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Heavy Metal: The Top Multiplayer Cards in Scars of Mirrodin 

Paul's Perspective 

Welcome back readers this week I have decided highlight some of the most interesting and powerful cards for multiplayer from Scars of Mirrodin. The list is a top ten countdown and feel free to disagree with my choices, as well as their placement. If you have any ideas for potentially powerful multiplayer cards feel free to shoot me an email. 

#10 Kemba Kha Regent

Kemba Kha Regent is not only a fitting general for Elder Dragon Highlander or Commander as it as now known, but simply putting one or two equipments on this baby can allow you to maintain a board presence without overcommiting resources from your hand. Pumping out creatures for chump blocking or an all out blitz while maintaining cards in hand is a win win situation. 

#9 Dissipation Field

A blue No Mercy variant this card discourages attacks from coming your way. This card sends players elsewhere and allows you time to set up whatever diabolical plans you are contemplating. Being in blue you are planning something devious. While discouraging attacks is good this is also a johnny card that can be used to fuel combos involving creatures that deal damage to you as well. 

#8 Volition Reins

A control magic variant this card can steal any permanent of an opponents including planeswalkers. The expensive and color intensive enchantment needs to comfortably rest in a mono blue deck. There is not a lot to say about a card that can steal anything of an opponents its a powerful way to steal opponents fatties and beat them with them. 

#7 Exsanguinate

A sorcery version of Kokusho, this card fueled by Cabal Coffers and Mirrari can result in massive life swings the more players you have in the game. A finisher card for mono black style decks it scales nicely to multiplayer games and is devastatingly effective. 

á#6 Geth, Lord of the Vault 

Yet another powerful creature that can serve as a general in Elder Dragon Highlander. Geth is not only a big beefy evasive creature he lends himself well to blacks ability to kill creatures. Combining Geth with blue cards such as Glimpse The Unthinkable results in even juicer reanimation targets in opponents graveyards. Geth lends himself well to multiplayer mill decks as well as decks packing large amounts of creature kill in need of a finisher. 

#5 Ezuri, Renegade Leader

One of the most powerful cards for an elf deck, being able to regenerate your powerful elves is a godsend. The built in overrun ability is great for finishing decks. This card is self explanatory run it with mana generating elves and blow opponents out of the water with a powerful elf assault. This is a powerful card for multiplayer elf decks it serves numerous roles and puts opponents on a clock. 

#4 Genesis Wave

This card combines quite well with mana acceleration and mana generators, being able to put X permanents from your deck into play can be game breaking and usually ends the game in your favor in short order. Once again a straight foreward and simple but powerful card for multiplayer games. 

#3 Lux Cannon

A repeatable Vindicate card is nothing to sneeze at, being able to slowly power it up and then deal with problems throughout the game is powerful. Combine this card with the Proliferate cards in Scars and it becomes even more amazing. Nuking a Platinum Angel or troublesome land comes in handy quite often, Lux Cannon is cheap repeatable destruction a powerful effect in multiplayer. 

#2 Mimic Vat

A powerful standard card that becomes even more powerful in multiplayer. The ability to reuse come into play creatures such as allies or cards with come into play abilities breaks this card in two. Combine this card with Eternal Witness as well as creatures like Mulldrifter to provide a constant and powerful engine. The limit is your imagination and the multitude of creatures available in Magic. 

#1 Mindslaver 

An oldie but a goodie, Mindslaver makes its return from the original Mirrodin set. The ability to lock opponents out of the game and also make them do your dirty work taking down players can not be overlooked. Combining this card with something like Academy Ruins or Prototype Portal can result in some unfun but powerful game states in your favor. A card unlike any other, Mindslaver opens up interesting possibilities and entirely warps the game. 

There you have it the top ten multiplayer of Scars of Mirrodin, feel free to disagree send advice or holiday greetings to PlatinumFUBU5@hotmail.com Happy holidays readers!


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