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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Magical Cheeseburgers?

Q: Can I change the creature type of a creature to "Cheeseburger" or for that matter anything?

A: No. You must choose an existing creature type. ("Locus" is not a creature type.)

212.1e If an instruction requires choosing a subtype, you must choose one, and only one, existing subtype, and the subtype you choose must be for the appropriate type. For example, you canít choose a land type if an instruction requires choosing a creature type.


Q: Can madness be countered by a counterspell?

A: The madness ability itself, no. However, the spell that is cast by playing the madness ability can be countered by a counterspell.


Q: My opponent attacks with a 4/4 Myr Enforcer, and I block with my 4/4 Ravenous Baloth. Can I put damage on the stack, then sacrifice the Baloth for 4 life, and still kill the Enforcer?

-Kyle F.

A: Yes.


Q: A friend has an Elf wearing Vulshok Gauntlets and its tapped and he has an untapped Seeker of Skybreak. I finish my turn and he taps his Seeker of Skybreak to untap his Elf and then untaps the Seeker again cause he says he can use the creature cards ability like an instant. Is that true?


A: Essentially, yes. He is tapping the Seeker to untap the Elf during your end step, and then all of his permanents untap at the start of his turn.


Q: If I use Whipgrass Entangler's ability on a creature twice, does that mean the controller has to pay twice the amount of clerics in play?

A: Yes.


Q: If my opponent attacks, can he make one of his creatures unblockable after I declare blockers?

A: Yes. HOWEVER, this will not remove the block from the creature. Once a creature is blocked, it is a blocked creature until combat ends. The creature that was blocking it will still be blocking it.


Q: Do tokens have summoning sickness?

A: All permanents have summoning sickness when they first come into play. (Only creatures are affected by it.)


Q: Do tokens go to the graveyard or not?

A: Yes.


Q: If someone tries to use Astral Slide and remove my creature from the game, can I react by sacrificing the creature?

A: If there is a spell or ability that allows you to sacrifice the creature, yes.


Q: If I can, does that mean it comes back into play?

A: No. When Astral Slide's ability resolves, it can't remove the creature from the game (because it is not there any more). SO it won't return, since it wasn't removed.


Q: If I have a Shieldmage Elder out and I just played a cleric, can I tap that cleric for Shieldmage Elder's ability?

A: Yes.


Q: If my opponent attacks can I declare blockers then can I use Turn the Tables; or can I use Turn the Tables, see if it is countered, and then declare blockers?

-Linda K.

A: Either way you choose.


Q: We just bought some Darksteel and saw indestructibility. Can these cards be destroyed or once played they can't leave play?


A: They can't be destroyed. However, the following can be done to them to remove them from play:

1. Bounce it back to their hand (Boomerang).

2. Remove it from the game (Swords to Plowshares).

3. Make it have 0 or less toughness (Irradiate).

4. Have them sacrifice it (Barter in Blood).

5. Get a copy of that creature out, and make yours a Legend first, then make theirs a Legend (Unnatural Selection).

There may be others, but that's all that comes to mind right now.


Q: For Cumulative Upkeep, can you use Power Conduit to remove the Age counters from something with Cumulative Upkeep, thereby decreasing the amount you have to pay?

A: Yes.


Q: If I cast Giant Growth on my Riptide Mangler, then use the Mangler's ability on himself, what is his power?


A: 3. From the Legions FAQ:

*If the Mangler targets itself, it will set its power to its current power.


Q: If I activate Darksteel Brute, then play Lure on it and equip it with Dead-Iron Sledge, does this effectively kill all my opponents creatures (or at least, those that can block it)?


A: Yes.


Q: Can use Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer's effect and then use Bosh, Iron Golem's effect to destroy to the card that became indestructible from Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer's effect, thus keeping the artifact on the field for another turn.

-Joe S.

A: No. Sacrifice != (does not equal) destroy.


Q: When Aether Vial says the converted mana cost, does that include kickers and entwines, or are they separate?

-Jake V.

A: To find the converted mana cost of a card, look in the upper right hand corner of the card, and ask, "How much mana (regardless of color) does it take to play this?" That is that card's converted mana cost.

