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Judge's Corner

Title: Last questions of 2004
Questions: 5
Q: I am playing a all green elf deck against a sliver artifact deck. I powered a Heedless One up to 49/49 and attacked with him. he blocked with a 3/4 sliver with protection from green. im wondering if because I did no damage to the sliver because of protection from green if my heedless on does full damage to him or if it stops right at the sliver.
A: Let's read the Mantras please ..
5. When assigning trample, look only at the toughness of the blocking creatures. Assign damage so that they would have that much damage on them, and then you can assign the other damage to your opponent.
So you have to assign 4 to the sliver, and can assign the other 46 damage to him or the sliver in any combination.
Q: A few turns later he put out a 9/9 creature that if it deals combat damage to me I lose the game and he banded it to a sliver to make it have protection from green, give it flying, and to get it stronger and he attacks with it because it is the second turn that it has been out of the field. I have a Moment's Peace in my graveyard and I pay its flashback cost to play it again and remove it from the game to stop his creature from doing damage to me. I am wondering if my Moments Peace worked on it because it had protection from green?
-Chris C.
A: Let's see:
Does the Moment's Peace do Damage? No.
Is it Enchantment or Equipment? No.
Does it Block? Not applicable.
Is it Targeted? Mantra 3.
Therefore, Moment's Peace will prevent the combat damage, and you won't lose the game.
Q: Can a Beloved Chaplain be Cloned?  He’s protected from creatures, but my opponent believes that the Clone “as it comes into play” is not yet a creature, and doesn’t do any targeting.
A: Let's go through the DEBT test again ..
Does Clone's ability do Damage? No.
Is it Enchantment or Equipment? No.
Does it Block? Not applicable.
Is it Targeted? Mantra 3.
Therefore, you can Clone the Beloved Chaplain.
Q: I'm a newbie at magic and my friend that I always play against says that flying creatures can block any creature, flying or not. I say that flying only can block flying. Which one of us is right?
-Tommy N.
A: 502.4b A creature with flying can’t be blocked by creatures without flying. A creature with flying can block a creature with or without flying.
Q: I read your article that you posted on Pojo on 12/20/04.  The last question you answered was about which cards were legal for tournament play.  When I was reading the ruling, something refreshed my mind.  Someone recently told me that I couldn't play with promotional cards (Cards with "DCI" on them) in a tournament.  I couldn't play with an Incinerate that I owned since it was a promotional one.  Is this true?  The card does make all the requirements that you described in your article (Black bordered, printed in IA, proper back) but the DCI foil.  Help me out here.
A: The DCI Floor Rules have the following to say:
51. Previous Printings of Current Cards
Players may include cards from previous printings if they appear in current card sets allowed in Constructed play by the appropriate game’s DCI Floor Rules (as long as they do not have features that create “marked” cards.
I would rule that promotional cards fall under the "previous printings" rule.
See you in 2005.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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