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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

2.21.03 - Pump You Up

Title: “Pump You Up”
# of questions answered: 10


Short Answers:

-You can change the target of the following with Willbender: any spell or ability that uses the word "TARGET," and targets only one thing.

-Horned Kavu is both red and green. Therefore, you can choose to return it when its gating ability resolves.


Long Answers:

Q: Hi, I would like to know more about the damage on the stack rule:

After I read your mantras, carefully studied the rules and a recent article on Magicthegathering.com, I tried to explain this to my group and this brought much more confusion to us, since everybody plays the spells the same way...attack...you don't block so I pump it, to deal more damage to you, would you please explain this more clearly?...when exactly you pump them so they would deal more damage? when is the stack applied or present?

A: You declare blockers. Then, everyone can do something. Once people are done doing stuff, damage is assigned. After damage is assigned, increasing the power won't make it do more damage. But if you pump it before damage is assigned, then it will do the extra damage.


Q: Example #1: Player A attacks with a 2/2 and goes unblocked then he pumps it +3/+3 with Giant Growth, according to the rules this creatures already dealt damage putting it on the stack, so it only gets +0/+3...is this ok?

A: It depends on when he plays the Giant Growth. If he played the Giant Growth before damage went on the stack, it will do 3 more damage. But if he played Giant Growth after damage went on the stack, it wouldn't do the extra damage.


Q: Example #2: Player A attacks with a beast 2/2 with trample and goes blocked by a 2/2 creature then he pumps it +3/+3 with Giant Growth, does it deal two damage to the creature and three to the controller? and what happens to the stack then?, does the ability circumvent the stack?

-Victor T.

A: Again, it depends on when he played the Giant Growth. If he played it before damage went on the stack, it will do 3 more damage. If not, it won't.


Q: I have the Earthcraft/Fertile Ground/Sacred Mesa combo in play. I tap an untapped creature to untap a Plains enchanted with Fertile Ground (by using the Earthcraft ability), then tap that Plains to put a Pegasus token in play (using the Sacred Mesa ability). Then tap the new token to start the process again. After repeating the process 3 times to show my opponent how it works, I'd tell him that I will put 50 tokens in play. He tells me that he will turn face-up a Willbender to redirect the "target land" effect of earthcraft to one of his plains. I'd tell him that, since I did not pass priority while repeating the process, he needed to wait until I repeat the process the sufficient times I needed to put the 50 tokens in play, then he can interrupt me by redirecting the Earthcraft ability, but all other abilities still in the stack and should resolve. The next date I learned that the loops can be interrupted after the first time. But I'm not sure if it is a loop since I had control of the effects and activated them the # of times I wanted to do so (1 by 1) until voluntarily pass the priority. Moreover. I only needed to put 1 token in play since I could start the loop (if it was a loop) again and again until having the 50 tokens. Who is right?

A: Your friend is. By demonstrating the loop and picking a number, you are saying "I want to do it 50 times. _Do you want to do anything, or does it happen that many times?_" You can't use the loop rule to force an opponent to give up priority during each playing of the ability. He can even say, "I'll let it happen 20 times, and then I'll do something," in which case, you would put 20 tokens into play, and then let him do his something.


Q: I want to know what will happen if I have in play 1 Radiant's Dragoon, 2 Crater Hellion and a Lifeline and someone cast a Wrath of God. It will create a loop at end of turn or the creatures will enter back into play or go to the graveyard? How much life should I gain?

-Daniel Santiago

A: The creatures will come into play at end of turn, during your end step. You'll gain 5 life, and then each creature will take 4 damage twice, killing all 3 creatures. Since we've passed the point where "at end of turn" stuff happens, they'll wait until the next end step (typically on your turn) to come back again. So you'll gain 5 life, and all creatures will take 8 damage each turn.


Q: I have an Ivy Elemental with 6 1/1 counters on it. My friend has a Sorceress Queen out. He taps it to make my Ivy Elemental a 0/2. But wouldn't it make it a 6/8 instead, because the creature is a 0/0?

A: No. You apply the stuff in the order they happen. So the Ivy Elemental is 0/2 until end of turn.

Q: Next question is, my friend does the same thing to my Blanchwood Armored Thorn Elemental. Wouldn't my Thorn become a 0/2 PLUS the amount of forests I control?


A: No. It would be 0/2, since the Sorceress queen overwrites ALL power and toughness, not just the base power and toughness.


Q: If I have a creature with double strike say Ridgetop Raptor, and I have some effect that gives it first strike say Valor in the graveyard would it Ridgetop Raptor deal double first strike damage because of Valor making him strike first or since the second normal strike is a extra attack would Ridgetop Raptor deal it at the same time as the opponent's creature?

-Matthew A.

A: Giving a Double Strike creature First strike has no noticeable effect on the game. There is only one first strike damage dealing step, and one normal damage dealing step. If a creature has Double strike, it will deal damage in both steps.


Q: If a player has Solitary Confinement in play, can they discard and return Genesis to their hand in the same turn?


A: Yes.


Q: My friend plays an Aven Warhawk. If he reveals a "bird soldier" does it count for two cards or does he have to pick one?


A: For each card he reveals (that is a bird or a soldier or both), the Warhawk gets a +1/+1 counter. It does not matter if it is a bird, a soldier, or a bird soldier. It will only get one counter per card.

Well, the plug for the usual tournament with a twist:

Friday Night Magic happens every Friday night, starting at 6:30pm, at:

All-Star Games
2773 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Tomorrow and next week are type 2.

The twist? Since Scott is going to be at Grand Prix: Boston this weekend, I'm going to be the head judge this week.

See you Monday (if I don't see you tomorrow) ...

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 judge





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