(You can't play the kicker or entwine for a card put into play via Aether Vial, because it is put into play, not played.)


Q: If my friend sacrifices 2 Rotlung Reanimators and a Dark Supplicant for Dark Supplicant's ability, how many zombies does he get?

-Matthew B.

A: 6. Since cards are leaving play, you have to look at what the board looked like just before they left play to see what triggered. Just before the 2 Rotlungs and Supplicant left play, the 2 Rotlungs were in play, so each Rotlung will trigger for all 3 creatures sacrificed, for a total of 6 triggers (and eventually 6 zombies).


Q: Artifact Lands count as both an artifact and a land, right? (i.e. susceptible to both things like Stone Rain, AND Disenchant?)

A: Correct.


Q: Indestructible says destroy effects and lethal damage doesn't remove it from play. Will Bury effects remove it?

-Karl R.

A: No. Any card that says "bury ~foo~" has been errataed to say "destroy ~foo~. It can't be regenerated." Since this is a destruction effect, the indestructible card will stay in play.


Q: With Sacred Ground, if I control only artifact lands and my opponent plays March of the Machines, what happens to my Artifact lands if I do indeed control a Sacred Ground?

A: They stay in the graveyard, and Sacred Ground does not trigger. The effect putting your lands in the graveyard isn't from an ability your opponent controls - putting a creature with 0 toughness into the graveyard is a game ability, not controlled by anyone.


Q: If Player A attacks with Force of Nature and Player B blocks with a creature with protection from green with toughness of 2, does 6 trample damage still roll over?

-Ray C.

A: If the controller of Force of Nature chooses to assign damage that way, yes. See Mantra 5.


Q: If a spawn token from Spawning Pit is sacrificed through the Pit's ability while I have Disciple of the Vault in play will my opponent lose 1 life?

-Guy Z.

A: Yes. Tokens that are killed go to the graveyard before they are removed from the game.


Q: If I cycle my Gempalm Polluter, before I draw my card due to cycling, can I put Gempalm Polluter back on top of my library with Unholy Grotto, thus drawing the Gempalm Polluter that I just used?

-Brian C.

A: Yes.


Q: If Player A cycles a Gempalm Incinerator with 4 goblins out, can he use it to kill a Silver Knight or another creature with pro red/creatures?


A: No. See Mantra 4. (The cycling ability is an ability from a red source.)


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA - Top 8

Well, I continued to play the deck I played last week, with a tweak for Skullclamp and for all the pseudo-mirrors:

4 Weathered Wayfarer

4 Renewed Faith

2 Gilded Light

4 Eternal Dragon

3 Exalted Angel

4 Decree of Justice

2 Tower of Fortune

4 Mindslaver

4 Akroma's Vengeance

4 Wrath of God

4 Temple of the False God

4 Secluded Steppe

4 Cloudpost

13 Plains


3 Wing Shards

2 Gilded Light

3 Damping Matrix

3 Circle of Protection: Red

4 Sacred Ground

26 people, 5 rounds ...

Round 1 - Sean S. - U/W mill deck

Oh great. What is probably my worst matchup in the room, and I get it round 1.

Game 1 - 2 mulligans for me don't help matters any. It wasn't even an option, as I had no land in my first 2 hands. He proceeds to do his thing, with little interference.

Sideboard: In: 2 Gilded Light. Out: 2 Weathered Wayfarer.

Game 2 - 2 mulligans by him this time, with predictable results.

Sideboard: In: 2 Weathered Wayfarer. Out: 2 Tower of Fortunes.

Game 3 - Well, a match that should be a loss for me turns into a win, as he takes 3 mulligans this game. I catch the Slaver, Slaver him, and make 21 Soldiers.

Matches: 1-0, Games: 2-1.

Ho hum. I say hi to Grog, even though I can't see him, and thank him for the win.

Round 2 - Scott S. - Affinity

Ah, a nice change of pace, and a match I should win.

Game 1 - He takes 2 mulligans, and suffers mana problems. Vengeance + Decree for 5 Angels ends it quickly.

