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Part 7 – Understanding the Color Pie
by Ricohard1986

Color: White
Defining Words: Law, Order, control
Keywords: First strike, Flying, Protection
Favored Card types: Small creatures, Enchantments, Damage Prevention
Iconic Creature types: Soldier, Cat, Samurai

Philosophy: White is the Color of Order. This represents itself in the fact that white excels at making rules, whether they are ones that affect the game, like Word of Law, or Ones within the game worlds that lead to organizations and civilizations.

At its best White is the ideal that we should all protect each other, that rules are there to protect the weak from the strong and that we should all work together. However at its very darkest White is Totalitarianism: the idea that laws are more important than the person.

Example characters:
- Superman- The epitome of White. A protector of the weak, defender of the law and unwilling to break his own rules even when pushed to it.
- Magneto- The white villain never believes he is doing evil. He sees himself as the misjudged protector. A man who believes that the ends justify the means despite what others might think of him.

Color: Green
Defining Words: Growth, Nature, Life
Keywords: trample
Favored Card types: large creatures, Mana producing creatures, Creature pump, both short and long term.
Iconic creature types: Beasts, Elves, Snakes

Philosophy: Green is the color of nature. This represents itself in the fact that green covers growth in all its kinds whether through permanent creature pumping, land searching and such like.

At its best Green is the bringer of life the force of nature that gives life and beauty to the world. At its worst it is the uncaring force of destructive nature the hurricane. It is destructive and uncaring destroying everything in its path.

Example characters:
- Puck, from a midsummer nights dream. – Puck and most of the other elves and fairies from a midsummer nights dream are representative of the joyful, playful positive side of green, the part that nurtures, that doesn’t necessarily like humanity but helps them from time to time.
- Swamp Thing- A force of nature defending its home from outside invasion or destruction. This too is an epitome of green as the defender and the powerful creature.

Color: Red
Defining words: Fire, Anger, Action
Keywords: haste, First strike
Abilities: Direct Damage spells, Short term Power increases, Chance
Iconic Creature types: Goblin, Dragon, Barbarian

Philosophy: Red is the color of emotion. This manifests itself in a fast responsive attitude. Whether destroying things by sheer anger and magical power or using that anger to make creatures more powerful. It is also a fickle color controlling luck which in practice means that its spells can often have random targets or coin flips. It is the color of passion in all its forms.

At its best Red is the color of freedom and self expression. It is the color that says do what thou wilt. That says feelings are good and healthy and should be listened to. At its worst Red is chaos and hate. A senseless destruction with no care for whom or what is destroyed simply destroying for the joy of destroying.

Example characters:
- Juggernaut- Consumed by anger and hate for his brother Charles Xavier. Juggernaut is the epitome of red strength and power controlled even overwhelmed by hate.

Color: Black
Defining words: Greed, Power, Selfishness
Keywords: Fear, Shadow
Abilities: Trading Life for Power, Reducing toughness
Iconic Creature Types: Zombie, Demon, Vampire

Philosophy: Black is the color of greed and selfishness. This is represented by the fact that black is willing to sacrifice anything, its creatures, even its own life to gain power.

At its best Black is the color of self determination of going your own way, of being the best person you can be. Yes you may use underhand methods to get what you want but they fall as they do. At its worst Black is pure unabated evil willing to sacrifice anything for its own ends, No matter how many innocents may get in their way. Black will kill any that it believes stand against it though assassination or other underhand methods. Black will never meet in a fair fight unless it has too.

Example characters:
-Emperor Palpatine- A man who used every evil trick and power he has to subvert and gain power the very epitome of a black villain.
-Frederick Nietzsche- the idea that people can only reach their best when they rise above others as ubermensch is very in keeping with the black philosophy

Color: Blue
Defining words: Wisdom, structure, collected
Keywords: flying
Abilities: Counter spells, Bounce, (Draw Cards)
Iconic Creature Types: Wizard, Spirit, Merfolk

Philosophy: Blue is the color of scholarly pursuits. It is the color of science and reason. This represents itself in the fact that Blue is the best color for drawing cards as well as manipulating the ether itself, which manifests itself in counter spelling and creature bounce.

At its best blue protects and educates teaching people how to live better and how to better understand their world. At its worst Blue hoards knowledge, destroys nature to make way for its creations and enslaves people to the soulless pursuit of knowledge without limitations.

Example characters:
- Merlin- Master of magic Merlin is representative of blue. The advisor and councillor.
- Robert Oppenheimer - Inventor of the atomic bomb. Can be said to represent Blue as the scientist whose knowledge leads to power which is applied destructively.

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