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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Replacing Life
Questions: 5
December 20, 2004
Q: How do Nefarious Lich and Crumbling Sanctuary interact? If I control both, do I get a choice? Or do both activate?
A: Since two replacement effects are trying to change something that is happening to you, you (as the affected player) get to choose which one applies (419.9a). In this situation, the other one will no longer get a chance to apply.
Q: I was playing a 4 player game at my local store. One person was playing a black green deck. He was at 1 life and he cast Death Cloud for 13. In response I activated Pestilence for 1 killing him. My question is does his Death Cloud still go off, or is it countered because he is dead before it resolves?
-Aaron S.
A: This is something your play group needs to decide in advance. There are no official rules for multiplayer (yet).
My suggestion: When a player dies, all permanents he or she owns leave the game, all spells on the stack played by him or her are removed from the stack and leave the game, and all permanents he or she controlled but did not own are placed in their owners' graveyards. Also, all cards that player owns in any other zone leave the game.
Your play group may wish to rule differently. That's fine. That was just my suggestion.
Q: For Uyo, Silent Prophet (or any other copying ability for that matter), I'm assuming that when she copies a spell, I guess she needs to follow Mantra 7 as well, meaning for copied spells like Shrapnel Blast and Devouring Greed where they have extra costs, the player must fulfill those costs as well?
A: No. When Uyo copies a spell, that spell is put directly onto the stack - it isn't played. So since you aren't playing the copy, you won't have to pay any costs of playing the copy.
For a spell like Devouring Greed, the copy knows how many spirits were sacrificed for its additional costs, and will drain the life appropriately, equal to what the original spell will drain.
(For spells, you can tell if you need to pay the additional costs if the ability that makes the copy tells you to "play" the copy. If it says to "play" the copy, then you need to pay the additional costs.
This also holds true for abilities that say "play the copy without paying its mana cost." You only get out of paying the mana cost of the card in this way ... all other additional costs must be paid.
If you don't see the word "play" as part of the copy ability, you don't have to [and can't even if you wanted to] pay any part of the costs of the spell.)
Q: I know that the player will still get the mana anyways, but can spells be played in response to the tapping of land for mana?
A: Only once the player passes priority. So if a player taps a land for mana, and then immediately uses that mana to play a spell or ability, then you won't get a chance to respond in between. You don't pass priority after tapping for mana, and you get the mana immediately after you play the mana ability, since playing mana abilities don't use the stack.
(WARNING: Cards like Dark Ritual and Seething Song are NOT mana abilities. They are instants, and can be responded to like any other instant.
Spells can never be mana abilities. Only abilities can.)
Q: So after discussing this with a few people I was wondering - what reprinted card sets are legal? What I mean by this is I know that I can use my Arabian City of Brass in extended but what about sets like Beatdown? Starter series? or what about the Deckmaster series? Let's make it simple... other then gold/silver bordered cards are there any cards sets that are not legal for tournament play even though the cards contained in them would normally be so?
A: As long as the card has the normal card back, and a white or black border, it can be played if a card with the same name is in a set that is legal in the format you want to play it in (and it is not banned in that format).
Let's take a few examples:
-An Underground River from the Deckmasters set is legal for play in Extended because Underground River was printed in 7th Edition, which is a set that is legal in Extended.
-A Volcanic Hammer from the first Starter (1999) set is legal in Standard because Volcanic Hammer was printed in 8th Edition, which is a sets that is legal in Standard.
-A Ball Lightning from the Beatdown set is legal in Type 1.5 (sorry, I refuse to call this "Legacy") because it is from 4th Edition, 5th Edition, and The Dark, which are all legal sets in Type 1.5.
-A Necropotence from Deckmasters can't be played in Type 1.5 because Necropotence is banned in Type 1.5, despite being in 5th Edition and Ice Age, which are both sets legal in Type 1.5.
See you on the 28th.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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