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Bill Guerin is a Level II Judge who we can personally vouch as walking Magic encyclopedia.  He'll be answering all your Magic Ruling questions.  Write him at PojoMagicJudge


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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

2.24.03 - Rotlung Havoc

Short Answer:

-The (converted) mana cost of an animated land is 0.


Q: My opponent has Rotlung Reanimator and some clerics in play, and I have Havoc Demon in play. I cast Wrath of God. How will Rotlung and Demon's abilities resolve?

-Michael J.

A: All the new Zombies will live. Rotlung's triggers will go on the stack first (since you are the active player), then the Havoc Demon's trigger. So the Demon's trigger will resolve first, giving -5/-5 to all of the 0 creatures, followed by the zombies coming into play.


Q: Can a Morphed creature (as in faced down) block a creature with fear?

A: No, since they are not either black or artifact.


Q: Planar's Guide ability to remove all creatures from the game and return to play EOT, does it return himself as well?


A: No. The Guide is not there when the creatures are removed, so it doesn't come back.


Q: In my hand I have a Kilnmouth Dragon, Artificial Evolution, and five assorted Goblin cards.

Am I allowed to cast the Kilnmouth Dragon, and while it is still on the stack, cast Artificial Evolution to change it's amplify text from dragons to goblins, and when it comes into play reveal the five goblin cards that are currently in my hand to power up the Kilnmouth Dragon?

-Andy R.

A: Yes.

Q: I had a card that had protection from creatures. My friend had a Festering Goblin going to the graveyard. Is the -1/-1 considered an ability of the creature, or a graveyard effect.

Does my pro-creature card get the -1/-1?

-Michael D.

A: The -1/-1 effect is coming from a creature, so it can't target a creature with protection from creatures.


Q: If I had a Time Vault and a Voltaic Key out in play, would I have infinite turns without having to skip any?


A: No.

Time Vault
Time Vault comes into play tapped.
Time Vault doesn't untap during your untap step.
Skip your next turn: Untap Time Vault and put a time counter on it.
{T}, Remove all time counters from Time Vault: Take an extra turn after this one. Play this ability if only there's a time counter on Time Vault.

Since Time Vault doesn't have a time counter on it when you untap it with Voltaic Key, you can't activate the ability to give you an extra turn, as you have to have a time counter on Time Vault to play that ability.


Q: How exactly does Rowen work? Do I get keep on drawing till I reveal a nonbasic nonland card(i.e. I drew a card and reveal it and it's a basic land, then I draw another one which is also a basic land and keep on drawing)? Or does it only work once?
-Alex Y.

A: Rowen
Reveal the first card you draw each turn. Whenever you reveal a basic land card this way, draw a card.
Since you only reveal the first card you draw, you can only draw one extra.


Q: Can Death Match target creatures with protection from Black? I think it can because it specifically says that 'Whenever a creature comes into play, _that creature's controller_ may have target creature of his or her choice get -3/-3 until end of turn.'

So I'm guessing that what Death Match ACTUALLY does is give each player an activated ability, and technically it itself does nothing else. One of my friends reckons that it still doesn't work because the ability is still from a black source. So which way does it go?


A: Even though the player is playing the ability, it still comes from Death Match, so you can't target a creature with protection from black.


Q: My friend (the guy who got me into Magic) and I were playing, he was playing with a variant of U/G madness and I was playing with U/W angels. My opponent begins his turn with a Wild Mongrel already on the board, at the beginning of his main phase he discards two Arrogant Wurms to his Wild Mongrel, paying their madness cost to put them in play. In response I played a Remove Soul on one of the Wurms. Now here's the argument ... He says that by discarding Arrogant Wurm and paying it's madness cost that it's no longer a "creature" spell and can't be countered by my Remove Soul.

A: Your friend is incorrect. Even though he is playing it by madness, it is still a creature spell, and can be countered by Remove Soul.


Q: He was playing Sligh, I was playing red burn/land destruction. During my main phase I played Lay Waste, and targeted his only Mountain. He in response tapped the land for mana to play Reckless Abandon sacrificing his only creature in play to deal me 4 and kill me. here's my question, If I Lay Waste to his land, can he tap it in response to me killing it?

-Barry F.

A: He can tap the mountain for mana in response, yes. He can't, however, play Reckless Abandon during your turn. Reckless Abandon is a sorcery.


Q: I have a question about the card Dwarven Bloodboiler. If my friend plays a Dwarven Recruiter and gets out 4 of these guys will a target creature get +8/+0 every time he taps a dwarf?

-Logan W.

A: No. You have to tap a dwarf as a cost of playing the ability, so he can only give a creature +2/+0 every time he taps a dwarf.


Q: I am currently building a standard Elf deck, can I put in 4 Elvish Champion, 2 from 7th and 2 from Invasion and it will still be legal?

A: Yes.


Q: What happens if I have 3 Lightning Rifts in play and then I cycle a card, do I get to nuke 3 things or does it just trigger 1 of them?

-Bader B.

A: You can nuke 3 things (or one thing 3 times, etc.).

Q: I control both Phyrexian Infiltrator and Phage The Untouchable. Can I use the infiltrator's ability, and target my own Phage? I say it can, then switching control to an opponent. And if so, would the comes into play ability of Phage trigger and my opponent lose?

-Joe A.

A: No. Simply switching control of Phage doesn't cause her ability to trigger, since she is not coming into play (she is already in play).

If you do that while Phage's ability is on the stack (meaning you put it into play in any other way than casting it), and switch controllers before that ability resolves, you will still lose. The ability triggers when she comes into play, and changing controllers won't make her ability affect a different player.



A reader writes in regarding the following question from last column:

>>>Q: If a player has Solitary Confinement in play, can they discard and return Genesis to their hand in the same turn?


A: Yes.<<<
Q: I sent you the question about discarding Genesis to Solitary Confinement and returning Genesis to your hand that turn. I appreciate your answer, but have a concern. Since your column is usually up on Thursday (and since I needed an answer by Thursday), I called the WOTC customer support line with the same question. They indicated that you cannot discard Genesis and return it to your hand during the same turn because Genesis is not in the graveyard when the beginning of upkeep triggers trigger. (Just to be clear, Genesis is being returned by its ability, not some other means.) What's the real answer? When two sources I trust conflict, I'm not sure where to get a definitive answer.


A: When my mind originally read that question, I thought the Genesis was in the graveyard at the start of the turn. If it is in the grave, then yes, you can get it back and discard it again in the same turn. However, if Genesis started in your hand, then you can't get it back the same turn. The monkeys at WOTC Customer Service randomly pounded out a correct answer on that one.

See you Thursday.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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