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Bill Guerin
Level II Judge


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Judge Bill's Magic The Gathering Rulings

Title: Equipping Horobi?
Questions: 21

Q: If I have Horobi, Death's Wail in play, and also have General's Kabuto in play. During my turn, I equip Horobi with the Kabuto. Now, I know equipping can only be done as a sorcery, however does it also count as targeting a creature with a spell or ability, therefore destroying Horobi?

-Sean C.

A: The official rules for the equip ability are:

502.33a Equip is an activated ability of artifact Equipment cards. “Equip [cost]” means “[cost]: Move this Equipment onto target creature you control. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.”

Since equip targets, Horobi will be destroyed.


Q: I Just wanted to know what is a sideboard and how can you use it.

A: Sideboarding is where you switch cards in your main deck with cards in your sideboard after the first game of the match, to make your deck stronger against your opponent's specific deck.

For sideboarding in Constructed, you may have a sideboard of 0 or 15 cards. Any sideboarding you do must be one for one, that is, for each card you put in, you have to take one out.

For sideboarding in Limited, any cards that you do not play in your main deck are your sideboard. You do not have to sideboard an equal number of cards in and out ... the only requirement is that you have 40 cards in your deck when you start the next game.


Q: When You regenerate a creature or make a creature token, can you attack the same turn you put the creatures into play?

A: Let me correct a misconception I think you have here. When you regenerate a creature, it never leaves play. So unless you just played the creature that turn, it won't have summoning sickness.

Creature tokens follow the same rules for creatures. (This means they will be affected by summoning sickness until you start your next turn.)


Q: When a creature like horned troll is put into a graveyard when can I regenerate him? Can I regenerate him on my opponents turn or on my turn?

A: Again, regeneration doesn't make the creature go to the graveyard and come back. When the Horned Troll would be killed, you play the regeneration ability, and instead of the Horned Troll being killed, it taps and stays in play.


Q: I also wanted to know what a training counter is on Sensei Golden Tail?

A: It's a counter named "Training Counter." Simple enough?

(The practical application of the training counter is to mark how many instances of Bushido 1 it has.)


Q: What does Genju of the Cedars mean, and can you use it on your opponents turn?

A: Yes, you can play the ability during your opponent's turn. Basically, the Genjus let the land they're placed on become creatures.


Q: When a card say can't be targeted by spells or abilities is an enchantment considered a spell?

A: Enchantments are targeted spells When they are played (cast). Otherwise, enchantments don't target the creatures they're going on.


Q: When an enchantment like regeneration is put on a creature does it stay in play if the creature leaves play or does it get put into a graveyard?


A: Enchantments that were on creatures that have left play are put into the graveyard, since they're not attached to anything anymore.


Q: From searching your past questions, I understand that in playing a card like Cranial Extraction, you do not need to "name a card" until it resolves. My question is what is the appropriate way to play this card in a tournament setting against blue control (or any deck with counter spells and what not). Would you play the Cranial Extraction, then ask if it resolves, then name the card, then it has technically already resolved and they can not counter it at this point or what?


A: Basically.

(If you're the one playing counterspells, don't ask things like "Which card?", as by asking that, you're implicitly letting the Extraction resolve.)


Q: My friend cast Chameleon Spirit and picked white. Is a Plains a white or colorless card. If colorless does it still count.


A: A card's color is determined by what mana symbols it has in its mana cost. Since Plains's mana cost is 0, it is colorless, and not white.


Q: Is the converted mana cost of a creature it's colorless mana, or all of it's mana turned into colorless? Explain what it is please.

A: To find the converted mana cost of a spell, just ask how much mana it would take to play it. Ignore the color requirements.


1) 2G=3
2) 3BG=5
3) 3WBG=6
4) RRR=3


Q: My friend has a Myojin of the Cleansing Fire out and I play Mystic Restraints so the Myojin is now tapped and can't untap during his untap phase. Myojin still has it's counter on it making it indestructible and he plays Befoul on his own myojin. He says that since myojin is indestructible, it won't be destroyed but mystic restraints (which is attached to it) will be destroyed.


A: Nope. Since the Myojin was never destroyed, it never left play, and the Mystic Restraints will stay on it.


Q: Does Patron of the Orochi's ability untap itself?

-Ewan R.

A: Is Patron of the Orochi a green creature? (Usually) Yes, so it will untap.


Q: If I use Trinket Mage can I search for Seat of the Synod or any other artifact land?

-Dragoon Q.

A: As long as you're not playing Standard (Type 2), sure. All lands have a mana cost of 0.


Q: My opponent has a Vedalken Shackles in play. I have a Thieving Magpie (which I had played 3 turns earlier) during his turn he activates Vedalken Shackles’ ability targeting my Magpie, it resolves, and my opponent tries to attack me.

-Paul B.

A: He can't. The Magpie has not been under his control since the start of his turn, so it is affected by summoning sickness and cannot attack.


Q: If I have Pristine Angel in play and its tapped, and I play a Rend Flesh, does my pristine untap if my opponent Hinders the Rend Flesh? Does that count as "playing" a spell?

-Omar S.

A: Yes. You play a spell by paying its mana cost and putting the spell on the stack.

Cards that care about "playing a spell" don't care if the spell actually resolves.


Q: Can I bring back my Orochi Hatchery with cards such as Salvaging Station or Leonin Squire?


A: Yes. X, anywhere but in play, is 0.


Q: Could you use Words of Wind to keep Stasis from self-destructing due to its second ability?

-Jayson J.

A: Yes, assuming it is still in play when you draw the card.

(Meaning, you have to pay the upkeep cost too, as the draw step is after upkeep.)


Q: Situation: My 2/2 Knight of Dusk is blocked by a 3/3 creature and I pay BB to play its ability and destroy target creature blocking Knight of Dusk. Does my knight die because the creature is a 3/3 or is the 3/3 destroyed before it deals combat damage to the knight.

-Anthony L.

A: Assuming you play the ability before damage is put on the stack (that is, you play the ability during the declare blockers step), then the Knight of Dusk will live, as the 3/3 isn't around to do its damage when it comes time to assign damage.


Q: Can you activate Rootwater Thief's ability more than once when combat damage is dealt?

-David H.

A: No. The Rootwater Thief's ability is a triggered ability. The triggered ability only happens once, therefore, you can only remove one card.


Q: Can Isochron Scepter's copy spell ability be countered?

-Tonia B.

A: With something like Stifle, sure. The ability can't be countered with something that counters spells.

(You can counter the copy that is made with Counterspell or a spell like it, though, as you do play the copy and put it on the stack.)

See you next time.

Bill Guerin
Level 2 Judge

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