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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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Judge's Corner

7.03.03  8th Edition Rules

Title: 8th Edition Rules
Answers: 13


The rules for 8th Edition have been released, and they take effect immediately. You can find an article describing the changes by Paul Barclay, Rules Manager, along with a link to download the new rules, at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/feature/162.

(Of special note to me is New Rule 415.7c. Apparently, you guys aren’t the only ones who have problems with this ...

415.7c The word “you” in an object’s text isn’t a target.)


Short Answers:

-“Regenerate [permanent]” means “The next time [permanent] would be destroyed this turn, instead remove all damage from it, tap it, and (if it’s in combat) remove it from combat."

-If the creature is not being destroyed, but is leaving play by other means (for example, sacrifice), then giving that creature a regeneration shield will do NOTHING. The creature will be put in the graveyard.

-For the last time: You have to sacrifice creatures for Phyrexian Dreadnaught BEFORE IT COMES INTO PLAY. So you can't do anything that would reference the Dreadnaught as a creature until you've sacrificed the creatures.

-ANY spell that has been played this turn, whether it has resolved or not, counts toward Storm.


Q: About Force Bubble: If I have two Force Bubbles out, and let's say I take 7 damage. Do both Force Bubbles receive 7 counters each, or can I have 4 counters on one and 3 on the other force bubble?

-Mr. M

A: Force Bubble's first ability is a replacement ability. Therefore, one of the Force Bubbles will replace the 7 damage with putting 7 counters on that Force Bubble, and since the damage is no longer there to be replaced, the other Force Bubble's ability will do nothing. Therefore, you will have one Force Bubble with 7 counters on it (and it will then be sacrificed, since it has more than 3 counters), and a Force Bubble with no counters on it.

It is not possible to split the counters between two Force Bubbles, so this is the only possible scenario involving 2 Force Bubbles.


Q: can I use an en-Kor to target my Daru Spiritualist a large number of times, then sacrifice it to a Starlit Sanctum for a large life total?


A: Yes.


Q: My opponent has a Fleeting Aven out and I have an Astral Slide. I cycle and choose to remove the Fleeting Aven from the game. What happens?

A: Depends on whose turn it is. If it's your turn, the Aven goes back to your opponent's hand. If it's his turn, it's removed from the game.


Q: Do mana abilities go on the stack?

-Landon C.

A: No. (411.1)


Q: Can a creature with protection from black block black creatures with fear?

A: Only if the creature that you want to block with is itself black or an artifact creature.


Q: If a Glory Seeker with Unholy Strength attacks, and I block with a creature with protection from black, how much damage would my creature take?

A: 4. What matters is the color of the creature you're blocking, not the color of any enchantments on it.


Q: If all slivers have protection from red, can a red sliver who gives all slivers an ability still be inherited?

A: Yes, because the sliver hive mind doesn't target.


Q: If all my slivers have "slivers can not be blocked except by other slivers" and "All slivers have provoke", Could I attack by provoking non sliver creatures? Or due to the first part I can't have them block?


A: You can provoke non-slivers, but they won't be able to block.


Q: I discard a card from my hand to Wild Mongrel when my opponent attacks to make him white and flashback Prismatic Strands. My opponent then tries to Dark Banish my Mongrel. Can I discard another card from my hand to make the Mongrel black and still have Prismatic Strands prevent the damage?

- Dyne

A: It depends. Once you've tapped a white creature (the Mongrel) to flashback Prismatic Strands, it doesn't matter what color the Mongrel is, because you've already cast it. But if you've discarded a card, but the ability hasn't resolved yet, then you need to discard, make him black, let the Dark Banishing resolve, and then make him white when your original pump resolves, and then you can flashback Prismatic Strands.

See you Monday.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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