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Judge's Corner

Title: New Betrayers FAQ
Questions: 9
I have one big note about the Betrayers FAQ, to which I provided a link on Wednesday. Ogre Enforcer has received errata, and there are some other cards that have had wordings changes. Notes on the changes, and a new version of the FAQ, which supersedes all previous versions and is the version judges will be using this weekend, can be found here.
Q: I went to a tournament this weekend and I came across someone with an affinity Ravager deck, he equipped a Cranial Plating to a Blinkmoth Nexus that had been turned into a creature.  At the end of his turn he left the Cranial Plating on the Nexus even though it stopped being a creature.  He said that the plating doesn't check to see if what it's equipping is still a creature.  Does the Cranial Plating stay on? 
A: No. Once the Nexus stops being a creature, the equipment falls off, as it can only be attached to a creature.
Q: Me and my opponent are both at 3 life.  We each have 3 Frogmites and 1 Disciple of the Vault.  If I cast something that clears the board like a Pyroclasm, what exactly happens?  Do we get to choose what order our creatures go to the graveyard?
A: Not in the way you want, no. Since it is your turn, all 6 triggers for your Disciple will go on the stack first (in any order you want, but not like it really matters), then your opponent's  6 Disciple triggers will go on the stack. Since his will resolve first, you will lose.
Q: If you used an Arcbound Ravagers ability to sacrifice a Myr Retriever, could you sacrifice the Ravager to itself and get the Ravager back to your hand when the Retriever ability resolves?
A: No. You have to select which artifact you are returning when the Retriever hits the graveyard, which is long before you can sacrifice the ravager.
Q: I play Afflict on Drudge Skeletons. Can my opponent regenerate and prevent it from going to the graveyard?
A: No. Creatures can't regenerate from having less than 1 toughness.
Q: The other day, a friend and I were screwing around with some casual decks built for fun. Mine was a lifegain oriented sunburst deck, while he played a U/B control format. The game went on for a good while, and it started to seem inherently obvious that I was going to win at the rate we were going (me at 12,402 health, him at 3. Bringer of the Black Dawn and Beacon of Immortality is fun in a screw-around deck.)
Anyway, in response to this, he played Platinum Angel and Leonin Abunas. The next turn, I dropped Bringer of the Red Dawn and Kiki-Jiki, and he started his next turn. (I had Intruder Alarm on the field from a couple turns before.) Due to cards that I controlled which caused him damage during his upkeep (ex, Skullcage), he went to -2 health, but hadn't lost due to Platinum Angel.
Now, getting to the point, and the reason I'm sending in the question:
At the end of my next untap step, but prior to my upkeep, I activated Kiki-Jiki's ability to produce an infinite number of Red Bringers. Using their ability at the start of my upkeep, I took control of his Leonin Abunas and Platinum Angel both. We agreed at the time that this caused him to lose the game, as he lost the effect of Platinum Angel.
Looking back though, I'm not so sure.
Q: 1) Was my duplicating of the Bringer of the Red Dawn prior to my upkeep an illegal move?
A: Yes. You can't play any abilities during your turn before the upkeep starts.
BUT, you can get have a large number of Bringer tokens during your upkeep. Simply produce the tokens with Kiki-Jiki during your opponent's end step. Since Kiki-Jiki says to sacrifice the tokens "AT end of turn," it will destroy them at the beginning of the end step. But since you are already in the end step that turn, it will wait until your turn (the next end step) to get rid of the tokens.
(Please folks, don't send me in 237963827617236 questions now with cards that say "UNTIL end of turn." This trick won't work with that wording, since the game deals with those effects in the cleanup step, and the effect will always happen before the turn ends. [Even if you manage to get priority during the cleanup step, there will be another cleanup step right after that one.])
One other big problem, though, that will be dealt with in the next question...
Q: (For the next question, I will assume you produced all the tokens on your opponent's end step.)
2) Is the stack order correct? The big distinction I'm thinking of here is that, assuming the duplication was legal, would all of the Bringer's abilities have triggered simultaneously, or could I have chosen the order they entered and resolved on the stack in?
A: They all get put on the stack at the same time, but you choose the order they go on the stack.
The problem I refer to is that you have to choose the targets for all of the Bringer tokens at the same time, before you take control of anything. Since he has the Abunas when you have to choose the targets for all of the Bringer tokens, you can never target the Angel with any of the tokens. Thus, you can't ever take the Angel with the Abunas out.
Q: 3) Platinum Angel's wording on the subject is rather confusing -- "You cannot lose the game and your opponents can not win the game." -- by taking it from his control for one turn, does he actually lose the effect of the card?
A: Yes. If you make him lose control of the card, he will instantly lose the game, as he is below 1 life, and the effect from the Angel isn't out any more.
Q: I play Midnight Covenant (each black mana gives creature +1/+1) on a Severed Legion. I then place a further Midnight Covenant on the same creature. Is this legal
A: Yes.
Q: and if so does the Severed Legion get +2/+2 for each black mana?
A: No. If you pay 1 black mana, you can only activate one of the abilities. You can't use the same black mana to activate both of the abilities.
Good luck at the prereleases this weekend (if you're going), and see you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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