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Part 8 – Understanding Mana Pool and Mana Burn
by papercut (with editing by Secret Squirrel)

  • The Mana pool is where mana goes when you use a "mana source" (Lands, Artifacts, Creatures etc.) to produce mana.
  • Mana are not lands. Mana is the product of lands. Imagine that Mana is like money. Lands work to get some money so you can spend it to play abilities or spells.
  • Forest actually reads "Add G to your mana pool" Llanowar Elves, Chrome Mox acts just as lands.


  • Mana Burn occurs when you switch from a phase to another with mana in your pool. For example, you play Dark Ritual [Instant-B-add BBB to your mana pool] and play something that cost BB in your main phase. Then you want to attack and declare the attack step, however, since you still have B in your mana pool you lose 1 life due to mana burn.
  • You cannot just get rid of mana because you don't want it; a spell or ability has to use it.
  • Mana Burn is not damage; you're just losing life, so you can't prevent it.

I hope that clear all the doubts regarding mana.

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