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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge Bill's Corner

Waking Filters

Title: Waking Filters
Questions: 10


Q: When an Odyssey filter land is in play and there is also a Mirari's Wake in play, how much mana is produced by activating the filter land?

-Mark M.

A: Let's read the card, shall we?

Mirari's Wake
Creatures you control get +1/+1.
Whenever you tap a land for mana, add one mana to your mana pool of any type that land produced.

So if you put one mana into a Skycloud Expanse, you can get either WUU or WWU.


Q: Can equipment equipping a creature equip it again?


A: As long as the equipment is not Lightning Greaves, or as long as the creature hasn't been given untargetability after the equipment is put on, then yes.


Q: If I have a Jungle Barrier in play and my opponent uses a card that affects all green creatures, does it affect Jungle Barrier too?


A: Yes. Jungle Barrier's mana cost is {2}{G}{U}, so it is both blue and green. So cards that affect "all green creatures" will affect Jungle Barrier, since Jungle Barrier is green.


Q: When do I have to discard if I have over 7 cards in my hand?

-Yong J.

A: Only during the Cleanup step (at the end of your turn).

314. Cleanup Step

314.1. If the active player’s hand contains more cards than his or her maximum hand size (normally seven), he or she discards enough cards to reduce the hand size to that number (this game action doesn’t use the stack).


Q: I have Dawn of the Dead in play and I have a Bottle Gnome in my graveyard. Beginning of Upkeep I lose a life and bring bottle Gnome into play.

If I sacrifice Bottle Gnome to gain 3 life do I still have to remove it out of the game at end of turn?


A: No. Dance of the Dead will look in the place it put the Bottle Gnomes (the in play zone). Since the Bottle Gnomes aren't there, Dance of the Dead won't be able to remove it from the game.


Q: If I have Thorn Elemental with Lure on it, and my opponent has 2 2/2's out, and I attack not having it deal its damage directly, do they lose 10 or 5 life?


A: They lose 0 life. Thorn Elemental doesn't have trample.


Q: I have Leonin Scimitar out, and I pay the one colorless to equip it to a 1/1 flying vanilla. On your next turn, could you equip it to another creature?


A: Sure. If you had the spare mana, you could move it to multiple creatures in the same turn.


Q: Player A has a creature card in play. He plays Pemmin's Aura targeting that creature. In response, Player B plays Unsummon targeting that creature.

In response to this, Player A plays the abilities of Pemmin's Aura to make the creature untargetable....


A: This is illegal. The Pemmin's Aura is not yet in play, so Player A can't play any of its abilities. The creature will be returned to Player A's hand, and the Pemmin's Aura will be countered on resolution (since the creature is no longer in play).


Q: Can you play Time Ebb on a token?

A: Sure. When the token is put on top of its owner's library, it is immediately removed from the game as a state-based effect.


Q: My opponent played a token, does it have a converted mana cost?

-Richard M.

A: Unless the spell or ability that created it gave it a converted mana cost, then no. However, such a token is treated by the game to have a converted mana cost of 0 whenever an effect asks for the token's mana cost, since it is undefined (104.2).

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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