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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Indestructible Toughness

Q: I equip Shield of Kaldra to a Clockwork Condor with one +1/+1 counter, and I remove the counter with Power Conduit. What will happen? Will the Clockwork Condor remain a 0/0 in play or will it go to the graveyard?

A: It will go to the graveyard. Being put into the graveyard because a creature has 0 or less toughness is not a destruction effect, so the Shield won't save it.


Q: With Darksteel Citadel, it says it is an artifact land yet it carries no errata that it does not count as a spell. Is Darksteel Citadel a spell or did they run out of room for that reminder text?

Darksteel Citadel

Artifact Land

Darksteel Citadel is indestructible. ("Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.)

Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

A: Darksteel Citadel is not a spell. They just chose not to put the reminder text on it. (See the Mirrodin FAQ for the rules on artifact lands, which also apply here.)


Q: If you Molten Rain a Darksteel Citadel, will its controller take 2 damage?

A: Yes. The spell was not countered, so all the non-targeted parts of the spell will still happen. The land just won't be destroyed.

(A similar situation happened back in Invasion with Absorb/Undermine and uncounterable spells.)


Q: If you enchant an creature that is indestructible, and it is destroyed by destroy effects or lethal damage, I know it will stay in play, but will the enchant creature fall off or stay on?

A: It stays on. The creature never leaves play, so the enchantment is always attached.


Q: If you enchant a creature with Spinal Graft, is it destroyed automatically as it becomes the target of Spinal Graft or does it die the next time it is targeted?

-Ray C.

A: It is destroyed the next time it is targeted (after Spinal Graft resolves). Cards abilities generally apply only in the in play zone (unless they say otherwise).


Q: If my opponent casts Drain Life for say 10 life targeting me, and I use CoP: Black to prevent the damage, does he still gain the life?

-Todd B.

A: No. The life gain on Drain Life is dependent on the damage being dealt.


Q: If I use Vampiric Dragon's ability and do 1 damage to a creature like Devouring Strossus, does Devouring Strossus go to the graveyard?


A: No. Devouring Strossus has to be dealt damage equal to its toughness (in this case, 9) before it is put into its graveyard.


Q: If I have card with an effect of: "sacrifice one zombie..." can I sacrifice a zombie spirit, zombie wizard, zombie goblin, etc.?


A: Yes. Each of those creatures has multiple types. As long as one of the types of the creature is zombie, you can sacrifice it to this effect.


Q: I got a Palinchron into my graveyard and then played Recurring Nightmare, sacking a creature to return it to play and doing so as many times as I wanted to generate as much mana as I wanted.

A: This does not work. Here is the current Oracle wording of Palinchron:



Creature -- Illusion



When Palinchron comes into play, if you played it from your hand, untap up to seven lands.

{2}{U}{U}: Return Palinchron to its owner's hand.


Q: If you use Intuition and one of the cards going to the grave is a Gaea's Blessing, does it count as going in from your library?


A: Yes. The cards revealed by Intuition are still in your library until they are either put in your hand or in the graveyard. Since they went directly from the library to the graveyard, the Blessing's shuffle ability will trigger.


Q: I control a Two Headed Dragon enchanted with Lure, and my opponent controls two creatures, and I choose to attack and he is forced to block with his two creatures. If he then plays Shock to destroy one of his own creatures, does that mean that his second creature cannot block my Dragon, or does that one creature block him by himself?


A: Since blockers were assigned, removing a blocker will not change the assignment. The Dragon is still blocked by the remaining creature.

If, however, he Shocked his creature BEFORE blockers were assigned, then the Dragon could not be blocked, since the single blocker could not legally block the Dragon, due to the Dragon's "must be blocked by 2 creatures" ability.


Q: I was wondering if dual lands count as mountains and islands for example, does that count it as basic land for cards like Draco or Power Armor?


A: Dual lands have the appropriate 2 basic land types. Thus, they will count for 2 basic land types for Draco, Power Armor, and the like.


Q: If I move Lightning Greaves back and forth between a Daru Spiritualist and any other creature, does the Spiritualist have a very large toughness? If yes, then can I sac it to the Starlit Sanctum for a very large life total?

-Joseph M.

A: Yes to both questions.


Q: I'm new to Magic and this will probably sound like a dumb question to you, but I don't have a rulebook and have learned primarily from friends who have different answers to this question. If I play Blaze, can I chose whether the damage is dealt to one of my opponent's creatures or to my opponent?

A: Yes. (You could also choose to deal the damage to one of your own creatures, or even yourself if you like.)


Q: Can any of this damage be blocked?


A: Not in the creature combat sense, no. However, the damage could be prevented by something like a Circle of Protection: Red.


Q: How does the card Grindstone work?

A: You flip over the top 2 cards. If the top 2 cards share a color, you repeat this process (until you flip over 2 that don't share a color).


Q: And does lands count has colorless cards.


A: Lands are colorless, but if you flip over 2 lands with Grindstone, the effect will stop, because they don't share a color. (They have no color, so they can't share a color.)


Q: When March of the Machines is played, do the new artifact creatures have a creature type?


A: No. March of the Machines simply animates the artifacts - it does not give the artifacts a creature type. ("Artifact" is not a valid choice for a creature type.)


Q: My opponent attacks me with a Cobalt Golem. I chose to block with my Iron Myr. After blockers, but before damage he uses the Golem's ability and gives it flying. He claims I take two now because my block becomes illegal. I tell him this doesn't work like he wants it to. What actually happens.

A: The Golem is blocked. Once blockers are declared, giving an attacker an evasion ability won't undo the block.


Q: My opponent has a Myr Enforcer with a Fireshreiker equipped. He attacks me and I block with my 1/1. Then he tells me I take 4. Do I?


A: No. This question was covered in my last column.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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