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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Extra Skipped Turns
Questions: 6
Q: I have Sneak Attack in play and two copies of Wormfang Manta in hand.
I tap a mountain, play a Manta, attack, and sacrifice it at the end of my turn.  I skip my extra turn as it is my next turn.
Now, I tap two mountains, play both Mantas, attack, and sacrifice them at the end of my turn.
Do I get no extra turns (each skip takes out an extra) or one extra turn (both skips are satisfied by skipping one extra)?
-Riley W.
A: You have effects telling you to skip your next 2 turns, and effects giving you 2 extra turns after this one. Those extra turns will be skipped to fulfill the skipping requirements. Thus, you will get no extra turns.
Q: Fractured Loyalty allows for control of enchanted creature to change. Who gets/keeps control of the creature if Fractured Loyalty leaves play?
As the card reads I presume change in control is a permanent effect and that Fractured loyalty only allows for control to change not that it is needed to maintain control of a creature. In other words if Fractured Loyalty leaves play is the formally enchanted creature still under the same players control or does it seek out it's owner?
A: Your presumption is correct.
Thus, whoever controls the creature at the time Fractured Loyalty is taken off of it will continue to control the creature.
Q: If you have a permanent with an extra cost in its ability (i.e. X, discard a card:; R, sacrifice a land:, etc.) and cannot pay the extra cost, can you still funnel mana through the ability and get absolutely nothing?
Q: Example: I have an Upwelling with nothing but red on it and no cards in hand. My opponent Naturalizes it and I have a Pyromancy in play as well. Can I funnel the red mana through the Pyromancy to have it do nothing since I can't discard or because I can't discard I can't use the ability?
A: Again, read Mantra 11. (Fully paying the costs requires both the payment of mana and discarding a card.)
Q: If I have 1 counter left on Sandstone Needle and a spell or permanent with the ability to sacrifice lands, can I remove the last counter and sacrifice Sandstone Needle to that spell or permanent before its sacrificed for not having any counters?
- Natsume
A: The Sandstone Needle will be sacrificed as a part of playing the mana ability if you only have 1 counter on it.
Also, you need to have the mana in your pool (either before you play the spell or as a part of the spell right before paying the costs) before you try to pay the costs.
Thus, The Needle will be gone when you need to sacrifice a land. Thus, you will have to sacrifice a different land.
Q: Can I copy a spell with Uyo, Silent Prophet multiple times in a single turn, ej: Dampen Thought to cause my opponent to deck out?
-Gerrardo C.
A: Yes, as long as you can pay the costs of Uyo, you may copy any spell. A spell may be copied more than once.
(This still will not allow you to splice one Dampen Thought multiple times onto a given spell, though.)
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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