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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Flipping Out
Questions: 13
Q: You tap Nezumi Shortfang, targeting your opponent with its discard ability. Your opponent has only one card in hand, Shock, which he casts in response, targeting Nezumi Shortfang.  Since your opponent now has no cards in hand, does Nezumi Shortfang become Stabwhiskers, the Odious, a 3/3 which survives the Shock, or does the Shock resolve first, killing Nezumi Shortfang while it is still a 1/1? 
A: The "flip" only occurs as a part of the discard activated ability. Since the activated ability hasn't resolved yet, the Shock will kill the Shortfang before it flips.
(If he Shocked you, the Shortfang would still flip, as when the ability resolves, the only thing targeted is the player. Your opponent doesn't have any cards in his hand to discard, but the ability did resolve, so the flip will occur as the second part of the ability.)
Q: I have a quick question on the Kaldra set.  Supposing that a Kaldra token has been created, and is currently equipped with the Sword/Shield/Helm of Kaldra.  When in combat with a non-first strike creature (or non-double strike for that matter), am I correct in thinking that the Kaldra token would deal its first strike damage (due to the Helm), triggering the Sword's 'remove from game' ability and removing the opposing creature before any damage is done to Kaldra?
A: Assuming the creature survives the 9 points of damage Kaldra deals, then yes.
(If the damage from the Kaldra token kills the creature, the dead creature won't be removed from the game [since it's not in play when the Sword's triggered ability resolves.])
Q: Example: Opponent attacks with a Darksteel Colossus.  I declare my Kaldra token (with all 3 equips) as a blocker.  Kaldra would deal first strike damage to the Colossus, triggering the Sword of Kaldra to remove the Colossus from the game.  I'm thinking that the Colossus would be removed from the game before it has a chance to deal damage to Kaldra, but am unsure, so I thought I'd clarify. 
A: You are correct.
Q: I have Recycle in play.  Which of the following would cause me to draw a card?
a) Playing a land
b) Playing a land from the graveyard via Crucible of Worlds
c) Flashing back a Moment's Peace
d) Madnessing out a Rootwalla during my discard phase.
A: All of the above. Recycle doesn't care on how the card was played, it only cares that it was played.
(In (d), though, you'll still have to discard down to 2 again after the Rootwalla comes into play.)
Skip your draw step.
Whenever you play a card, draw a card.
Your maximum hand size is two. 
Q: If both players control a Platinum Angel and have no cards in their hand or library, what happens?
A: The game is declared a draw, and you play another.
(If one of the players refuses to do so, when I am called over, I would politely suggest that the player does so, or that he will likely not be playing in the tournament any more [Cheating - Stalling].)
Q: My opponent plays a Fireball for X=some obscenely high amount.  Is its converted mana cost still 1 and thus a legal target for Liquify, or because it's being played, is its converted mana cost an obscenely high number and requiring a harder counter?
A: While that Fireball is on the stack, its mana costs is the obscenely high number+1. You'll probably need a hard counterspell to counter it.
Q: I control Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Forbidden Orchard, and Intruder Alarm.  Can I tap the Orchard for a green mana, put the mana into Krosa in order to turn the orchard itself into a creature, and have the Orchard untap when the Spirit token comes into play?
A: Yes.
Q: If so, how many times can I do this in a single turn?  As many times as I have lands for Kamahl to target, or as many times as I want?
-Brian M.
A: As many times as you want. (Turning a land that's already a creature into a creature again won't do anything, though. There's probably a better use for that mana at that point.
Once the Orchard is made a creature once, it will untap every time a spirit comes into play on the opponent's side. You don't need to make it a creature every time the Intruder Alarm triggers.)
Q: Can Bringer of the Red Dawn take control of untapped creatures?
A: Sure. (If they didn't want it to, it would say "target tapped creature.")
Q: If a creature is tapped, can it still use abilities that don't require it to be taped?
A: Yes.
Q: Can equipment be un-equipped by paying its equip cost?
A: No.
Q: Assuming a player controlled the Helm, Shield, and Sword of Kaldra, could that player create more then 1 4/4 token each turn by spending more mana to use the ability more then once?
A: You could _create_ the tokens, but the even numbered tokens wouldn't last long. This is because when a second token comes into play, both it and the other Legendary token (that was created in the previous activation) would be put into the graveyard due to the legend rule. This happens before you can do anything else.
Q: When do you take mana burn?
A: At the end of every phase. (The phases are: Beginning [containing the untap, upkeep, and draw steps], first main, combat [containing the beginning of combat, declare attackers, declare blockers, combat damage, and end of combat steps], second main, and end [containing the end of turn and cleanup steps].)
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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