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Cycling Libraries

One tip: For ALL cards that were printed before Urza's Destiny, please check the current wording of the cards in Oracle (located at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/oracle) before you write in. I'll be happy to answer your question if you don't, but it may save you waiting for the next column to find out the answer. :)


Q: If I have a Library of Leng and I cycle a Gempalm Polluter, can I discard it to the top of my library and draw it again?

A: No. You are discarding the Polluter as a cost, not an effect. Library of Leng only lets you discard to the to of the library due to an effect.

(Think of it this way: you discard for a cost when you are playing a spell, you discard for an effect when a spell is resolving.)


Q: What is a reflection?

-Linda K.

A: I assume you are asking this for the effect on Spirit Mirror that says "{0}: Destroy target Reflection." The ability is asking for a creature with the creature type Reflection.

If you are asking about the ability on Spirit Mirror that gives you a Reflection, The creature Spirit Mirror gives you is a creature with name and creature type Reflection.

If you are asking about anything else, please resend your question, and make it a little clearer.


Q: My opponent plays Seeker of Skybreak. He then puts Seizures on it.

Player plays a Sorcery that says to the effect: "Damage that is dealt to player is gained instead."

Player taps the creature with the enchantment, therefore allowing himself to untap the same creature, and continues that same process 300+ times till he reaches 999 health in one round. Can he do that?

-Mike E.

A: There is no card in the Oracle that has that wording. Please check the Oracle (linked above) for the exact current wording of the card you are referencing.

If there was a card with that functionality, that would be a legal play, yes.

(If you look at the Oracle wording of the card, and still have a question about it, feel free to write back, and I'll give a specific answer on that card.)


Q: How do Spellweaver Helix and an imprinted Blaze interact?


A: If you have an X (or XY) spell on the Helix, when you play the copy, X=0.


Q: If you have 3 attacking Myr Enforcers and your opponent chooses to block with a 5/5 Broodstar and two other Frogmites, will the Broodstar die, as its toughness changes to 3 and it has received four damage, or will it live because it received damage at the time it had 5 toughness?

A: It dies, for the exact reason you stated.


Q: Does a copy of Brain Freeze (by Mischievous Quanar) carry the storm effect?

A: It carries the Storm _ability_. However, the Storm ability will not trigger on the Quanar copy, as the Quanar copy was not played, it was simply put on the stack.


Q: If you play three spells and then two Brain Freezes, how many copies of Brain Freeze (copies and real) are put on the stack? Is it nine because of the storm separate affects or is it 11?

A: The First Brain Freeze will have 3 Storm copies, and the second 4. Together with the originals, that would make 9 copies.


Q: If a spell with storm is countered, do the copies still hit the stack?

A: Yes. (Scourge FAQ)


Q: Does a spell with no target (like Terror on a black creature) still count to the number of spells played in a turn?

-Ray C.

A: You can not play a targeted spell without a legal target. So if there are only black and artifact creatures on the board, you can not play Terror.


Q: My opponent casts a Consume Spirit for 4, paying {1}{B}+{4} to cast his spell. But I have a Story Circle that has black as its chosen color. I choose to pay W to prevent the damage of the Consume Spirit. When the Consume Spirit resolves, will my opponent gain life even though the damage has been prevented?


A: Yes. The Consume Spirit resolves, and it still has a legal target - you. The damage is prevented. However, since the spell resolved, all untargeted parts of the spell resolves, meaning he gains 4 life.

(Consume Spirit's lifegain is not contingent on the damage being dealt like Drain Life is.)

(Note the change I made to your question. You have to play the Story Circle ability before Consume Spirit resolves to have it in effect.)

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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