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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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More Questions

9.15.03 - Title: More Questions
Questions: 3


Q: Isochron Scepter
Imprint - When Isochron Scepter comes into play, you may remove an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less in your hand from the game. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact.)
2, T: You may copy the imprinted instant card and play the copy without paying its mana cost.

With Brain Freeze, does Storm apply, as Isochron Scepter says "copy the spell and play the copy"?

-James F.

A: Yes. You ARE playing the (copy of) the spell, so storm will trigger.


Q: The other day I had a spell cast at me for 1000 damage. In response I tried to cast a Reverse Damage and an Eye for an Eye. I was told that the Eye for an Eye had no effect because the damage was prevented. I realize that eye for an eye states that it "may be cast only when a creature, spell, or effect deals damage to you". Since it also says "If another spell or effect reduces the amount of damage you receive, it does not reduce the damage dealt by Eye for an Eye" I was assuming that it would still damage the other player if there was damage on the stack when it was cast. Does damage have to be successfully dealt to a player for it to trigger?


A: Here is the current Oracle wording for Eye for an Eye:

Eye for an Eye
Eye for an Eye deals X damage to the controller of the source of your choice that dealt damage to you this turn, where X is the damage dealt to you by that source this turn.

Since the damage is prevented, it is no longer dealt. So since the source didn't deal damage to you this turn, Eye for an Eye won't do anything.


Q: I attack with a Treetop Scout and a Nimble Mongoose, my opponent is at 1 life. My opponent blocks the Scout with Exalted Angel, his only creature. Does he gain life first or take the nimble mongoose damage? So basically which occurs first - Damage or Life Gain?


A: Exalted Angel has a triggered ability that triggers on it dealing damage. Since creatures in combat deal damage all at the same time, all of the damage is dealt, and then Exalted Angel's ability triggers and wants to go on the stack, but we have a state-based effect to take care of first: your opponent has 0 life, so he loses the game.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

Well, I decided to build my own deck this week. Here's the list.

(Note: Those of you who are just looking for a decklist to copy, SKIP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE REPORT. That is, unless you like to put yourself through hell.)

4 Circular Logic
4 Compulsion
4 Concentrate
2 Decree of Silence
1 Deep Analysis
2 Future Sight
3 Golden Wish
4 Mana Leak
1 Mind Bend
3 Reminisce
3 Stifle
4 Wrath of God

4 Coastal Tower
12 Island
7 Plains
3 Temple of the False God

2 Cleansing Meditation
1 Millstone
2 Morningtide
4 Sacred Ground
3 Sphere of Law
1 Stabilizer
1 Transcendence
1 Words of Worship

I talked to Scott, and mentioned how I thought I would go 2-3 at best. I also commented to several people that I think I am a Spike player in a Johnny deckbuliding body.

Anyway, enough of the filler, on to the report...

Round 1 - Glen I. - White Weenie

Game 1 - I allow him to choose who goes first, and he chooses to go first. I mulligan a one land hand, and keep the 6 card hand. He plays out a couple of creatures, and after he gets a few hits in, I find my Wrath at 8, and use it. I Wish for the Millstone, then the Words of Worship, and get a Future Sight on the table. Concentrate is on the top, and I have a full hand, so I skip my draw to leave the Concentrate on top, and the three draws from Concentrate to put myself at 28. I finish him off eventually.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - He gets 3 creatures out this time, and I Concentrate and Compulsion, trying to find a Wrath. I go to scoop and finally notice a pile of cards that was my ending hand from last game sitting off to the side. (It had 3 Wraths in it.)

Game 3 - Glen takes 2 mulligans. He gets his usual 2 creatures out at me, and I am finally able to Wrath at 3. I get the Words first, and immediately fully Words a Concentrate. I forget about a couple of Decree of Justice Tokens, and he gets me back down to 3. I Wrath and Words a Concentrate again, and it's all downhill from there for him.

Games: 2-1, Matches: 1-0

Round 2 - Mark I. - Slide

Game 1 - I win the roll, and go first. He gets an early Lightning Rift out, but no pressure. I eventually find a Wish to go get my Stabilizer, and he has to recur and cast multiple Eternal Dragons a turn, and yet it is no good, as I either have a Decree out, or multiple Wraths in hand.

Sideboard: In: 2 Cleansing Meditation, Stabilizer, Millstone, 1 Morningtide. Out: 3 Golden Wish, 1 Mind Bend, 1 ?.

