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Bill Guerin
Level II Judge


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Judge Bill's Magic The Gathering Rulings

Title: More Genju Fun
Questions: 9


I was hoping for a follow-up on this question from last Friday:

>>> Q: I have Genju of the Cedars and a Genju of the Fens and play both of them on a Bayou ...

A: ... If you were to activate one of the Genjus, then the other (paying 4 total), the land would be whatever effect resolved last. So if the Cedars ability resolved last, it would be a 4/4. If the Fens ability resolved last, it would be a 2/2 with the pump ability.<<<

Q: I saw the question about two Genjus on a dual land, and I've been wondering...

Let's say my board position is: A Bayou enchanted with Genju of the Fens and Genju of the Cedars, 4 untapped colorless mana, and 3 untapped black mana. I tap out, then use two colorless mana to activate Genju of the Fens. I use the three black mana to activate its ability three times.

Now, I use my remaining two mana to activate Genju of the Cedars, before the activated abilities of Genju of the Fens resolve. Now, I allow them to resolve. Assume that no other abilities are played.

Now, do I have a 4/4 trampling green Spirit manland, or a 7/7 trampling green Spirit manland?

-The Artificer

A: It would be 7/7 (but it doesn't trample - Genju of the Cedars does not grant trample to the land). However, you don't have to pump it right away ...


C: Regardless of the order that these abilities resolves, the animated land will have the 'pump' ability. Animating a land that is already animated will not remove abilities granted by the first animation effect. So if the Genju of the Cedars ability resolves last, this Bayou would be a 4/4 with the 'pump' ability.


A: I thought about that, but I wasn't absolutely sure that was the case, so I just left it off, hoping for a followup question or comment like yours. Thanks for verifying that.


Q: Can you play a targeted spell with no legal target? For example, Counterspell when nothing has been played? And can I target a black creature with Dark Banishing?

-Omar S.

A: No to all of the above. To play a targeted spell, you need a legal target. If you don't have a legal target, you can't play the spell.


Q: If I understand it correctly when a spliced spell has multiple targets only one has to legal in order for the spell to resolve. I also have been lead to believe that the only time you check for legal targets is upon resolution of the spell.

A: This is incorrect. You also need to have the legal target to play the spell. (See above.)


Q: So can I cast Wear Away targeting a non artifact creature followed by Kodama's Might targeting one of my creatures. The Wear Away fizzles due to lack of a legal target while Kodama's Might resolves as it has a legal target. Or do I have to have a legal target originally for Wear Away to even be played?

-Michael C.

A: You can't play the Wear Away without a legal target.


Q: I have a Yawgmoth's Agenda in play, along with an Energy Field in play. If I were to play something like, say, Counterspell, would the Counterspell thus go to the graveyard and destroy the Energy Field, or would the Counterspell not go to the graveyard and keep the Energy Field intact?

-Eric H.

A: The Energy Field would stay in play, as the card never touches the graveyard.

Yawgmoth’s Agenda
Play no more than one spell each turn.
You may play cards in your graveyard as though they were in your hand.
If a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere, remove it from the game instead.


Q: I been wondering about this cards effect: Sakura-Tribe Springcaller, I want to know the mana it creates never vanishes? It accumulates or is it just for one turn?

-Abad I.

A: Sakura-Tribe Springcaller
Creature — Snake Shaman
At the beginning of your upkeep, add G to your mana pool. This mana doesn’t cause mana burn. Until end of turn, this mana doesn’t empty from your mana pool as phases end.

As the card says, the mana stays in your mana pool until the end of the turn. Once the turn ends, the mana is gone. (You won't take mana burn from the Springcaller's mana though.)


Q: Regarding Ornate Kanzashi: I've been looking for a ruling on this card in regards to one thing. Based on how this card is worded, if I activate this card at the end of the opponent's turn, I can choose to play the card that comes up, even a land. Is this accurate? Or does this card only allow itself to be played during my turn?

-Joshua P.

A: Read the card - "You may play that card this turn." That means once a turn ends, you may no longer play that card. So if you want to play it on your turn, you'll have to activate it before you untap.

(Note: You still have to pay the cost of the card that was removed to play it - you don't get to play it for free.)


Q: Player A: Has a Raging Goblin in play, and uses a Goblin Grenade
Player B: Counterspells the Goblin Grenade.

Question: does the Raging Goblin still have to be sacrificed as part of the Goblin Grenade?

-Jamie D.

A: Yes. The Raging Goblin is sacrificed as part of the cost to play the Goblin Grenade. You never get a refund of any part of the cost of a countered spell.


Q: I enchanted a forest with Living Terrain making it a 5/6 creature. Next turn opponent plays Natural Affinity to make all lands 2/2 creatures until end of turn. Does my forest become a 2/2 creature for the turn or stay a 5/6 creature?

-Mike K.

A: It would be a 2/2 for the turn, because Natural Affinity was played later than the Living Terrain.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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