Sideboard: In: 3 Wing Shards. Out: 1 Renewed Faith, 2 Gilded Light.

Game 2 - Finally, a match where we both start with 7 card hands. Unfortunately, I don't have much of anything, not even a Wrath for his 2 Enforcers, as they run over me quickly.

Sideboard: In: 1 Renewed Faith, 3 Gilded Light. Out: 4 Weathered Wayfarer.

Game 3 - He gets a couple of Frogmites to start, but I get a turn 4 Tower of Fortunes, and am able to draw insane amounts of cards. a cycled Decree takes care of his Frogmites, and I draw into a Mindslaver and Vengeance. Clean-up is simple from there.

Matches: 2-0, Games: 4-2.

Round 3 - Jeff S. (Scott's brother) - Mono-Red "burn"

Game 1 - He plays, and gets turn 4 Vortex. I miss 1 land drop, and that is all the difference, as when I tap out to Vengeance, he draws a land and just recasts his Viashino Sandstalker for the win.

Sideboard: In: 4 Sacred Ground, 3 CoP: Red, 2 Gilded Light. Out: 4 Weathered Wayfarer, 2 Tower of Fortunes, 3 Exalted Angel.

Game 2 - I manage to get control, and Mindslaver him while only being taken to 2. I empty his hand of burn, and cycle Decree. I attack for 2 turns, putting him at 1. He draw a Blistering Firecat, and attacks. I for some reason think I'm at 1, and look at the Renewed Faith in my hand and cycle it, looking for Gilded Light. Then I look at the score sheet, and cuss myself out.

Matches: 2-1, Games: 4-4.

Round 4 - Jeff C.

Or not, as we repair...

Round 4 - Ryan L. - Zombies

Game 1 - I get the turn 3 Angel, flipping it over turn 4. He gets a little attacking in, but it just bounces off my life gain from the Angel. I end at 33.

Sideboard: In: 3 Damping Matrix. Out. 2 Tower of Fortunes, 1 Mindslaver.

Game 3 - Turn 3 Damping Matrix shuts down Zombie silliness. I drop to 5, as he attacks over several turns, and I Wrath. I look at the Mindslavers in my hand, and chide myself for not sideboarding in Gilded Lights for them (at least they cycle). He looks for the Bidding out, but since I have an Angel in my graveyard as well as the one in play, I'll just pull that out, and he's at 7. so he doesn't have an out.

Matches: 3-1, Games: 6-4.

After the 4th Round, there are 2 undefeated, and 5 with 1 loss. With our cut policy, that means we'll either cut to a top 4 or a top 8, depending if the player playing down (to a 2-1-1 player) wins or loses. Lo and behold, I'm playing down ...

Round 5 - Jeff C. (2-1-1) - W/G Mirror

Game 1 - A lot of the early game is setting up our mana and playing our threats. His Mindslavers get denied by Gilded Light, and I Slaver him, cycle Decree for 9, drop a morphed Angel, Slaver him again, and attack for the win.

Sideboard: In: 2 Gilded Light. Out: 2 Wrath of God.

Game 2 - I have the Wrath for his 9 soldiers and Triskelion, and "Decrees full of Light" (3 Decree, cycled for 7-10 each, and 2 Gilded Light for his Slavers) stave him off long enough for me to be able to attack for the win. On the first Gilded Light, he drops another Slaver and tries to activate it, but I remind him of the Gilded Light.

Matches: 4-1, Games: 8-4

My tiebreakers suck, so I get to play the 4/5 matchup against:

Top 8 - Bryant M. - W/G Mirror

Game 1 - I am mulligan to 6 before we begin. He has the Urzatron turn 4, and Mindslaver turn 5. I don't have the Gilded Light, and he activates Slaver, and makes 4 Angels before controlling my turn.

Sideboard: In: 2 Gilded Light. Out: 2 Weathered Wayfarer.

Game 2 - I again have to mulligan to 6, and he gets Urzatron turn 4 again, followed by Planar Portal, and searches out whatever he needs at that point. My hand has no gas, so I go down quickly.

Matches: 4-2, Games: 8-6.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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