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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge Bill's Corner

Duplicanting Morphs

Title: Duplicanting Morphs
Questions: 12


Q: Are morph considered tokens?

A: No.


Q: Can Duplicant remove a morph?

A: Yes. The morph card, as it is removed, will be revealed (turned face up) (504.6), and Duplicant will have the power and toughness of the face up creature.


Q: If Duplicant removes a face down Exalted Angel, what is its power and toughness?

A: 4/5.


Q: If a Duplicant is in play and I play Sculpting Steel copying the Duplicant what does it become?

-Fernando G.

A: It becomes a new Duplicant, and you will have to remove a new creature, or the Sculpting Duplicant will be a 2/4. Sculpting Steel does not copy Imprint choices.


Q: With Scythe of the Wretched, my friend seems to think that any damage will put my creature in to the graveyard, but I think that the damage has to match or go over the toughness. Which one of us is right?


A: You are. Scythe in and of itself doesn't cause lethal damage. The creature has to be dealt damage equal to or greater than its toughness to be destroyed.

Q: If I remove a Fire/Ice for Isochron Scepter, must I choose whether it’s the Fire or the Ice that is imprinted... Or are both of them imprinted?


A: The entire card, that is, "Fire/Ice," Is imprinted. When you play the Scepter's ability, you will choose which side you want to play for that activation. You may choose different sides for multiple Scepter activations; you don't have to choose the same side each time.


Q: If my opponent and I are both at 2 life and they attack me with a 2/2 creature, if I cast Eye For An Eye, would it be a draw or would someone lose first?

A: You have no chance to play the Eye for an Eye before you die. The damage must have been ALREADY DEALT. After the damage is dealt, you lose before any spells can be played.

Eye for an Eye
Eye for an Eye deals X damage to the controller of the source of your choice that dealt damage to you this turn, where X is the damage dealt to you by that source this turn.


Q: My opponent uses an Oath of Druids to remove cards from the top of their library, revealing 10 non-creature cards, then a Gaea's Blessing, then a creature card. If I have a Tormod's Crypt out, is it possible for me to remove their graveyard from the game in response to the ability of the Gaea's Blessing?

A: Yes. Gaea's Blessing's graveyard ability is a triggered ability. Thus, it uses the stack and can be responded to before it resolves.


Q: My opponent plays Illusions of Grandeur. A few turns go by and they just paid 4 mana for the upkeep. If they use Donate to give it to me, will the cumulative upkeep reset to 2, or will it be up to 6 on my turn?

A: It will be 6. Cumulative Upkeep does not reset if ownership changes control.


Q: If I have a Lotus Petal and Seat of the Synod in play, is it possible for me to cast a Frogmite?

-Ryan C.

A: Yes. Announce the Frogmite. Its cost is locked in at 2, and then you have a space to play mana abilities before you have to pay for it, which is when you sacrifice the Petal for mana.


Q: If I play Mourner's Shield and remove a green card from a graveyard, can I choose Multani, Maro Sorcerer (can't be the target of spells or abilities) as a source of damage and prevent that damage?


A: Yes. See Mantra 3.



From Tuesday's column:

>>>Q: Player A plays a random goblin.
Player B plays Chain of vapor, returning the goblin.
Player A Copies the spell, (sacrificing a land, and bouncing the creature Player B had out) and replays the goblin.
Player B passes priority.
Player A Goes into the combat step, and announces attackers.
Player B Plays Wing Shards.
How many creatures must be sacrificed?
5 or 3?


A: Only 3. The only spells played were the goblin (twice) and the Wing Shards.

503.10. To copy a spell means to put a copy of the spell onto the stack; a copy of a spell isn’t “played.”...<<<

C: You missed a spell.

1) The goblin spell
2) The Chain of Vapor (original, not the copy)
3) The goblin spell again
4) Wing Shards.

The Storm trigger will create three copies when it resolves, for a total of four sacrificed attacking creatures (assuming there are four attackers).


A: Indeed I did miss a spell, and the Storm will create 3 copies for a total of 4 Wing Shards.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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