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Level II Judge


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Judge Bill's Magic The Gathering Rulings
Title: Opponent
2.2.05  Questions: 20

Title: Opponent
Questions: 20
Q: Megrim: "Whenever an opponent discards a card, Megrim deals 2 damage to that player."
Ahem, "[A]n opponent"...
Some play as if this means if EITHER player discards they take 2, and some play as if this means the opponent of Megrim's controller.  That is, the controller of the enchantment is not his own opponent.
A: The latter situation is correct.
200.3. A player is one of the two people in the game. A player’s opponent is the other player. The active player is the player whose turn it is. The other player is the nonactive player.
(In a multiplayer game, an opponent is anyone who is not you, or a member of your team for team games.)
Q: Sylvan Library is in play on my side. The first action during my draw step is the normal draw (1 card). Then the triggered ability of Sylvan Library is put on the stack. When it resolves I get to draw 2 cards. So I got 3 cards until this moment. Then I choose 2 of the 3 previously drawn cards and put them on the top of my library if I don't pay 4 life for each of those 2 cards.
Is this the correct procedure?
A: Yes.
Q: I play a Ember-Fist Zubera triggering my Earthshaker. The Earthshaker triggers when the Zubera is on the stack and thus the trigger resolves first doing it's damage before the Zubera enters play, correct?
A: Correct.
Q: I am at 3 and my opponent is at 1. I have a Kokusho in play and he has a Frogmite with a Bonesplitter and Myr Enforcer with a Cranial Plating. He attacks with both creatures and I block the Enforcer. Who wins?
-Omar S.
A: Your opponent does. After damage is dealt, you are at -1. State based effects are then checked, and you lose the game. Kokusho's triggered ability doesn't even go on the stack, much less resolve and give you life to live.
Q: what will happen if I'll get to flip a coin with two Krark's Thumbs under my control? (via Mirror Gallery from BoK)?
A: You will flip 4 coins, and choose one. The first Thumb will replace one coin flip with 2, and the other will replace each of those coin flips with 2. So you will flip a total of 4 coins.
(Think that's too many coins? Then you don't want 4 Thumbs and 4 Sculpting Steel copying a thumb out. You'd have to go to the bank to get enough coins :).)
Q: I was playing at a casual tournament and my opponent had a Shrapnel Blast on an Isochron Scepter. He sacked the Scepter for the first Shrapnel and Forked it. Does he have to sacrifice an artifact for the Fork?
A: No. You don't have to pay (and can't, even if you wanted to) any costs for a copy of a spell by Fork.
Q: I have three black creatures in play, and a Delraich in hand.  If  my opponent kills one of my creatures with, lets say, Shock, can I sacrifice it in response to pay for Delraich?  I know Delraich can't be cast in response to an Instant, but if my opponent were to destroy a land of mine, I could tap it for mana before it went out, and I figure maybe the alternative cost works the same.  If not, what if Shock is cast in response to the casting of Delraich?  Does the big guy fizzle, or is it too late for Shock? 
A: You can't cast Delraich this way. The alternate cost doesn't let you cast him at a time when you couldn't normally. So since you couldn't pay the mana cost and play Delraich in response to the Shock, you can't cast him via sacrificing creatures either.
Q: Recently I played a game with a white/blue soldier morph deck. My friend was playing an old blue control. I played a morph creature face down, he then played a Clone on his next turn targeting the morph creature. Would I have to tell him what the morph was, so that the Clone could copy it?
A: No. When Clone copies a morph, Clone will be a 2/2 colorless creature without a creature type, and a mana cost of 0. It won't have the ability to change into what your morph is.
Q: If I have a Frontline Strategist face down, and someone played a spell or ability dealing it 2 damage, would it flip up and its ability resolve?
A: No. Morphs that leave play are turned face up to show they were morphs before they leave play. This is not playing the morph ability, and so any morph triggered abilities will not trigger.
You have to specifically pay the morph cost and flip the creature face up to trigger the morph triggered ability.
Q: I play an Endless Whispers, and then drop the Leveler and have to remove my library from game. I have an Atog in play and sac the Leveler as soon as it comes into play, and then the Leveler moves to my opponent's side, will he have to remove his library also and I can say I'm done and he gets decked?
A: Yes.
Q: I'm wondering because cards like Spirit Link say "you" gain the life, and when played on an opponents card still gains "you" the life. I had always thought "you" was referring to the person controlling the card, or would Spirit Link actually still be in my control, just enchanting their creature?
A: You still control the Spirit Link card. So if it's on an opponent's creature, you will gain life equal to the damage that creature deals.
Q: I play Mindslaver and control my opponent's turn. He has a lot of artifacts and one artifact creature that says "Sacrifice an artifact: this creature gains flying." Can I sac all of his artifacts to that one creature? obviously giving him flying 12 times is useless, but it doesn't say you can't sac more.
A: That is a legal (and smart) play.
Q: I play a Day of the Dragons, turning 5 1/1s into 5 5/5 dragons. my opponent plays a Disenchant targeting the Day of the Dragons. In response, can I play Shade's Breath, change the dragons into pumpable shades, and since they are now shades, not have to sacrifice them when Day of the Dragons dies?
A: That works too.
Q: Do tokens go to the graveyard or not?
A: Yes. Tokens go to the graveyard, and then are immediately removed from the game as a state-based effect. (216.3)
Q: So I could sac (artifact) tokens to an Atog and trigger the Disciple of the Vault or Sadistic Glee?
A: Yes.
Q: Also I was always under the impression that destroy and bury effects could not be regenerated. but recently I played Magic Online, played Dark Banishing targeting a Drudge Skeleton, and he regenerated. Has the rules changed?
A: Umm.... I've got to call your bluff here. You can't target Drudge Skeleton with Dark Banishing, as Dark Banishing can't target black creatures.
(Dark Banishing
Destroy target nonblack creature. It can’t be regenerated.)
Maybe he played Rend Flesh?
(Rend Flesh
Instant — Arcane  
Destroy target non-Spirit creature.)
Now, let me make up the situation ..
Q: I have a Silvos in play. My opponent Dark Banishes it. Can I regenerate Silvos?
A: No. Read Dark Banishing.
Q: Same situation, only my opponent casts Rend Flesh on Silvos. Can I regenerate it then?
A: Sure.
Q: Why can I in one situation and not another?
You can regenerate from any destroy effect, whether it is by lethal damage or an effect like Rend Flesh, unless the card says you can't regenerate.
(Old cards that say "Bury target creature" now have all been errataed to say "Destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated."
Bury was an old term that said the creature was destroyed and couldn't be regenerated. They wanted to simplify things a bit, so they just changed the wording to destroy, and tagged on the "no regeneration" text.
[And no, I STILL don't like this change. Never will.])
Q: Is there somewhere I can go and print magic rules that are up to date, accurate, and written in a way that a normal person could understand?
A: A basic rulebook for Magic can be found at http://wwwwizards.com/magic/rules/en_8e_rulebook.pdf. This is all you will need for 95+% of all situations.
The complete Magic Rulebook (what we call the “Comprehensive Rulebook”) can be downloaded by going to http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=magic/rules/tourneyplayer. It has some confusing language, but covers the complicated scenarios well.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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