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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

No Food For Shaman

Q: Am I able to play a Viridian Shaman if there are no artifacts in play?

A: Sure. The ability to destroy an artifact only triggers when it comes into play - it is not a part of playing the Shaman spell. When the Shaman comes into play, it sees that there are no legal targets for its ability, and so its ability does not go on the stack, since it can't be played.


Q: If a tapped creature is temporarily removed from the game (i.e. - Astral Slide or Planar Guide) does it return untapped or tapped?

A: Untapped. It's as if it was just freshly played (but of course it wasn't played, so no triggers on playing a spell will happen).


Q: If I remove my opponent's creature from the game with Astral Slide at the end of the turn which he played it, does it come back into play at the end of MY turn?

A: Yes. The time where "at end of turn" effects go on the stack has passed, so it waits for the next time "at end of turn" effects happen, which would be at the end of your turn.


Q: If I remove my opponent's freshly-summoned creature from the game at the end of MY turn, and it returns to play at the end of HIS turn, is it still effected by summoning sickness since it wasn't in play since his last upkeep?


A: Yes. A permanent has summoning sickness if it hasn't been under your continuous control sine the beginning of your last turn (save phasing).


Q: I have 3 goblin tokens in play, along with a Piledriver and a Clickslither. I attack with all of them. I sac the tokens to the Clickslither before damage goes on the stack. Does the Piledriver still get the +6/+0 for the 3 tokens?

A: As long as its ability has resolved already, yes. The ability giving the Piledriver a power boost is a one-shot ability that counts the number of goblins and gives the bonus when it resolves. After that, it doesn't matter what happens to the attacking goblins.


Q: I have a Sharpshooter in play with 5 other creatures. My opponent plays a Wrath of God. Do I get to ping my opponent for 5 before the Sharpshooter goes into the graveyard or do they just all go into the graveyard at the same time.

-Yong J.

A: All of the creatures go to the graveyard at the same time, and then the Sharpshooter will trigger 6 times (which means absolutely nothing, since it is already in the graveyard. This can be very annoying on Magic Online.)


Q: Regarding to Rule 409 on your report with the puzzle theme when you cast Broodstar for 3:

>>>409.1a) Announce Broodstar...

f) ...The cost of {1}{U}{U} is "locked in"....

g) We can now play mana abilities. We tap Glimmervoid for {U}, and 2 of the 3 artifact lands for 2 mana. We use one of the artifact lands' mana to play the ability of Chromatic Sphere, making {U}. We now have 3 mana in our mana pool, 2 of which is blue.

h) We pay for Broodstar...

I) Broodstar is played...<<<

While you are doing this what happens if your opponent Stifles the Chromatic Sphere?

-Henry N.

A: He can't - Chromatic Sphere's ability is a mana ability. As the reminder text states on Stifle, "Mana abilities can't be countered," since they don't use the stack. (406.4)

The fact that Chromatic Sphere's ability is a mana ability is the only reason that you can play it at that time.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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