiplayer combined with deck designers constantly searching for new strategies allow it to be one of the most fun formats, where cards not normally competitive shine. Without further ado I will introduce you to my picks for the “Ten most Awsomeess Multiplayer cards from Rise of The Eldrazi” Wow that was a mouthful.

#10 Keening Stone

Well here is an interesting surprise, a powerful mill card that can assist mill in successfully milling multiple players at the table. In a standard game this card is expensive and a possible example of the win more mentality, in multiplayer it is often times slower allowing decks to reach more mana, this card allows the mill player to not put all his eggs into one basket so to speak. The inherent weakness of mill decks it is best to target one person at a time this card allows a player to just normally play his spells with the option of milling them later while you target a troublesome individual. Keening stone is a powerful milling tool and my playgroup has already been on the receiving end of its power.


#9 Awakening Zone

Bitterblossom is a great card. Bitterblossom without a loss of life that can provide mana ramping and chump blockers is still a great card. Awakening zone allows you to pump out the back breaking Eldrazi and combine it with Coat of arms and maybe Broodwarden for an aggressive strategy.  Awakening zone allows you to chump block and hold off attackers while you play your more powerful Eldrazi spells. Awakening zone is one of the few cards on this list I predict to see play in constructed.

#8 Lord Of Shatterskull Pass

A prime example of the power of levelers for four mana you get a 3/3 if cast it as a six drop you get a 6/6. A few turns later and you have a 6/6 creature that will more than likely wipe out each creature whomever you attack controls. Like a super Pyroclasm Shatterskull’s ability can clear the board quick leaving opponents struggling to keep put up a defense. This is a good late game bomb for multiplayer bouts and can  induce groans in Two Headed Giant game.

#7 World At War

Well I want to tap out and alpha strike someone, oh World at War combat has become more interestingthis turn. In the vein of Reckless Assault, World at War provides just what an aggressive player desires, a chance to lash out at multiple players and still be able to not leave themselves as open to retribution. World at War takes a great multiplayer card concept and turns it up to 11.


#6 Lightmine Field

Well as long as your creatures have high enough toughness or you are not going for an aggressive stratedgy. Lightmine field deters all out assaults the same way the previous card encourages them, lightmine field wont do much good against big tough Eldrazi but against hordes of Goblin’s , Saproling’s and Elves it can help in a pinch.


#5 Soul’s Attendant

Another Soul Warden for white decks, it allows players to gain even more life and forces opponents to prioritize removal. The only downside to this card is the may trigger I can’t help but think the card designers conversation went something like this. “So Jim let’s see the card you designed.” “ok boss it’s a flavorful reprint of Soul Warden” “ Now let’s make it worse Jim.” I can’t help but feel Wizards wanted to troll people with Gotcha moments darn may triggers. Overall I expect to see a lot of casual white decks packing x4 Soul Warden as well as x4 Soul’s Attendant.


#4 Tajuru Preserver

So Annilator, Death cloud, Smallpox, Pox, Cruel Ultimatum, Cruel Edict and a good portion of black cards are completely hosed until they remove this creature. What’s that you say? Terror? Oh ok then. This ability is just what was needed to offset the power of the Eldrazi and played correctly it can hose decks utilizing a plethora of cards to make opponents sacrifice. Overall a card I think will see play in multiplayer especially if you know players who can’t help but play black.


#3 Khalni Hydra

Depending on the playgroup mass removal such as Wrath of God and Damnation are either rampant or nonexistent, depending on this factor elf token decks can either be insane or kept in check. This card allows a player who has committed a few creatures to the board such as llanowar Elves or Birds of Paradise and drop this fearsome creature onto the board. An 8/8 Trampling monstrosity for next to free or relatively cheap it allows you dominate the board early and often.

#2 Nirkana Revenant

Hello Cabal Coffers meet Nirkana Revenant your soul mate, Mono black control hell even regular mono black decks love Cabal Coffers, the fact it’s a land and there is few land destruction is a positive but this card could be a finisher for mono black decks it allows you to pump your mana into a lethal drain life, after you play a massacre or Damnation it can be pumped up and swing on empty boards. It just has potential for crazy antics. The starting 4/4 power and toughness make Lighting Bolt ineffective and leaving mana up for you to pump with in response to more burn is recommended. Overall its vulnerable to removal but what isn’t? For black mages this is an interesting and powerful mythic rare.


#1 All Is Dust

With the existence of more mana ramp then you can shake a stick at, Eye of Ugin and Eldrazi temple as well as Urza’s lands, All Is dust is the perfect board sweeper and can come down early and reliably in multiplayer games. The only hindrance is the price dollar wise, this card is build around me for sure and players casual and constructed will be looking for ways to exploit the Eldrazi. This is one of the keys.


Thanks for reading once again any questions or concerns relating to my list or my writing please email me at PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com thanks for the support and until next time have fun playing. 

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