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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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Judge Bill's Corner

More Questions
Questions: 25


Q: I have 3 life and I have Worship and a creature in play. Then I play Reanimate. Would I lose if I chose something with a 3 or more converted mana cost?

A: Yes. Worship only deals with damage - it does not deal with other forms of life loss.


Q: I have less than 7 cards in my graveyard, and I play Fledgling Dragon. Later I gain threshold. Does the Fledgling Dragon get his bonus?

A: Yes. If you have a card that has a Threshold ability in play, and you later get threshold, it gets the bonus as soon as you gain threshold. (Of course, if you later lose threshold, it will then lose the bonus.)


Q: My opponent has a Clickslither and 2x Raging Goblins on the field and he attacks, I have 2x 2/2 vanilla creatures on the field. I block the Raging Goblins, can he sacrifice them after I have already dealt damage to them and then use them for Clickslither's effect?


A: No. However, he can sacrifice them before damage goes on the stack. See Mantra 10.


Q: If a player equips a creature and you gain control of that creature, do the Equipment stay on or do they fall off?

A: It stays on until that person moves it to a new creature.


Q: If I Sculpting Steel an Isochron Scepter, do I get the copied imprint spell or do I imprint a new spell?

A: You imprint a new spell.


Q: If I Sculpting Steel a Pentavus with only 3 +1/+1 counters on it, do I get a 3/3 Pentavus or a 5/5?

A: A 5/5 Pentavus. The Sculpted copy is a brand new card.


Q: If a Pentavus gets a minus effect (Irradiate for -2/-2) while it was a 5/5, can I remove five counters to make 5 Pentavites or could I only get three?

A: Only 3. Once you remove the third counter, it will have 0 toughness and be put into the graveyard before you can remove another counter.


Q: How does Gate to the Aether work with Future Sight?

-Ray C.

A: Exactly like it does without Future Sight, only you know the card you're going to "reveal."


Q: Fleeting Image's effect says that I can return it to my hand. Would Fleeting Image's effect be an ability that can be played outside the in-play zone, so I could bring it back to my hand from the graveyard?

-Brian H.

A: No. Activated abilities only work in play unless it says so or unless it can only be played in a zone other than the in play zone. (402.8)


Q: It's my opponent's upkeep and I have three Fatespinner out. Is he supposed to skip his draw, main, and combat phases or can he just skip one?

A: He can choose the same phase to skip. Unless your opponent really wants to skip multiple phases, multiple Fatespinners don't have any added benefit.


Q: Player A has a Promise of Power and two other cards in hand. Player A plays Promise and pays the entwine cost. Would the creature token be a 2/2 or 7/7?


A: 7/7. Read the Mirrodin FAQ, under Entwine.


Q: I have 5 mana available with an Oblivion Stone untapped and my opponent has 2 mana available with Blinkmoth Well untapped. If I tap my Oblivion Stone and 5 mana and sacrifice it, can my opponent tap it first?


A: No. The Stone is no longer in play to be targeted.


Q: My opponent plays a Circle of Protection: Red. In response, I play Chaoslace, making the CoP: Red red. Does my opponent now need to pay red mana to activate the CoP: Red?

A: No. Changing the color of a card does not change any of its text. He will still pay 1 to prevent damage from a red source, not R.


Q: How about with Story Circle?


A: Same thing. He will still be able to activate the Story Circle with W, not R.


Q: If I have 4 lands out and play Temple of the False God, can I tap it for mana, as it would be the fifth land needed to be able to tap it?

-Kathleen P.

A: Yes. Temple of the False God is a land, so it will count toward the 5 land requirement to play its ability.

Q: Two questions regarding Confusion in the Ranks: first, is there any reason that putting an artifact land into play (either with the special main phase action, or some other way) would not trigger Confusion In The Ranks and (assuming nothing else happens before the trigger resolves) allow you to swap that artifact land for an opponent's artifact, artifact creature or another artifact land.

A: Yes, you can play an artifact land and take an artifact or land (or an artifact land) from your opponent.


Q: The wording "its controller chooses target permanent" throws me a little. Is Confusion In The Ranks' triggered (targeted) ability still coming from a red source. So, for example, I can't take a red creature, no matter what color my creature is?


A: Correct on both counts.


Q: If I have an Isochron Scepter with Raise the Alarm and I have an Arcane Laboratory in play, can I use the ability of the Scepter and on the stack, since I technically have not played a spell yet, play a Raise the Alarm and get 4 soldiers in play?

A: No. The spells generated by Isochron Scepter ARE PLAYED. This means it counts toward your one spell per turn with Arcane Laboratory out.


Q: If player A plays Consume Spirit for 5 on a Carrion Feeder, can player B in response sacrifice the Feeder and not allow player A to gain life?


A: Correct. If the Feeder isn't there, all targets of Consume Spirit are illegal, so Consume Spirit is countered. This means the life gain will not happen.


Q: If I had two Parallax Waves in play (lets call one of them A and the other B), and an Opalescence in play, could I keep both of the Waves in play indefinitely by having A remove B and vice versa, and replacing each one with fresh fade counters each time?

-Jonathan C.

A: No. You would require at least 3 Parallax Waves to accomplish this. With only 2, one will not be in play when its ability resolves, so it will do nothing.


Q: My opponent plays Orim's Chant as soon as its my turn before I play anything. I thought he couldn’t do that until I give up priority...what happens with Orim's Chant? Do I play my spells as usual, and then when I pass all spells after are negated or is he right by doing it as soon as its my turn?

-Tony R.

A: You can play spells during your upkeep. During your upkeep, after you are done playing spells, your opponent can play Orim's Chant, preventing you from playing spells for the remainder of your turn.


Q: Can I attack with Guiltfeeder as it is or do I need to power up its attack with my Death Pit Offering? My friend said I couldn't attack because Guiltfeeder has 0 attack.

-Evan Carmichael

A: You can attack with your Guiltfeeder just fine. It won't do any damage, but its ability will trigger.


Q: I played Raging Goblin enchanted with Psionic Gift. My opponent has a Ward Sliver in play giving all of his slivers protection from red. My question is this: could I still ping his slivers for 1 even though he has protection from red, since it's a blue enchantment dealing the damage?

A: Psionic Gift
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature has "{T}: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player."

Raging Goblin has the ability, so it is Raging Goblin (a red source) dealing the damage.


Q: If I have Lavamancer's Skill enchanting a Prodigal Sorcerer, can I ping for 3?

A: No. You can ping for either one or two. To play the ability, you must pay the cost (tapping the creature) for each ability you wish to play. Once you play one of the abilities, you can't tap it again to pay a cost, since it is already tapped.


Q: My friend and I were playing. He had an Iron Star, and every time he would play a red spell he tapped all of his lands to gain a bunch of life.


A: This is illegal. Read Iron Star's Text:

Iron Star
Whenever a player plays a red spell, you may pay {1}. If you do, you gain 1 life.

The ability will only trigger one time per red spell, so he can only pay 1 one time for each red spell cast, and only gain 1 life for each red spell cast.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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