Game 2 - He gets 2 Lightning Rifts out this time, and attempts to seal the game with a cycled Decree of Annihilation. I Stifle the trigger and the card draw with 2 Stifles, and finally find my Stabilizer at 4. He Spark Sprays me down to 3, and I cast the Millstone. The turn I kill him, I say, "Cards in library?" He answers 6, and I ask "Deep Analysis, flash it back, and mill, all at you?" He scoops, and then a spectator points out my life total. It is ruled since he scooped, he conceded, as I hadn't actually cast it yet. Sorry Mark.

Games: 4-1, Matches: 2-0

Well, there's my 2 wins. Our match is the last to finish this round, and I get to launch into ...

Round 3 - Randall - B/G Cemetery

Game 1 - I win the roll, and go first. He gets turn 2 Cemetery, and I have no counter. I have turn 5 Wrath + Stifle for the Rotlung. He gets it back with the Cemetery, and rides me down to 4 before I go get Words of Worship, and get out of range. After that, he starts mana burning himself until he dies.

Sideboard: In: 1 Morningtide, 1 Cleansing Meditation. Out: Mind Bend, 1 Future Sight.

Game 2 - I get the same early control of the board, and my 2 Decree of Silences hold him off. He gets some creatures back out though, and I have a Wrath in hand, but no Meditation, and he has Rotlung and another Cleric. I Compulse a bunch, and fail to find the Meditation, so I Wrath with 5 mana left open. He casts Caller, and I Compulsion and don't find a counter, so I scoop.

Before we start game 3, Matt tells us we have 10 minutes. He offers the draw, and I originally decline it, but after about a minute of thought, I put the draw back on the table, and he accepts. The best I could probably do is a draw, while he could beat me, so I'll take the sure thing.

Games: 5-2, Matches: 2-0-1

Unfortunately, as we finish, the other last match out does also, so it's right into round 4...

Round 4 - Steven A. - White Weenie

Steven is also 2-0-1, having garnered his draw in round 1 (unintentionally).

Game 1 - I win the roll, and play. He gets a very feeble offence, and I slow roll the Wrath until I am at 3. I grab the Millstone early, and just go to work with it. Eventually, I Wrath, and then Words a draw and Concentrate to get out of danger. Itís academic after that.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - Same situation as last game. He takes his time getting me to 1, so I slow roll the Wrath, and grab the early Millstone. Words is then Wished for, and as I have a full hand of control, I either just Words the draw, or if I want a new card on top of the library, I draw it, and then Compulsion/Words it away.
Games: 7-2, Matches: 3-0-1

What. The. Hell? How am I 3-0-1? Looking back, it just looks like I've gotten really favorable matchups. Oh well, For the penultimate round, I get...

Round 5 - Ben H. - W/G beats

Ben is undefeated, I am at 3-0-1, and there are 6 players at 3-1, playing each other. So I have to win this game to make the playoffs. If I win, the playoffs are to 8 (since there will be 5 people at 12 points or better), but if I lose, I likely finish 5th, and the cut is to the top 4.

Game 1 - He wins the roll, and plays turn 1 Birds of Paradise, turn 2 Brushhopper, and turns 3 and 4 Call of the Herd (2 separate cards). I don't draw Wrath on my fourth turn, and scoop. Shuffling before the game took longer than this game itself. =\

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - I mulligan a one land hand before playing. He gets the quick beats, but I am able to cast Wrath and Stifle the Brushhopper's return ability on turn 5. I cast a Decree, he casts 3 spells to break it. I cast another Decree, he scoops to save us the time.

Game 3 - He gets the early beats again, but I am able to survive until my 5th turn. Unfortunately, no Wrath is forthcoming. (I did have the Stifle for the Brushhopper). I show him my hand and shake his.

Games: 8-4, Matches: 3-1-1

Well, 5th place it is.

Though I failed to mention it most games, getting out Future Sight was very helpful to being able to take control. I just thought it would be a bit redundant to put "played Future Sight" every game :).

Now for the change. If you want to play this deck, AT A MINIMUM, replace the Mind Bend with a Decree of Justice. I'd also replace the Deep Analysis with another. Also, I was unable to find a 4th Temple or 2 more Stabilizers, or I would have them in. So, if I were to play this again, it would be ...

4 Circular Logic
4 Compulsion
4 Concentrate
2 Decree of Justice
2 Decree of Silence
2 Future Sight
3 Golden Wish
4 Mana Leak
3 Reminisce
3 Stifle
4 Wrath of God

4 Coastal Tower
11 Island
7 Plains
4 Temple of the False God

1 Cleansing Meditation
1 Millstone
1 Morningtide
4 Sacred Ground
3 Sphere of Law
3 Stabilizer
1 Transcendence
1 Words of Worship

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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