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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Doppleganger Madness

My apologies for the lack of a Tournament Report tonight. I got caught up in the time, and as a result, didn't have time. If you want the deck I ran, just take last week's list, and remove an Override to get it down to 60 cards.


Q: What happens when a Vesuvan Doppelganger comes into play and there are no creatures?

A: If there are no creatures in play, you can't choose a creature for its ability. Thus, it will be a 0/0 creature, and, barring any outside toughness enhancers, will immediately be put into the graveyard.

Vesuvan Doppelganger


Creature -- Doppelganger


As Vesuvan Doppelganger comes into play, you may choose a creature in play. If you do, Vesuvan Doppelganger comes into play as a copy of that creature except for its color and gains "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may have this creature become a copy of target creature except for its color. If you do, this creature gains this ability."


Q: What happens if I control the Doppleganger and my opponent controls a Grizzly Bear. Then during my upkeep I try to copy the Bear, but my opponent Shocks his own Bear in response. Does the Doppelganger still change?

A: No. The target creature is no longer there, and thus, the ability is countered on resolution.


Q: I have a 2/2 Grizzly Bear with a Scythe of the Wretched attached to it (so it's a 4/4). I attack and my opponent blocks with a 3/3 Hill Giant and a 1/1 Mons Goblin raiders. When the Raiders and Giant come into play under my control from the Scythe, do I get to choose which is equipped with the Scythe?

A: Yes. Choose to put the triggered ability from the Scythe affecting the creature you want equipped with the Scythe on the stack first.


Q: If I decide to equip the Goblin with the Scythe, is there any time my opponent could Shock and kill it?

A: No. The goblin comes in with the Scythe on it, so it is 3/3 before your opponent can do anything.


Q: If I have Verdant Succession and a green creature with morph face down, if someone shocks it, does it go to the graveyard as a 2/2 vanilla and not trigger the Succession, or does it go to the graveyard face up as a green creature and trigger the Succession?

A: It does not trigger the Succession. Morphs are colorless.


Q: If I have an empty graveyard and two Myr Retrievers in play, if my opponent casts Wrath of God, will I be able to get back the Retrievers using their own abilities?

A: I knew you couldn't return the same Retriever, but didn't know about multiple Retrievers. So I boot up Magic Online, put 4 Retrievers and 4 Pyroclasm into a deck, cast 2 Retrievers, and then Pyroclasm.

The answer to your question is, you will be able to return the retrievers. Each Retriever's triggered ability will target the other Retriever. When all is said and done, they'll both be back in your hand.


Q: If I use Astral Slide to slide out a creature enchanted with Holy Strength, does the Holy Strength go with it, or will it be put into the graveyard?

A: It is put into the graveyard. Astral Slide only removes the creature from the game - it does not remove and enchantments or equipment attached to it.


Q: Same situation - Do +1/+1 counters come back?


A: No.


Q: My friend insists that if I remove a creature from the game with Astral slide, it doesn't get it's "comes into play" ability when it returns at end of turn. If I remove a Nekrataal or Viridian Shaman with Astral Slide, will I be able to destroy a creature or artifact when it returns at the end of the turn it's removed?

-Chris B.

A: Yes. It is coming into play, so any "comes into play" abilities will trigger.


Q: With a Mirror Golem that has a creature imprinted on it, can I destroy it by turning Skinthinner face up, as the ability does not designate Skinthinner as the original source of the ability?

A: No. The Skinthinner ability is an ability with a creature source. (The Skinthinner IS the source of the ability). Since it is a targeted ability from a creature source, you can't target the Mirror Golem, as it has protection from creatures.


Q: If Player A attacks with Force of Nature and Player B has a creature with 2 toughness with Inviolability on it, does 6 trample damage roll over like with Wall of Air or does Player B take nothing?

A: Assuming Player A maximizes trample damage, Player B will take 6 damage. See Mantra 5.


Q: If a player tries to sacrifice a Nevinyrral's Disk and another player Stifles that ability, the Disk goes to the graveyard, right?

A: No. Unlike Oblivion Stone, the Disk's ability does not include sacrificing it. It just so happens that the Disk is an artifact, so it will be killed by its own ability. But if the ability is Stifled, the Disk remains in play.

Nevinyrral's Disk



Nevinyrral's Disk comes into play tapped.

{1}, {T}: Destroy all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments.


Q: If you use Astral Slide to remove a creature that has been equipped, does the equipment fall off and wait to be reattached?

A: Yes. The creature is gone, and then the equipment finds it is no longer equipping anything, so it goes back to being unequipped.


Q: Does it reattach when the creature returns or is there no legal target?

A: It does not reattach. You have to pay the equip cost when it returns to get it back on.


Q: I have one card left in my library. I play Deep Analysis and draw my last card. Can I use Tel-Jilad Stylus to prevent myself from losing by putting a permanent on the bottom of my library?

-Ray C.

A: No. See Mantra 1.


Q: I've been looking through rulebooks for help in complicated games involving a bunch of crazy instants and activated abilities. All of them use terms like "priority", "the stack", and "resolve", but they never clearly define them. Maybe you have a better definition of the terms?


A: Each of those terms is defined in the glossary of the Comprehensive Rulebook, which can be found on the same page as the Oracle, namely, http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/oracle.


Q: Is it a legal move if I cast Mind's Desire and after the shuffle goes off the stack, use the Mystical Tutor for another Mind's Desire?

-Double D

A: No. See Mantra 1.


Q: On the card Fiery Gambit, if I win 3 flips do I get to do everything, or just draw nine cards and untap my lands?

A: You get everything. You won 3 flips, so, by extension, you also won 2 flips (and 1 flip).


Q: Also, if I win one or two flips and then lose a flip do I still get to use the ability?

-Linda K.

A: No. If you lose a flip, you lose everything. Read the card.


Q: I have Crafty Pathmage, Silent Specter and Imagecrafter in play. I then play Clutch of undeath on my Specter, bringing him down to 1/1. Can I tap my Crafty Pathmage to make the Specter unblockable for the duration of the turn, then use Imagecrafter to make him 7/7 whilst still being unblockable?

-Matthew B.

A: That works. The Pathmage only cares that the creature has power 2 or less when its ability resolves. After that, the power of the creature doesn't matter.


Q: If a 2/2 creature with double strike is unblocked, will it deliver 2 damage to the opponent, or 4?

-David F.

A: 4 - 2 in the First Strike Combat Damage step, and 2 in the Normal Combat Damage step.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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