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Judge's Corner

Title: Toshiro's Will
Questions: 9
Once again, regarding Betrayers card questions prior to the prerelease: you MUST provide me with the card text. No exceptions, not even if an official preview has been done on If you do not supply the card text, I WILL NOT answer (or even acknowledge) your question.
Q: My question was one a friend had posed, and it was just a curiosity for me, involving a very weird situation.  The board looks like this:
Me in play: Toshiro Umezawa
(Toshiro Umezawa
Legendary Creature - Human Samurai
Bushido 1
Whenever a creature an opponent controls is put into a graveyard from play, you may play target instant card in your graveyard. If that card would be put into a graveyard this turn, remove it from the game instead.)
Me in graveyard: Counterspell
Opponent in play: Composite Golem
The way I see it is there are two possibilities:
Option 1) My opponent sacrifices the Golem for 5 mana, allowing me to play a spell from my graveyard.  I can't play Counterspell as there are no spells on the stack, so I let Toshiro's ability resolve and play nothing.  My opponent then announces Dromar's Attendant and I have no response.
A: This is a valid option, and the best option for your opponent.
Q: Option 2) My opponent announces Dromar's Attendant and sacrifices the Golem to pay the mana cost.  This puts Toshiro's ability on the stack, it resolves and I play the Counterspell, targeting the Attendant, which is not on the stack.
A: The mechanics behind this option are not correct. This option would happen as follows:
1) Opponent announces Attendant.
2) During his announcing of Attendant, he sacrifices the Golem. Toshiro's ability triggers, but can't go on the stack until your opponent is finished announcing his spell.
3) Opponent finishes announcing the Attendant, and it is put on the stack.
4) Toshiro's ability is put on top of the Attendant. As part of playing Toshiro's ability, you target the Counterspell in your graveyard.
(Assuming no one does anything ..)
5) Toshiro's ability resolves. You may now play the Counterspell, targeting the Attendant.
Q: What about a different option, as in my opponent playing a Devouring Greed, and sacrificing all of his creatures to pay for it.  The Devouring Greed goes on the stack, he pays for the spell, which causes Toshiro's ability to stack, allowing me to play a counterspell targeting the Devouring Greed.  Is this correct?
A: Yes. Just Follow the mechanics behind option 2 above, as they apply to the Greed situation too.
Q: If I try to Magma Jet a creature, and that creature leaves play before the Magma Jet resolves, is my Magma Jet considered countered?
A: Yes. The Jet's target is no longer legal (because it isn't there any more), so it is countered on resolution.
Q: If I play Viridian Shaman targeting an artifact, ..
A: *nitpick* The Shaman spell itself doesn't have a target. Only when it comes into play, and its ability triggers, does it need a target. So you can play the Viridian Shaman spell even if there are no artifacts in play.
Q: ... and that artifact leaves play before the Shaman ability resolves, is that ability considered countered, or do I have to choose another target?
A: It is countered. Once a target is chosen, you can't change it (unless you play something like Willbender's ability).
Q: If I play Viridian Shaman, targeting a Pyrite Spellbomb, can the player with the Spellbomb use the Spellbomb in response to kill the Shaman?
A: Yes. Whenever something goes on the stack, both players have a chance to respond before it resolves.
Q: I am playing a 3 person free-for-all game with my friends Jake and Sam. The turn order is Sam, me, then Jake. It is Sam's turn and he attacks Jake with a 2/2 creature. Jake blocks with a 1/1 creature that has bushido 2. Sam is a newbie and forgets about bushido. So Sam attacks and Jake blocks with his now 3/3 bushidoed up creature. Now, it's my turn and I choose to attack Jake with a 4/4 creature. Here is where the trouble starts: according to the rule of the bushido, "if this creature blocks or becomes blocked, it gains 2/2 until the end of the turn." since during Sam's turn, it became 3/3, and the turn still did not end, ...
A: Huh? You can only attack during your turn. So when Sam attacked, it was his turn. Now that it is your turn, the creature's bushido bonus is gone, since it's no longer Sam's turn.
(Should Sam play Relentless Assault, and attack Jake with a different creature, Jake could block with his creature, and it will again get the bushido bonus, making it a 5/5. Remember, though, that the now 5/5 already has 2 points of damage on it from the first attack.)
Q: Scenario:  I have Oracle en-Vec in play and target an opponent who has a bunch of creatures in play.  I also have Peacekeeper in play.  On my opponents turn, will all his creatures be destroyed, since none of them can attack?
A: Um, there's one flaw in your plan. Your opponent chooses which creatures are affected by the Oracle. He can simply choose for no creatures to attack. Then, none of them will be destroyed.
(If for some reason he did choose a creature to attack under Oracle's ability [perhaps you played the ability then played the Peacekeeper], then it will be destroyed, since it didn't attack.)
Oracle en-Vec
Creature ó Wizard  
T: Target opponent chooses any number of creatures he or she controls. During that playerís next turn, those creatures attack if able, and other creatures canít attack. At the end of that turn, destroy each of those creatures that didnít attack. Play this ability only during your turn. 
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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