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Judge's Corner

Title - Opponents Choosing Targets
Questions: 6
Q: Player #1 has a Preacher. When is the target of Preacher chosen?
A: Targets are always, always, always, ALWAYS chosen when you play a spell or ability.
Q: Player 2 asked if he could pick the target before resolution - pick the Morphling then when the spell is on the stack make the Morphling untargetable.
A: Yes. Whoever makes the targeting choices, targets are ALWAYS chosen when you play a spell. It does not matter who makes the targeting choice.
Q: A friend of mine has a white Cleric that you tap 5 untapped clerics and gain 5 life. Can he use the ability during other players turns?
-Robert T.
A: Yes. You always receive priority on other players turns right after they pass priority.
Q: If I have 2 Ember-Fist Zuberas in play, and I first sacrifice one, and after its ability resolved I sacrificed another one. My question is, does the first zubera make me take another 1 damage because of the second zubera that went into the graveyard, or it only the counts the number of zuberas that went into the graveyard that turn when its ability resolved?
-Lim W.
A: Once an ability resolves, it does its thing, and that's it. Abilities can reach past the point they resolve to do more things.
So the first Zubera will only do 1 damage.
(If you somehow sacrifice the second Zubera while the first Zubera's ability is on the stack (before it resolves), then the first will do 2 damage when its ability resolves.)
Q: Can I clone a Doppelganger?  Or would I just clone whatever Doppelganger is ganging?
A: When you Clone a Doppelganger, you copy the base Doppelganger card, not whatever the Doppelganger is copying right then.
Q: I have a question if I control Kiki-Jiki and Mirror Gallery, can I make a Kokusho token?
A: Um, no. Read Kiki-Jiki ... it can only copy non-legendary creatures. Since Kokusho is a legend, you can't choose it.
(Mirror Gallery only stops the rule preventing two legends from being in play at once. It does not change the legendary status of a card.)
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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