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The McShake Alchemist on Magic
(Mc)Shaking up the format and other puns (Sno)
August 15, 2011

     Hey everyone!  Long time no speak (on Magic, that is).  Today I'm gonna be talking about a deck that I have loved for years, and recently I've come up with a pretty successful list for Snow White.  
     The original Snow White deck was a deck based on Martyr of the Sands, Proclamation of Rebirth, and cards that had the effect of making both players draw extra cards.  It would also play various fog and holy day effects.  For those who don't know the first few cards that I said.
Martyr of Sands
1, Sacrifice Martyr of Sands, Reveal any number of white cards in your hand:  Gain life equal to three times the number of revealed cards with this effect.
Proclamation of Rebirth
Return up to 3 creatures with converted mana cost 1 or less from your graveyard to play
Forecast W5 (W5, Reveal this card from your hand: Return a creature card with converted mana cost one or less from your graveyard to play.  Play this ability only during your upkeep.)
     It got the snow part from various snow lands that were printed in cold snap with Martyr of Sands.  The deck later became known as turbo fog, and has adopted many names since, such as "I fucking hate that" deck, and "God you're so fucking cheap".  Both are things I've heard many a time for playing the deck, and, I decided to update the deck to make it legal for the current standard format.  
Firstly I'm going to show the most recent list that I've settled on after a lot of testing, and afterwards explain some card choices, as well as how the deck's matchups go.
Lands (24)
2 Stirring Wildwood
4 Sunpetal Grove
3 Razorverge Thicket
4 Forest
2 Plains
2 Islands
1 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Celestial Colonnade
3 Tectonic Edge
2 Misty Rainforest
Creatures (5)
4 Stonehorn Dignitary
1 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
Planeswalkers (4)
2 Venser, The Sojourner
2 Gideon Jura
Artifacts (6)
2 Elixer of Immortality
3 Temple Bell
1 Batterskull
Enchantments (8)
4 Oblivion Ring
4 Rites of Flourishing
Sorceries (3)
3 Day of Judgment
Instants (10)
2 Tanglesap
4 Fog
4 Safe Passage
      Ok, I know the list is totally off the wall.  I take pride in building off the wall decks that nobody will ever see coming.  This deck actually is very resilient for a plethora of reasons.
1.  All of the cards do basically the same thing.
     While it isnt exactly the same thing, they do 1 of 2-3 things.  They either A) tap for mana.  B) produce mana.  C)  Prevent you from taking combat damage/increase your life.  
2.  You don't actually have to use a kill con.  
     Your deck starts doin its thing as early as turn 1 if it absolutely has to.  You just make them not do stuff.  Most mono blue permission decks have a lot of permission, and eventually, when they can leave a lot of mana up, will play a big dude and hope it gets there.  In this deck, you don't have to have a kill con get there.  The Kozilek is mostly there for control matchups where you might go in the long game, or, against UB where they might discard your elixers or something similiar.  I chose Kozilek since you actually have to hardcast the dude in this deck, and, I feel that most eldrazi will just get o-ringed the turn after theyre cast anyway (since they won't have a relevant target the whole game)  and you get a lot of instant value out of kozilek, even if they counter it, where, if they counter Emrakul, you take another turn.  That sounds cool, until you realize, in this deck, thats probly just "Draw two.  Play a land or two.  Maybe charge up planeswalkers.  Pass"  In this deck, you just dont let them kill you for around 100 turns.  
3.   You have more fog effects than:
     A) UB has threats and counterspells combined
     B) Caw Blade has counterspells and Squaks combined.
     C) All the vengevines in the world
     I know that I seem like a raving lunatic the way I'm talking about this deck right now.  My friends made fun of me at first, but I havent dropped a single game to caw blade yet, and UB I've dropped a few games but never an entire match.  The deck is definitely real.  I know what you're thinking.  THEMCSHAKEALCHEMIST!  WTF?  THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO DECKS IN THE FORMAT.  I'm honestly just going off of the biggest deck in the format, and the deck that just won worlds.
The other things that I consider decks and why they don't really matter
1. Red Deck Wins - This Matchup is just hilarious.  They really can't do anything but try to burn you out.  Unless they're playing a bunch of random X spells they probly dont have the mana to without koth, which you have the ability to answer if you need to (o-ring, gideon, etc.)
2. Splinter Twin - By the time they assemble combo you should have so many fog effects that it really isnt funny, in which case you can day/oring/etc.
3. Vampires - This just came out as an event deck, and it can be very problematic, simply because of kalastria highborn.  The real solution here is leyline of sanctity and youre golden.
4. Valakut - This matchup can be tricky depending on the build.  Its actually about 50/50.  Thankfully, most people have stopped playing it since the two biggest decks in the format will bend this over the table in a lot of scenarios.  If you do play against this, again, leyline of sanctity is your best friend.  I haven't totally set up a sideboard plan for this deck, but, more than likely acidic slime will be in it.
5.  Eldrazi Green - The best advice I can give you for this matchup, is first to make sure you have a god hand, if you dont, mulligan until you do.  Even if you go to 1 card.  It will make 0 difference in the outcome of this match.  You basically cannot win it ever.  They will annihilate your shit, and you cant mill them out.
6.  Elves - Day of judgment wut
7.  Pyromancer - This can be a hard matchup, but a lot of the time you can just oring their shit itll buff.  Its a great MU postboard with leyline.
Honestly I cant decide if leyline should be main, there are enough decks in my opinion that it isnt relevant to make it just sideboard for right now,  but, it might go to the main eventually.
Really this deck is very fun to play with if you like just trolling the shit out of your opponent (and anyone who knows me knows that Trolling is my business, and generally, business is good).  There are some other card choices that could go into the deck, and, I'd be happy to hear about what other takes people have on the deck.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like to play me in mtg/yugi/etc. online or something,  I have accounts on just about every social networking site there is online.
email: andro_sphinx@yahoo.com
youtube: youtube.com/themcshakealchemist
facebook: facebook.com/shakezilluh
pojo ygo archive: http://pojo.com/yu-gi-oh/FeaturedWriters/TheMcShakeAlchemist/index.shtml
pojo mtg archive: http://pojo.com/magic/Featured%20Writers/McShake_Alchemist/index.shtml
skype: themcshakealchemist
duelingnetwork: shakezilluh (I love to play some traditional ;D) [yugioh]
Thanks a lot for reading!
Sean H.
akaThe McShake Alchemist

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