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Judge's Corner


Questions: 14 

Arcane Scepters
I'll start off killing two birds (or maybe it's Birds, given the card in question) with one stone ...
Q: If Glacial Ray (or another arcane spell) is imprinted on an Isochron Scepter, can a splice spell be spliced into the Glacial Ray copy?
Q: I imprint an arcane card onto Isochron Scepter, then use its ability to copy the spell. Can I splice another arcane card onto it? If I can, do I only pay the 2 mana for the isochron scepter's ability, or do I have to pay the splice cost too?
-Eric M.
A: Copies of spells made by Isochron Scepter are exactly like the spell imprinted on the Scepter. Therefore, if a Glacial Ray is imprinted on the Scepter, you may imprint another card in your hand onto the Ray copy. You will still have to pay the splice cost of the card you are splicing.
(Note here, though, that you may not make a copy and splice it onto another arcane spell you are about to play. You can only splice cards that are in your hand.)
Q: When a card is flipped, is it summoning sick?
A: Did the card leave play? No. Therefore (assuming it wasn't played this turn), it won't be summoning sick, as it stays in play.
Q: If it was tapped when it flipped, is it still tapped?
A: Yes.
Q: I was attempting to activate the Myr Incubator using the Krark-Clan Ironworks. When paying the cost, my opponent waited until I had sacrificed two artifacts, then stated that he was going to Naturalize my Incubator before I could sacrifice a third, leaving me with 4 mana burn.
A: This is an illegal play. NO player may play any spell or ability when a player is playing a spell or ability. Since you were using the Ironworks to as a part of announcing the activation of the Incubator (409.1g), you have to finish that before anyone else can do anything.
(I am going to continue, as it has another point that needs to be made.)
Q: I stated that he could not do this, as mana abilities don't use the stack.  He said that only lands don't use the stack.
A: 406.4. A mana ability can be activated or triggered. Mana abilities are played and resolved like other abilities, but they don’t go on the stack, so they can’t be countered or responded to.
406.1. A mana ability is either (a) an activated ability that could put mana into a player’s mana pool when it resolves or (b) a triggered ability that triggers from a mana ability and could produce additional mana. A mana ability can generate other effects at the same time it produces mana.
(See things like Adarkar Wastes for an example of an "other effect" this rule is talking about.)
Q: He argued that otherwise Dark Rituals and Seething Songs couldn't be countered.  I replied that Dark Rituals and Seething Songs are cards played from the hand, so they would use the stack, but mana abilities don't use the stack.
A: 406.2. Spells that put mana into a player’s mana pool aren’t mana abilities. They’re played and resolved exactly like any other spells.
Q: When Emerald Medallion is in play and you play a spell that costs {G} (one green mana, for example, Birds of Paradise), will the spell still cost {G}, or will it cost {0}?
A: The Emerald Medallion will do exactly what it says it does, and reduce the cost to play the Birds by {1}. (Note, that is one colorless mana, not just one mana.)
Since the Birds have no colorless mana in their cost, though, the Medallion has nothing to reduce. The Birds will cost {G}.
Q: If my opponent plays two spells and then attacks with three creatures,  will Wing Shards kill them all if I target him and simultaneously stop the damage?
A: If you play the Wing Shards before damage is assigned (and after the creatures are attacking), yes.
Q: Is a player allowed to play Avatar of Woe´s ability on the other player's turn?
A: Yes. Unless an ability says otherwise (for example, see He Who Hungers), you can play an ability at any time an instant can be played.
Q: How many times could I play an ability that looks like Skyshroud Elf's ("1: Add W or R to your mana pool.") - endless or only one time?
-Susanna G.
A: You may play an ability as many times as you can pay the costs for that ability. So you can play this ability as many times as you need to in a turn.
[Let me go through some other cards:
Blood Pet
Creature — Thrull  
Sacrifice Blood Pet: Add B to your mana pool.
You can only play this ability once, as you can only pay the cost of the ability (sacrificing Blood Pet) once. Once you sacrifice him, he's no longer there to "sacrifice again."
Relic Barrier
T: Tap target artifact.
You can only play this ability once also (unless you find some way to untap the Relic Barrier), as you can't tap a tapped artifact as a cost of playing an ability.]
Q: Lately I’ve been confused about something. I've always known that it is common knowledge that if your opponent plays a spell, you may in response play a draw spell, say Thirst for Knowledge, let Thirst resolve and then play a counter on his spell than you just drew.
A: Correct.
Q: If that is possible, then is it possible if I have a Ravager out with a Disciple and my opponent has a Disciple as well and we both have say, 6 pts. of life, may I sac to Ravager, both Disciples go on stack, I let mine resolve and in response to his, sac to Ravager again and do the same? Or must both Disciple effects go off and if so, may I let mine go off first so I can win in that case?
A: Jeez, I could have sworn I answered this, but my lookup tool says I didn't. Oh well.
As long as you do this during your opponent's turn, you can do this. That is because when both players have triggered abilities to go on the stack, the active player's goes on the stack first. So whoever's turn it isn't will have their Disciple life loss resolve first.
Q: Also, if my opponent plays Forbidden Orchard and converts it into a creature via. Lifespark Spellbomb or Natural Affinity, it is affected by summoning sickness due to being played that same turn and becoming a creature, correct?
-Moses Muñoz
A: Correct. This means he can't even tap it for mana.
Q: If you have a creature enchanted with an enchantment that gives them a regeneration shield (Jolreal's Favor), and that creature dies and is regenerated, does the enchantment fall off, or stay because the creature never left play?
A: When creatures regenerate, they don't leave play. therefore, the Jolrael's Favor will still be on the creature, as it hasn't left play.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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