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Judge's Corner


Title - Sanctum Slaying
Questions: 6

Q; I have some permanents under the Synod Sanctum and I attack with a creature who is equipped with the Worldslayer and it is unblocked.  Can I respond to dealing the damage by activating the Sanctum's ability to return all removed permanents to play and put this ability on the stack first before the Worldslayer ability goes on the stack and therefore end up with the Worldslayer and all of the permanents that were under the Sanctum in play when all is said and done?
-Robert H.
A: No. Once combat damage is dealt, you have a trigger to put on the stack. So you can't play any abilities until that trigger is dealt with.
So there is no way for the Sanctum to put its permanents on the board post-Worldslayer.
Q: With Uba Mask, if there are no card in a player's library. what happens?
A: Similar to Shared Fate, the game just blinks and moves on. Since the draw is replaced, the player isn't actually drawing a card. Thus, he won't lose the game for not being able to draw a card.
Q: I understand that Samurai of the Pale Curtain is removed from the game if it is killed. Can you explain why this occurs?
-Traci H.
A: 410.10d (quoted below) requires us to look at the game just before the Samurai of the Pale Curtain left play. Therefore, the game sees an effect that says "If a permanent would go to the graveyard, remove it from the game instead." Thus, the Samurai of the Pale Curtain will be removed from the game.
410.10d Abilities that trigger on one or more permanents leaving play, or on a player losing control of a permanent, must be treated specially because the permanent with the ability may no longer be in play after the event. The game has to “look back in time” to determine what triggered. Each time an event removes from play or changes who controls one or more permanents, all the permanents in play just before the event (with continuous effects that existed at that time) are checked for trigger events that match what just left play or changed control.
Q: If I have a Blinkmoth Urn out in play and I use some of the mana that it provides, if I were to use Lodestone Myr effect would it cancel out the unused mana?
A: Um, huh? Are we looking at the same cards?
Lodestone Myr
Artifact Creature — Myr  
Tap an untapped artifact you control: Lodestone Myr gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Blinkmoth Urn
At the beginning of each player’s precombat main phase, if Blinkmoth Urn is untapped, that player adds 1 to his or her mana pool for each artifact he or she controls. 
Blinkmoth Urn only cares if it is untapped one time ... when the trigger resolves. If the Urn is untapped when its trigger resolves, you will get X mana, where x=the number of artifacts you have in play.
There is no way to get less than X (but greater than 0) mana. You either get X mana (if the Urn is untapped when its trigger resolves) or 0 mana (if the Urn is tapped when its trigger resolves).
If you do not use all the mana the Urn provides by the end of the phase, you will lose life equal to the amount of mana left.
Q: If you had Recycle out in play, then you played any of the various cards (Graceful Adept for one...) that let you have more than two cards in hand, then you could have more than two cards in your hand because of the timestamping of the two cards?
A: Correct. Whichever permanent that sets your hand size (See Recycle's Oracle wording below ... it sets your maximum hand size, instead of just making you discard like it's printed on the card) came into play last will be the one that "wins," since they are both trying to modify the same number.
(Note that if you had something like Thought Nibbler in play, though, both effects would apply.)
Q: I'd also like to ask about the Kaldra set. I don't have the cards handy (or the cards to begin with...) , but would it be a legal target for Disciple of the Vault, if it's an artifact creature?
A: Again, I have to ask, huh?
If you are asking if Disciple will trigger when a Kaldra token goes to the graveyard, then the answer is yes.
Otherwise, I don't get what you're asking, because the target for Disciple is a player, not a creature.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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