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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Now Serving Error #8675309
Questions: 4
As the title implies, I goofed up last column. Well, let me put it a better way. There's an slip up, where the error is hidden in a question deep in the column, and then there's a HUGE F***-UP, which occurs when I make an error in a title question. Today's correction involves one of the latter variety of errors.
<<Q: I have a Horobi, Death's Wail in play, then I play a Screams from Within targeting my opponent's creature and thus killing it due to Horobi's ability and returning the Screams from Within to play. Do I get to choose a new target and can this ultimately destroy more than one creature? why or why not?
-Metal Biker
A: You get to choose a new creature to put Screams from Within on, but this is not targeted. The only time an enchantment targets is when it is played (Cast). Any other method of bringing the enchantment into play does not target the creature the enchantment is being put on.
So Horobi won't trigger for the new recipient of Screams from Within.>>
Howdy Bill,
Seems to me that "Screams from Within" will fizzle since its target will be gone when it resolves, thus Screams will not come into play from the graveyard since it never actually enchanted its target.
Martin T.
A: Yes, yes it will. For those of you who haven't written in and told me of the error, and don't understand why it's an error, here goes:
-You cast Screams on Random.Creature. (Playing [casting] an enchantment on a creature targets that creature.)
-Horobi triggers, since something is targeted, and tells you to destroy Random.Creature.
-Stack Resolves last in, first out.
-So Horobi's trigger resolves first, destroying Random.Creature.
-Screams From Within then goes to resolves, but since all of its (one) targets are illegal, it is countered on resolution. So it is put into the graveyard instead of in play.
-Since Screams never enchanted a creature to begin with, its "return me to play" trigger won't trigger.
(Thanks also to Metheus, Freddy, Marian H., Chris R., and David G. for also writing in. [At least, those were who wrote in as of the time I sent this off to the editors to be published. If I missed your name because this article was already sent, thank you too.] Please don't think that since 6 people wrote in on this error, it isn't appreciated. I'd rather get 10 emails on an error, allowing me to correct it, than to get none and let the error stand.)
Now, moving on to the new questions ...
Q: I've been playing Echoing Truth against my friends Green token deck and screwing it over, but I just realized that it probably doesn't work.  Cards like Beacon of Creation or Monkey Cage create tokens that have creature types but not names I believe.  Does this mean that Echoing Truth only bounces one of them, or all of them?
-David M.
A: A token's name, unless it specifies otherwise, is its creature type. So when Monkey Cage tells you to put "a number of 2/2 green Ape creatures into play ...", the tokens it makes are of creature type Ape and Named Ape. One Echoing Truth would bounce all of the tokens created by a Monkey Cage.
(Likewise with Beacon of Creation, which makes Insects.)
Q: If there is a Endless Whispers out and a Phage the Untouchable out by player A and the next turn player B brings out Phage then which player would lose?
A: The person who's turn it isn't wins the game (in this case, Player A). This is because Endless Whispers provides the reanimation to the creature. This means each player has a "return to play under opponent's control."
So in the end of turn step, the "return me" triggers will be put on the stack, active player (Player B)'s first, then non-active player (Player A)'s. Player A's resolves first, and he returns his Phage to Player B. Phage's "you didn't play me, so LOSE SUCKA" is then put on the stack and resolved before Player A gets Player B's Phage.
Q: Say I tap Forbidden Orchard for mana. Forbidden Orchard puts a 1/1 token on their side of the field.
Now, if I have Death Match out, would I be the one to choose where the -3/-3 effect goes? Or because the monster is put on their side, would they get to choose?
A: Let's read Death Match, shall we?
Death Match
Whenever a creature comes into play, that creature’s controller may have target creature of his or her choice get -3/-3 until end of turn. 
And who is the controller of the token? Your opponent. So your opponent will choose which creature to get -3/-3.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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